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  • Location: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda | Working Hours: Mon - Fri (From 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM) | Consultation Fee: $30 or Ksh 3,000
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Mugwenu News

“Aiii utafanya bibi wako atatupata ukinitoa suruari,” she protested in one of the clip and my husband replied, “usisonge kwa ukuta sana,”

Mama faith is a young woman who just got married in our village the other day and she has been washing for us clothes every weekend for a small pay to sustain her since her husband is not well off. She has been a very good woman whom, as family, we had trusted to do […]

Niliingia kwa baba yangu nikaskia bibi yangu akisema: “Ingiza yote baba, napenda venye machine yako ni nono na kubwa ata kuliko ya bwana yangu”

Shocking Details Emerge as Catholic Priest Faints on Receiving Bad News About His Mpango wa Kando Who said some Catholic priests doesn’t have lovers out there? Here is what has happened in Kitui after a catholic priest has fainted on receiving shocking news about his lover whom they had dated for 7 years. Father Peter […]

“Usichezee Mjulus” Free Cinema in Nyeri After 2 Church Women Trade Blows Over a Man

Two women in Nyeri town, Jane Wanjiru and Mary Wangui, have made headlines after engaging in a public altercation over a man named James Mwaniki. The incident, which has left the town buzzing with gossip and speculation, unfolded in the heart of the bustling market area, drawing a large crowd of onlookers. James Mwaniki, the […]

“Na Uyu Si Ni Kilonzo?” Man Who Has Been Sleeping With Women in Kagundo Develop Donkey Legs and Goat Tail

A man named Daniel Kilonzo from Kagundo has reportedly transformed into a half-human, half-donkey creature following an infidelity scandal involving Mugwenu Doctors’ spell. The incident has left the town in disbelief and brought Kagundo to a standstill as residents grapple with the surreal reality unfolding before their very eyes. The drama began when Kilonzo, a […]

Drama, confusion as Kakamega man caught placing two eggs in woman’s coffin at funeral

In a bizarre and mystifying event that has left residents of Kakamega and the entire nation bewildered, a man named Johnson Mukundi has come forward to testify about the powerful spells of Mugwenu Doctors, claiming they have the ability to protect individuals from death. This revelation comes in the wake of a peculiar incident involving […]

Nairobi Matatu Driver and His Makanga Beats and Chases Away Man For Failing To Pay Ksh 20 Fare After Ferrying Him to CBD

Some Drivers and Makanga’s are so ruthless when it comes to handling customers, worst they become the moment they carry you to your destination and fail to pay them the amount they have charged. Have you ever been carried by a Matatu driver not aware of the fare they charge and afterwards when they collect […]