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He Was Weak in Bed, Kazi Ilikua Seconds 3 Na Kunyamba nyamba- Eve Finally Exposes Why She Broke Up With Trevor- VIDEO

In a viral video that surfaced on social media on February 27, popular Kenyan vloggers, Eve Wanuna and Trevor Murimi, have been thrust into the spotlight as Eve opens up about the reasons behind their breakup. The video, shared by various media outlets in Kenya, captures Eve candidly discussing the challenges in their relationship, specifically […]

[VIDEO] Chaos at University Graduation Ceremony as Man Discovers Woman he’s Been Dating is Married with 3 Kids

Migori – There was drama at a recent TTC graduation in South Nyanza when a man discovered that the lady he had been wooing for two years was already married and had three kids. The chaos erupted during a photo session a few minutes after the graduates had marched. The smitten man went to look […]

Kibera Man Suspects Wife Of Using Juju On Him, Says That He Feels Overpowered By Her, Wants A More Honest Relationship “I Can’t Say No To Anything She Says, I Literally Adore Her Too Much”

A man in Kibera, Allan Ayoo, has come out to accuse his wife Tamara of using Juju on him. This is after seeing signs of her mysterious control, adding that she is in charge their marriage, contrary to what most people usually expect. Allan’s social media post has left many speechless, as he discloses that […]

How I Started My Business Using Only Kshs 100 Bob And Within 6 Months I Had Made My First Million

Many people dream of becoming successful entrepreneurs, but few have the courage and the determination to pursue their goals. I am one of those few who dared to take the risk and follow my passion. Today, I am the owner of a thriving digital marketing agency that helps businesses grow their online presence and sales. […]

Aki Mapenzi Wewe- Bad News to Daddy Owen After It Emerges What Charlene Ruto Told Pastor Benny Hinn

Disclaimer: All Characters, Photos used are for news reporting purposes only Charlene Ruto, the first daughter of President William Ruto, has stirred up a storm on social media after she publicly asked American televangelist Benny Hinn to pray for her to get a husband. The request, which was made during a mega crusade at Nyayo […]

“Heshimu Bwana ya Mtu” a Night Full of Love and Sweetness With a Kamba Lady Leaves Popular Kiambu Tycoon in Trouble

Isaac Kasyoki, 43, believes that the woman he picked at a bar last night and slept with her at a lodging in Matuu is responsible for his current plight. Isaac is totally flat down there. There is no sign of an organ occupying that particular spot. Basically, his manhood has disappeared. As such, he hasn’t […]

Hapa Tunachezwa- Reactions After Nakuru Pastor Parades 3 Wives Claiming God Allows This

A Nakuru pastor has sparked a heated debate on social media after he publicly introduced his three wives and claimed that God allows polygamy. Pastor John Mwangi, who leads the Faithful Gospel Church in Nakuru town, said he married his first wife in 1996, his second wife in 2004, and his third wife in 2018. […]

Hii Imeenda- Pastor Weeps Bitterly After Bishop Runs With His Newly-Wedded Wife- VIDEO

In an unprecedented turn of events that has left the congregation of Gospel Inland Church in Embu Town reeling in shock, a video has surfaced showing their pastor in a state of utter despair. The footage, which has quickly gone viral, captures the heart-wrenching moment when the pastor is confronted with the painful truth: his […]

Kibera Man Becomes The Subject Of Gossip, Ridicule As Alcohol Addiction Takes Him and Family to Gates of Hell

It goes by many names, Alcohol, Booze, Ethanol, Podipodi, Tei, Muratina and many more. Osborne Onyango has consumed them all. The first thing he does when he wakes up is drink, otherwise known as “Kutoa Lock” in local slang. It is also the last thing he does before he goes to sleep. Alcoholism and Alcohol […]

How To Know He’s About to Cheat on You And How to Avoid It in 2 Ways

How To Know He’s About to Cheat on You And How to Avoid It in 2 Ways Love is a delicate dance, and sometimes, the steps lead us astray. But fear not! In this exclusive exposé, we unravel the secrets of love intrigues and unveil a mystical solution to safeguard your heart. Signs He’s About […]

Kwani Mtado?- Bishop Johanna on Why He Records Videos While Doing Deliverance to Women And Posts Them on Social Media

Bishop Johanna, the controversial Akorino preacher who has been making headlines for his unconventional healing methods, has defended his actions and challenged his critics. In a video that went viral on February 25, the man of God, who was a few days ago filmed touching women’s private parts in the name of deliverance, said that […]

Woman devastated after lending boyfriend KSh 900k for her dowry then he disappears

Imagine we had cooked, prepared the venue, bought muratina and prepared the dancers. Whuue, his uncles never showed up. His phone is still off until now, two weeks later. A Kenyan woman has taken to social media to share how heartbroken she is after she assisted her boyfriend in preparing for dowry negotiations, only for […]

“Kama Ulikopa Pesa Ukakosa Kulipa, This is The End” Learn How To Make Someone Who Owes You Money To Pay it Back In Full And In Record Time

“Kukopa ni Harusi, Kulipa ni Matanga”. A very common, realistic statement. Borrowing is normal, and when it succeeds, it’s fun to use the money. It feels nice to treat yourself to some chips and chicken, go clubbing and buy crates of Vodka and Tusker. It’s the due date that brings a terrible headache. We know, […]

Jackline Chepkurii shocks Kenyans over her ability to accurately analyze Jackpot Bets winning Twice

In a stunning revelation that has left many Kenyans in awe, Jackline Chepkurii has emerged as a beacon of fortune and hope. With an uncanny ability to analyze jackpot bets, Chepkurii has won not once but twice in a mere six months, bagging a whopping 15 million and 40 million Kshs respectively. Her success story […]

“Wivu Itawaua” Woman Whose Private Parts Were Touched By Bishop Johanna Finally Tells Off Critics- Video

Mary Waithera, the woman who received a controversial deliverance from Bishop Johanna, has taken to TikTok to defend the bishop’s actions and to address her critics. In a video that has since gone viral, Waithera boldly tells off those who have been slamming Bishop Johanna, claiming that her life improved significantly after the deliverance. Mugwenu […]

Man Who Survived Death Same Spot Kiptum Perished Speaks About Ghost He Saw Before Crash a Day After His Burial

Being sure I had hit the person, I got out of the car and checked, but to my surprise, the person was nowhere to be seen. They had vanished in thin air. Kenya and the world at large is still mourning world marathon record holder Kelvin Kiptum, even as his family laid him to rest […]

Well Wisher Comes To The Aide of a Muranga Man Who Has Been Suffering From Hearing Disease

Henry Kabogo, a 20-year-old man from Muranga County, has been living in silence for the past two years. He lost his hearing ability in 2022, while he was in school, and he has no idea what caused it. Mugwenu Doctors Phone Number: +254 740 637 248 Email: mugwenudoctors@gmail.com Henry says he has visited several hospitals and clinics, […]

Mombasa Thief Shockingly Finds Himself Negotiating Price Of TV He Stole At The Same Exact Shop He Stole It From, Begs For Mercy As More Details Emerge

Suleiman Kizito couldn’t explain how or why he was trying to resale a TV he went through several hoops to steal, at its original shop. Somehow, he couldn’t tell that the man he was negotiating with, is Hussein Basambe the owner. Nothing confuses a confused fellow like mental confusion. Suleiman created the perfect distraction, to […]

Husband of Woman Who Was “Mishandled” By Bishop Johanna in Viral Video Given This Advice

Husband of Woman Who Was “Mishandled” By Bishop Johanna in Viral Video Given This Advice A shocking video of a woman being smeared with anointing oil by Bishop Johanna of the Deliverance Church in Kangema town has gone viral on social media, sparking outrage and sympathy from netizens. The woman, identified as Mary Wanjiku, is […]

“Mamangu Hanipendi, Na Babangu Anataka Kulala na mimi, Nijifiche Wapi??” Kaimosi Teen Laments Going Through Hell, Reveals What She Did To Overcome Challenges Of Depending On Others

Not everyone close to us wishes the best for us. Some look at us and see a potential prey. Brittney Kalala, 19, has come out clean to disclose that she is not safe with her step-parents. According to Brittney, who was adopted by them at a very young age, she has already endured sexual harassment […]

Anxiety High After Man Carrying Paper Bag Drops Human Head Outside a Renown Supermaket- Photos

Tension and fear swept through the streets of Ruiru as a shocking incident unfolded outside one of the town’s most frequented supermarkets. In a scene straight out of a horror movie, a well-dressed middle-aged woman, her face obscured by a veil of mystery, boldly approached the entrance of the establishment, clutching a nondescript paper bag. […]

VIDEO; Nairobi Lady Force Two Thieves Who Robbed Her On Thursday in Broad Daylight to Return Her Goods Bleeding in Pain

In a recent TikTok video, she recounted how she was drugged and robbed in the heart of Nairobi’s CBD. Thursday was just another regular day for her as she left work and headed to the Odeon stage to board a matatu. An elderly couple, seemingly lost and needing direction, approached her. The well-dressed woman offered […]

“I Deeply Regret” Nairobi’s Popular Female Celebrity Narrates How She Used Her Best Friends Boyfriend To Make Herself Popular

I deeply regret having sex with my friend’s boyfriend. It was a huge error in judgement. I learned that our choices have repercussions, and sometimes, we suffer greatly for our wrongdoings. Sex is a natural and beautiful thing that can bring two people closer. But sometimes, it can cause chaos and pain, which can affect […]

Kangemi Man Speaks After Winning Shabiki Jackpot

In a surprising turn of events, Johansen Mwaniki from Kangemi in Nairobi had his life take a sudden twist just a few days ago after visiting Mugwenu Doctors for treatment. Mwaniki, an orphan, narrates how the doctors performed a money spell and instructed him to place a bet on the Shabiki jackpot with only Kshs […]

Hamuezi Elewa- Meet 23-Year-Old Man Who’s Married to 42-Year-Old Woman With 6 Kids

In a surprising turn of events, 23-year-old John Kimaru, a student at Thika Technical Training Institute, has grabbed headlines after tying the knot with a 42-year-old woman named Judy Wanjiru, who happens to be a mother of six. This unconventional union has sparked a wave of attention and controversy. Mugwenu Doctors Contacts: Phone Number: +254 740 […]

“Maajabu Haya” 10 Women Narrates How Protection Spells Saved Them From The Popular Kikuyu Pastor Caught On VIDEO Doing Shameful

10 Kikuyu women have shared a harrowing experience involving the viral Kikuyu Pastor Yohanna who was caught on a VIDEO engaging in a disturbing act. According to the Womens’ account, protection spells from Doctor Mugwenu played a crucial role in safeguarding their body being used for rituals from the pastor’s actions. While the specifics of […]

He Won’t Repeat That Again- Man Exposes What Happened To Vocal MP Who Conned Him Kshs 1.5 Million

  In a shocking revelation that has gripped the residents of Karura, Kiambu, David Ngari Kariuki has come forward with a harrowing account of deceit involving the vocal Mtongwe Member of Parliament, Hon. Mohamed Abdullahi. In a story that reads like a thriller, David narrates how he was swindled out of a staggering Kshs 1.5 […]

Details Emerge How Kenyans Are Out Smarting NHIF In a New Health and Cure Strategy

Kenyans, listen closely! The miraculous power of Doctor Mugwenu’s Health Spells has been spreading far and wide in East Africa. Let me share three inspiring stories that highlight the impact of these mystical spells: Jane’s Battle with Mysterious Ailments: Jane, a young woman from Nairobi, suffered from an enigmatic ailment that left doctors baffled. Desperate […]

Pia Tajiri Ulia- Leaked Whatsapp Chats Shows Business Man Begging to Unite With His Ex!

In an unexpected turn of events, Ada, once resolute in her decision to move on, has found herself reconsidering the past she thought she had left behind. The leaked chats that had everyone talking have taken a new direction, as it seems the “Win Back Your Ex” spell from the Mugwenu Doctors is weaving its […]

Video: KDF Officer Weeps Bitterly As He Shares CCTV Footage of Wife Kissing Makaa-Selling Guy

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, Kelvin Kipruto, a devoted army officer based in Kitale, has found himself thrust into the spotlight following the emergence of a viral video that has left him shattered and questioning the very essence of love. The footage, which has taken social media platforms by storm, captures the poignant moment […]