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Man and His Mpango Wa Kando Caught in a Mess as Kisii Resident Screams For What Has Happened

I worked in a hotel which had many rooms where couples would come to have their sexual escapades in the room. However, last Friday, a huge drama occurred in the hotel after one of our clients who was having sex with his mpango wa kando both got stuck in their genitals. Sometimes people tell these […]

Dramatic & Chaotic Scenes in Courtroom After Murder Suspect Uses Swarm of Bees to Punish a Judge After Ruling

In the heart of Lugazi, Uganda, where justice should be blind but often isn’t, I found myself trapped in a web of deceit and corruption. My name remains anonymous for safety reasons, but my story is one of desperation, betrayal, and an extraordinary means of revenge. I turned to the renowned Mugwenu Doctors, whose powerful […]

Kitui Businessman Exposes Secret He Uses to Make Kshs 650k Per Day

In the bustling market of Kitui, where competition is fierce and every shilling counts, I have found a secret weapon that has transformed my life and my business. As an entrepreneur running a small electronics shop, I struggled for years to attract customers and make a profit. That all changed when I discovered the power […]

How I started having visions, dreams of dead bodies in a Pit

“Niko Kware, it is cold and dark; please come and get me,”my sister cries in my dreams.Life has been a struggle since my cousin disappeared two months ago from her home in Mlolongo. Eunice has always been like a sister to me. We grew up together at my aunt’s place after my parents passed away. […]

Liberated from the Chains of Control: How I Broke Free from My Mother-in-Law’s Tyranny and Found Peace

My name is Jamleck Omulamuzi, and I’m from Kigali in Burundi. Life in Kigali is vibrant and full of opportunities, but for the past few years, I lived in constant turmoil. My mother-in-law had become an unbearable force in my life, controlling me like a remote, and at times, even resorting to physical abuse and […]

Pregnant with Air: My Journey to Becoming a Mother Against All Odds

I’m Damaris Karimi from Maua in Meru, and my life took an unexpected turn when I faced one of the most harrowing experiences a woman can endure. For months, I believed I was carrying a baby, only to have my hopes shattered when doctors revealed I was carrying nothing but air. It was a heart-wrenching […]

Living a Nightmare: How I Escaped My Ex-Husband’s Spiteful Magic!

I’m Caroline Achieng, from the serene lakeside town of Kendu Bay in Homa Bay County. Life here is simple and tranquil, but for the past year, I was living in a nightmare. Money seemed to vanish from my house as if it had legs of its own, slipping away in the dead of night or […]

“Nikimwaga ndani, holy spirit uses that route to enter you,” exposed as CCTV footage show local Kenyan pastor telling a Married woman before chewing her

“Nikiingiza, I will be connecting you to the real of spirits from above. Nikimwaga, holy spirit uses that route to enter you and your troubles will end and blessing follow you.” Residents of Malaba Town were treated to unexpected drama when a popular local pastor was caught red-handed with a married woman, believed to be […]

Kisii Drama After 3 Men In Suits Walk Out Of Police Land Rover And Start Eating Grass

A police officer in Mosocho, Kisii County, nearly lost his job after the patrol vehicle assigned to him disappeared in a controversial manner that even surprised him. Afande Tirop, a police driver, had parked the vehicle behind a popular dingy bar in Rongo town and went inside for a quick drink, which ended up being […]

Haunting Revelation: How a Stubborn Coffin Exposed a Deadly Family Vendetta!

I remember the day clearly when the unexpected disrupted the somber proceedings of a burial in Kakamega. The air was heavy with grief as mourners gathered to bid farewell to Kelvin Nyamwenga, a young man whose life had been tragically cut short. The village was in mourning, yet something eerie loomed over the ceremony, a […]

The Revenge That Rocked Kampala: How a Deceptive Conman Ended Up Begging for Forgiveness!

I remember the first time I met Geoffrey Mwambao, a determined man from Kampala, Uganda, who had an extraordinary story to tell. His experience was one that mingled modern-day con artistry with ancient practices of revenge spells. Geoffrey’s journey to recover his lost money was nothing short of remarkable. It all started when Geoffrey, eager […]

Divine Intervention or Bizarre Fate? How a Stolen TV Stuck to a Priest’s Hands!

My name is Kelvin Idilaso, and I run a small electronics shop in Dodoma. My journey to protect my business took an unexpected turn when I sought the help of Mugwenu Doctors. What transpired afterward was something I never imagined possible and left the entire town talking. It all began when I noticed an increase […]

My Car Stopped, My Secret Exposed: The Day My Wife’s Spell Unraveled My Deceit

My name is John Mark Okelo, and my life took an unexpected turn one fateful day in Jinja Town, Uganda. What started as a clandestine outing ended in a public spectacle and a revelation that would forever change my understanding of love and loyalty. It was a sunny afternoon when I decided to take a […]

Nairobi Chaos: Swarm of Bees Attacks 3 Over Mpesa Money Dispute – Find Out What Happened Next.

Drama has ensued in Nairobi town after a swarm of bees have arrested 3 Kenyans on refusing to refund Ksh 56,000 sent wrongly in one of the victims Mpesa as new details emerge. Here is the Unfoldings. Speaking at the scene, the victims who are grieving in pain has been heard confessing in public that […]

“Put my degrees, and certificates on my coffin, I did my best,” man cries after years of joblessness

“When I die, put my papers in a frame and replace it as my picture in my coffin. That is my wish. Bye.”Moses Akula, a graduate from Multimedia University, is now celebrating a new chapter in his life after securing a lucrative position with an NGO. His journey, marked by a decade of frustration, even […]

Turn of Events as Gen Z Protesters Who Looted Gas Cylinders Return Them One by One After Private Parts Dissappear Mysteriously

A trending video has captured the moment a group of youths returned stolen merchandise to the owner as onlookers wondered in disbelief.The men were part of Gen Z protesters who, for the past two weeks, have been taking to the Kenyan streets to demonstrate against punitive taxes and finance bill. However, unlike the other demonstrators, […]

Incredible: Herbalists spell exposes church scandal – the dramatic showdown that shocked an entire village.

A man in Thika is still recovering from shock after finding his wife having sex with their priest in the church van. The wife had told the husband that she has gone to church to pray and she promised her husband that she would be back soon. However, after two hours, the wife had not […]

Unbelievable Rescue: Swarm of Bees Stops Toyota Thieves in Their Tracks as Screams Dominate Thika Super Highway

A brand new Toyota body which had been stolen from parklands failed to move moments after it reached Juja. The thieves seemed to be headed to Kirinyaga, Mwea but it seemed their days were numbered. According to the witnesses, the vehicle just stuck by the road abruptly. They first thought that it was an accident […]

Wages of Sin is Death! See What Happened After Renowned Govt Official Was Caught In CCTV Doing This Publicly

My name is Mohamed Hassan, and I live in Burundi. I never imagined that my quiet life as a shop owner would be upended by the actions of a corrupt government official. Nor did I ever think I would turn to traditional medicine to seek justice. But this is a story of how desperation and […]

How I Helped My Daughter to Begin Topping in Class Despite Mockery From Family

My name is Nelson Makonda, and I am a resident of Kisumu County. The journey I have been on to help my daughter succeed in school has been fraught with challenges, mockery, and unexpected turns. It is a tale of persistence, heartbreak, and ultimate triumph, thanks to the unexpected intervention of Mugwenu Doctors. My daughter […]

Breaking the Curse: How Herbal Remedies and Spells Rescued My Brothers Life

## **Title: “How I Saved My Brother from Bewitchment with Mugwenu Doctors’ Health and Witchcraft Spells”** ### **By Janerose Omwamba, as told to [Your Name]** My name is Janerose Omwamba, and I am from Kampala, Uganda. The story I’m about to share is a testament to the lengths one can go to save a loved […]

Doctors Predicted Her Death But Ended Up Delivering Two Beautiful Identical Twins, Read Story of Judy!

My name is Judy Mwanga, and I am from Dodoma, Tanzania. My journey to motherhood has been anything but ordinary. It is a story of hope, desperation, and the extraordinary power of traditional medicine. Against all odds, I delivered identical twins, despite dire medical predictions, thanks to a Pregnancy Spell from Mugwenu Doctors. It all […]

My Name is Juma And This is How I Punished Renowned Pastor For Chewing My Wife

My name is Juma Mohamed, and I hail from the coastal city of Mombasa. For two years, I believed I had the perfect marriage. My wife and I shared laughter, dreams, and the everyday trials that come with married life. Little did I know that beneath the surface of our seemingly happy union, betrayal lurked […]

Shocking Murder and Cannibalism: The Terrifying Truth Behind Kitengelas Recent Horrors

The few residents of Kitengela that find themselves in hell probably won’t be too shocked, as within a short period this year,they have witnessed more than enough horror. Olivia Naseren, the young mother who stabbed her own daughter several times, ate her raw liver and puked it all out later, is only one of several […]

From First Love to Heartbreak: How a Simple Move Turned Their Relationship Upside Down

I met Erick back in 2015 while we were in college at Meru Polytechnic. Back we lived our lives. Erick was so proud of me and he could be with me anytime anywhere we wanted. He was there for me when I was down and when I was happy he was by my side too. […]

Busia residents leftvin shock after a bizzare incident of cheating couples nabbed in a popular lodging

An updated bizarre video of an identified man who got stuck whilst enjoying the forbidden fruit with a suspected married woman in Mundika, Busia County has wildly gone viral on social media. According to unconfirmed reports reaching Busia, the woman appearing in the video was fixed by her husband without her consent, which resulted in […]

How Mugwenu Doctors Powers Helped Micheal Catch His Wife Cheating With Pastor

Micheal, a 35-year-old businessman from Kamenu ward, Kiambu, was shocked when he discovered that his wife of 10 years was having an affair with their local pastor. He had suspected something was wrong when his wife started coming home late, avoiding intimacy, and spending more time on her phone. He also noticed that she had […]

“I Have the Evidence” Excited Nairobi Man Shocks Kenyans After What He Did to Revenge After He Caught His Wife Cheating Amidst Protests

John Wachira, a seemingly ordinary businessman from Kasarani estate, Nairobi, has ignited a social media firestorm. The 35-year-old is at the center of a bizarre tale that involves infidelity, a suspected “revenge spell,” and a woman left writhing in unexplained pain. The drama unfolded when M.W., John’s estranged wife, was rushed to the emergency room […]

Shocking and Unbelievable News After Poor Man Ties Knot With a Daughter of Prominent Govt Official

Life can take the most unexpected turns, and mine did in the most magical way. I’m David Makali, and I’m here to share my incredible journey from being single for four long years to marrying the daughter of a powerful government official. The twist? It all happened with the help of a love spell. I […]

Pastor Forced Me To Remove All My Clothes, Kenyans Reacts After Nairobi Lady Shares Shocking Details Of What Happened Later

Grace who is the third born and last born in her family,narrated how her parents died and being the youngest her older brothers and sisters didn’t bother to take care of her.She would go to the neighbourhood and do some manual jobs to get food and be able to feed her sister who was mentally […]


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