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  • Location: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda | Working Hours: Mon - Fri (From 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM) | Consultation Fee: $19 or Ksh 1,850
  • 0740637248

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“My husband had a drinking disorder and he used to do this to me after he had taken alcohol” Woman says

A woman 41 years old shared how her husband strangely behaved especially when he was highly drank. She said her husband was on a serious drinking spree. He never had time for his family. They would only see him in the morning and at night when he came from excessively drank. She said violence was […]

My husband has been having sex with my sister. Should I kill them? I am so hurt

I have been married for six years now but I regret so much on why I tied the knot to this man who has been hurting and cheating on me. It all started about a year ago when I found a text message in his phone where he had confessed his feeling to another woman. […]

My boss unfairly promoted his friend instead of me; however, I did this and I am now the CEO

Despite me being the best performing employee in our company, my boss promoted his friend. I knew I was the one more deserving of the promotion because I had worked in the company for more than 10 years, my sales were always better than anyone else’s in the company. However, when the chance for the […]

I was raped and infected with HIV by my wicked uncle when I was a little girl (Emotional)

My name is Mary. I was left orphaned at the age of 10 and I had to move in with my uncle so that I could continue going to school. However, when I moved in with him, life became a living hell because he would rape every night when his wife was dead asleep. Though […]

Lost and found love: My ex-husband who divorced me and married a campus lady 5 years ago begged me to get back with him

One of the most painful moments of my life was when my husband of 12 years came home with divorce papers and forced me to sign them. He told me he did not love me anymore and was getting married to a young woman who had a sexier body than mine. I cried so much […]

I had sex with a guy I met on Facebook and got possessed with demons that nearly killed me

My name is Valeria. Three months ago, a guy from Mombasa messaged me on Facebook and told me that he liked me so much and wanted us to be friends. We started talking and in few weeks’ time, we became good friends that I gave him my number and we started making calls to each […]

Shock as three men who stole electronics are caught chewing grass

I have been losing my expensive electronics every month but this time I couldn’t take it anymore. So after I had just warned anyone who had stolen my newly acquired electronics to return but they ignored, I had to take a step further. Michael is my friend whom I had shared with what had befallen […]

Man found with 100 women panties under fire

A man who is used to stealing women’s panties at Tasia Estate in Nairobi was finally caught with 100 of them. The man identified as Gregory who has been suspected for long for being behind theft of women’s underwears was finally caught during the day with the items in his own house. According to neighbours […]

Lost and found: Have you ever lost anything while traveling?

When I was done with Nairobi city as life was not quiet promising for me, I decided to venture into Mitumba trade. I bought bales at Gikomba ready to take them home. However, the worst happened on my way home. So this is what happened. My sh 100K luggage had been stuffed in the boot […]

Car drama as randy couple is caught in their car

My travel to the rural last December was one interesting one. I cannot forget what I saw with my eyes at Naivasha. This how the story stated, when I was on my way to Kakamega, at Naivasha town, we saw a huge crowd milling around a car which was parked outside a certain restaurant just […]

When my wife kissed my young brother while watching Arsenal

I am Patrick from Busia. I am not a fan of Arsenal nor Manchester; so that day I decided to go sleep early as my wife and my younger brother remained behind to watch football. After around one hour I looked around our bed but my wife was not yet come and so I decided […]

Kenyan news anchor who had to return her sponsor’s car

A popular Tv news anchor was embarrassed on the road when her sponsor ordered her to stop and hand over car keys. This happened last month. An eye witness claimed that the curvaceous woman who was driving to work in Nairobi city was stopped by politician’s bodyguards along the busy Mombasa Road and ordered to […]

How she was bewitched: she had private parts on her face

My name is Okoth. This story I want to tell you today is a real story which happened to me mid last month and it is not a good one to wish it happened to even my enemy. There is a woman who usually sells us fried fish in Dagoretti Corner. The woman just like […]

This musician is a big brand in East Africa

The high riding Kenyan artist is doing quite well in the entertainment industry now for the sixth year. Last year he performed in Australia and then travelled to Singapore in a jam-packed event that was also attended by top world acts in hip hop and raga. In the show, he performed his three songs as […]

Success story: How I won 12 million through betting

My name is Jackson and what if I tell you that I won 12 million through betting three months ago? Would you believe me? You better believe me because that actually happened and since then, my life has never been the same. I was always betting and my wife and even friends would discourage me […]

“You can barely maintain an erection for 10 seconds!” my wife scolded me for not satisfying her sexually

My wife was tired of being patient with me for the eight months we had been married after constant disappointment in the bedroom. I was barely satisfying her and sometimes, she would want the sex so bad but I could not manage to even rise to the occasion and she would turn to the other […]

This Sugar mummy has made me rich, I change cars like pants

I am Amos. My efforts in trying to become successful hit rockbottom almost each and every time I tried to do something. I tried my hands in all kinds of business ventures but I could not go far due to home needs but profits were insufficient. That kind of life gave me stress and at […]

“You are tight down there like a school girl and I loved it,” my boy texted a lady

I don’t know what cheated me to pay a visit to my boyfriend with whom we were planning a wedding together. Upto today, I am hurt by what I found that day. Don’t laugh. A week ago, I was bored alone and I decided to go surprise him in his apartment so that we could […]

Have you ever had a stingy man? This is how I changed mine

I am 27 year old Sheila from Kakamega. My husband is a rich man who works online writing articles for websites and his two popular blogs. His blogs are doing quite well with offices in Westlands Nairobi. One day while I was checking through his Paypal account, I was shocked to find out that he […]

My mannerless wife has been having hot sex with my son

When my first wife died, she left me with a son who is now grown up and even working as local teacher in a neighboring school. A year after losing my wife, I had to find another woman to marry. I luckily got a divorced woman with whom we settled with. My son had no […]

Thieves who broke into my hardware shop got stuck to the ground and could not move until morning

My name is Kevin and I owned a very huge hardware shop in Nanyuki town. For around two months, a gang of robbers were breaking into shops in the evening and stealing goods worth millions of shillings. Many businessmen were left suffering because the theft would leave them with no goods to keep their shops […]

My wife and I grew apart; we almost got a divorce but this is how I saved our relationship

No one gets into marriage hoping that will break apart but sometimes life just happens and we end up falling out of love with our marriage partners. This is what happened to my marriage of nine years. My wife and I gradually stopped loving each other, having sex and even having passion for each other […]

My husband was so resentful towards me, stingy and did not give me any money

My name is Carol. My husband and I got married without actually knowing each other well because I became pregnant just days after we started dating. I did not know the kind of man he was and his colours became very clear when we started living together. He was so temperamental, stingy and resentful towards […]

How I gained more followers on Instagram and YouTube and became famous and rich

My name Brian and recently, I just earned over KSh 1 million from my social media channels due to the huge following that I command. But it wasn’t easy at first. We are in a digital world and nowadays, you can earn millions with just a post on social media. When I created my platforms, […]

A gang of robbers robbed my wife her car, and assaulted her very brutally (Emotional)

My name is Kevin and last Thursday, I received devastating news that my wife had been clobbered by a gang of robbers who stole her car while she was on our way home. Good Samaritans who had rescued her and taken her to the hospital asked me to go check on her. On arrival to […]

Woman narrates on Facebook how she caught her husband having crazy sex with her house girl

A woman on Facebook left users shocked after she narrated a harrowing experience of when she caught her husband and the house help together having sex. She said that on that particular day, she was not feeling well and went home earlier than usual. On reaching at the door of her house, she heard her […]

Our area MP went mad after grabbing my mother’s land; This is why

My name is Japhet and three months ago, my mother gave me a devastating call and said that her 20 acres of land had been grabbed and everything she had planted had been taken away from her. She was crying and begging me to go and help her because the land was the only source […]

My wife could not bear children for me because she was barren

My name is James and I got married to my wife a year and a half ago after dating for more than three years. From the time we got married, I was so excited because we would all start a family as was our dream as a couple. We started trying out for a baby […]

How I busted my supermarket manager and workers stealing merchandise from my supermarket

My name is David and I am a businessman. I owned various businesses and one of them was a supermarket which had existed for more than five years. My supermarket always recorded great profits and was the best in Naivasha town. However, from late last year, I started noticing a decline in profits. The most […]

My daughter’s husband was a chronic alcoholic and almost died because of drinking

My name is Grace and it is always the wish for every mother that her children grow and have great success in their lives and also marriages. This was always the wish for my kids ever since they were young and I am glad they all turned out so well. However, my last-born Jenny, was […]