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I had started paying for a car to use this December but the dealer almost conned me my first deposit

Two weeks ago I had deposited a whopping sh 300,000 with a car dealer in Nairobi who had promised to sell me a second hand Passio car this December Holiday. I was preparing to use the car this Christmas since I am planning to travel with my wife and two children to the village. Sadly, […]

Why Many Families in Ukambani nolonger use CCTV and Padlocks

Nowadays, thieves are clever, they will wear masks and steal without being caught easily. Also thieves nolonger fear watchmen, they will come at night, tie them and take everything they want. Even the police may not help you at all times. For instance, Mr. Musyoka Kavilu owns a shop in Thika town. I believe you […]

Man From Westland Nairobi Agrees to Donate Ksh 80Million to Help 200 Kenyans For Christmas, Narrates His Source of Wealth

A rich man living in westlands Nairobi has taken social with as torm after announcing that he is ready to donate a section of his wealth worth Ksh 80 Million to 200 Kenyans as new details emerge. Speaking today on one of the TV stations, Mr. Daudi Kangote has informed that he is very much […]

Political Big Wigs Flock to Vihiga To Purchase Gold as Details Emerge

Fresh details have emerged that political bigwigs are now flocking to Vihiga to purchase gold from one and only renowned service provider Mugwenu Doctors and Services as new details emerge. A report from one of the insiders serving with Mugwenu Services has informed that since they informed the public of their new partnership with big […]

Goats Start Feeding on Human Beings in Kuresoi North After Being Taken to Market

Drama has ensued in Kuresoi North after goats have gone mad starting to feed on human beings as new details emerge. In a report via the resident of Kuresoi have informed that 16 goats identified with one of the large-scale farmers in the area Mr. Henry Kiprotich have turned against a group of 6 people […]

Business-lady opens up on how she finally started making millions. Her growth is so fast

A now happy business lady has opened up on how Dr Mugwanu saved her business from collapsing. MS Kamau Njeri, who owns two MPESA shops and a boutique explains what forced her to seek the services of Dr Mugwanu. “I am now in a position to explain how my business suffered losses until I was […]

After a Long Struggle with my manhood, Finally my wife can thank me

For a long time, my dear wife has been complaining that I don’t perform well in bed, she even started abusing me and calling me names. I have been suffering in silence since 2013, I lost my self-esteem and even my performance at work had to go down drastically. Last year 2021, I went to […]

The day I realized the D I was scoring at School was not for me, I ended up scoring B+

I am Peter Songa from Kisii County. I joined 2012 in high school here in Kisii with my step brother who is my age mate. We were in the same class. In standard 8 I scored 365/500 marks and my brother scored 201 marks but since my father wanted us to study in the same […]

Nyumba Kumi Elders in “Mai Mahiu” Seeks Divine Intervention to Help End Cattle Rustling in the Area

Nyumba Kumi Elders from Mai Mahiu have sought divine protection to help end cattle rustling in the area as new details emerge. Speaking on the matter one of the elders has said that after trying all they can to help end the issue to do with cattle rustling in the area including seeking help from […]

Bus Carrying 14 Form Four Pupils Loses Control Overturning Severally at Salgaa and Nobody Gets Injured

Residents of Salgaa have been left in shock after a bus carrying 14 form four pupils overturned severally at the popular bridge near Salgaa and nobody has been injured as new details emerge. Speaking on the matter, the eyes witnessed informed that they are in shock to see that the pupils are still okay as […]

Man Swallows His Tongue After Stealing Cabbages from Mama Mboga in Kitui

Drama has ensued in Kitui Town in the wake of Tuesday morning after a man who residents have identified as Mr. Mathias Katombi started screaming in public calling for help from residents to retrieve back his lost tongue. Speaking on the matter, the residents of Kitui town who were on the scene have informed that […]

Recently Appointed Minister in Disbelief After Her Wife Busted Him Red-Handed With a Mpango wa Kando at KICC

A popular recently elected Minister has found himself in disbelief after her wife busted him red-handed with a Mpango wa Kando at the KICC which is near the Parliament buildings as new details emerge. Drama ensued on Monday night after a popular Minister was caught red-handed by her wife cheating with another lady from a […]

Mr. Khalwale Starts His Day in Smile After his Wife Gives Birth to 5 Children in Kakamega, Sends a Message to Kenyans

A man identified as Mr. Wafula Khalwale has started his day with a great smile on his face after his wife gives birth to 5 Children in Kakamega delivering good news message to Kenyans who have been with a problem like him. The father of the 5 newborns has said that “we are happy that […]

Meet Young rich man who had struggled with Poverty for years. Reveals his truth

Though my child did not afford to join college after form four, today he is among the wealthy young men in our estate. After school, I grappled with the issue of taking him to the next level but this didn’t work because I had just been retrenched from my well-paying job. I was among the […]

A football fan reveals how he found his lost sh 85K phone

I and my friends had watched an interesting football match between Manchester United and Liverpool in a restaurant which ended at around midnight. I drove back to my Syokimau house arriving at around 1:30 AM but on arrival I wanted to check on my friends if they had also arrived at their homes safely but […]

How to make sure your wallet remains full all the time

You ‘re broke but you want to be an overnight millionaire? If YES, then here’s how in just few month you can become a self-made millionaire starting with no money or any experience. Everybody wants to be wealthy and to be able to fulfill all their life needs. There’s a lot of struggle on this, […]

“Relax dear, tomorrow is another day. Its enough” Man heard his wife tell another man

  A man has taken to social media after he found out his girlfriend still takes money from her ex-boyfriend in the name of upkeep. According to the leaked WhatsApp conversation, Mosses the boyfriend found out that still his girlfriend Jedidah has been receiving money from her ex-boyfriend, Alex. Mosses said Jedidah lied to him […]

Just because of I could not afford a wedding, my girlfriend was almost dumping me

My name is Daniel or Danny and I am 32 years old from Murang’a County. I was into a relationship with the love of my life for more than 2 years, and I promised her that I would marry her. Cynthia who happens to be the woman that stole away my heart is a very […]

Robbers Starts Speaking in Toungues After Attempting To Rob a Popular Electronic Shop in Nairobi CBD

Daylight drama in Nairobi Suburbs after 4 robbers who were attemlting to rob one of the popular electronic shops in CBD have been caught confused and speaking in tounges hanging around the shop helplessly. It has been established that the robbers timed the owner of the shop having gone for lunch and broke the door […]

Drama at Kirinyaga County After a Beautiful Lady Was Caught at Night Stripping Naked by Neighbors

Drama has ensued in Kirinyaga County After a Lady identified as Mrs. Bithe Mweusi was caught at night stripping naked by her neighbors as new details emerge. Speaking to the public, the neighbors have informed that for a long time they have been hearing strange voices at night and seeing human footsteps at daytime but […]

“Nataka Kuolewa na Mwanaume ako na V8 na Nyumba Kubwa” Nairobi Lady In Search of a Husband Finally Smiles

A Nairobi Lady who has been spending several years along Koinange streets in search of a husband has finally smiled as new details emerge about what has happened to her. Speaking to the public, the lady identified as Mary Wambui informed that she has not been engaged in prostitution out of her willingness but because […]

Celebrations in Nanyuki Town After a Poor Man Who had Run Away From His Home for 20 Years Returns While Rich Driving a V8

Celebration in Nanyuki town after a man identified as Mr. Nikombe Mutisya returns home after 20 years of missing rich, driving a V8 as new details emerge. Mr. Nikombe’s Family has narrated that their sole provider 20 years ago is back and that they are happy following his move seeing that despite missing him, he […]

Old Married Man Attempts to Commit Suicide in Nyeri After Losing Ksh 1.8Million in One Night to a University Lady

An Old Man Identified as “Murimi wa Majani” has cried out after losing his Ksh 1.8 Million to one of the university ladies who they have been reportedly been in a relationship with for 2 years as new details emerge. In a report by one of the Nyeri residents identified as Mr. Macharia, he narrated […]

11 Form Four Boys Caught Breaking into a Neigboring Girl School at Night, Spends their night stuck at the fence

As the Exams are ongoing, Form 4 boys from Utwala High School have found themselves in trouble after being caught red-handed trying to sneak into their sister school at night hours as new details emerge. The lady teacher who was on duty narrated that the 11 boys after preps in the evening decided to go […]

From Living a Mad Life To Becoming a Gospel Preacher and a Singer- Popular Gospel Celebrity Reveals

A popular Gospel Celebrity has revealed how he was changed from living a mad life in Kariokor Nairobi to becoming a Gospel Singer and a Preacher as new details emerge. My name is Davis alias Davito, I recall in the year 2013 I, unfortunately, developed a mental illness due to the frustrations I incurred from […]

Ongezeko la Ujambazi Mjini Dar es Salaam Lazua Hofu Huku Wakaaaji Wakiwashauri Wanabiashara Namna ya Kupata Usaidizi

Wadau mbalimbali wakiwamo wananchi, polisi, Jeshi la Wananchi (JWTZ), Wizara ya Mambo ya Ndani wamezungumzia kuongezeka kwa ujambazi katika jiji la Dar es Salaam. Baadhi wamesema matukio hayo ya ujambazi yamesababishwa na udhaifu wa Jeshi la Polisi katika kukabiliana na wahalifu wanaotumia silaha kupora fedha kwenye mabenki na maduka makubwa. Sababu nyingine zinazotajwa ni majambazi […]

Kimeumana! Man Beating His Wife Falls and Collapses in Mombasa After What Happened

Drama has ensued in Mombasa after a man identified as Mohammed Sudi left many shocked while trying to exchange blows with his wife. Speaking about the incident, the resident of Mombasa, Kisauni has narrated that the man was heard exchanging words with his wife to a boiling point where he was heard telling his wife […]

I saved for years, Took my wife to a Teaching College but she still cheated

My wife Elina used to be a very humble God-fearing lady when we were marrying. She used to respect me a lot and sometimes offered to massage me on bed. The girl was a very good one and I had to thank my God for the type of a person i.e partner He had brought […]

Business Capital is not hard to find. If you are stuck, use this method

There are actually very many ways one could raise capital for their business either for expansion or to start from the scratch. Naturally, it is always easier to attract investors into a business if it is already operational than when it is still just an idea on paper. Before anybody would think of pumping money […]

A distressed lady narrates how his man receives endless night calls

Nowadays, finding out you’re a side chick isn’t news anymore but this one took the cake (no pun intended). Look, I have been dating my boyfriend for 5 years and not once did I suspect that he had a wife or that I’d learn about her through a text. We’d spend weeks and even months […]

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