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  • Location: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda | Working Hours: Mon - Fri (From 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM) | Consultation Fee: $30 or Ksh 3000
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  • Location: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda | Working Hours: Mon - Fri (From 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM) | Consultation Fee: $30 or Ksh 3,000
  • 0740637248

Mugwenu News

“Alikua Amevaa Nguo Za White Kama Kanisa” Locals Watch in Disbelief After Pastor Ezekiel is Stuck During Lungula Session in Kisumu Lodging.

Kisumu Pastor Caught In Compromising Position, Separated By Sacks of Money Residents of Kisumu are in shock after a popular pastor, Ezekiel (last name withheld), was caught in a compromising situation at a lodging in the lakeside city. A viral video circulating online shows the pastor, who heads Jesus Comeback Ministries in Awendo, Kisumu, stuck […]

Pastor Ng’anga narrates how he used bees to arrest thieves who broke into his church and stole offerings, church instruments

Pastor John Wanjohi Ng’anga, the leader of Helicopter Ministries located in Nakuru, Kenya, recently shared a remarkable testimony of how he utilized an unconventional method to apprehend thieves who broke into his church and stole offerings along with church instruments. His narrative sheds light on the efficacy of Mugwenu Doctors, a renowned herbalist whose expertise […]

“I was nearly killed in that marriage” A Nairobi divocee shares how her ex-husband was one step from ending her life before doing this

A woman identified as Dolphins from Dornhom, Nairobi shared an emotional story of how she had been living in an abusive marriage. For the last six years, she had been enduring abuse from her husband, causing her sleepless nights. She felt trapped as her husband was her everything, with her parents having passed away long […]

“Aliniacha baada ya kumpeleka kwa wazazi wangu” A lady recalls her painful story on how she got dumped

A lady from Thika, Kiambu County by the name Wangui narrated how she was dumped some days after introducing her lover to her parents. They had been dating for two years and it was time to know each other’s parents to receive their blessings as marriage was underway. Her lover had introduced her to his […]

Woman says she always believed her husband was faithful until she went through his phone where she found out that indeed he was was not loyal

A Nairobi woman identified as Anett shares how her lover filled his mind with love melodies, making her believe truly that this man loved her and she was the only one in his life. They had not married yet but were in the process, with the wedding even underway. She says they had dated for […]

“Nimemiss hiyo machine yako sana, acha nikupanulie ueke yote ndani,” my wife said as she had sex with a police officer in my house

My name is Solomon and I am giving a testimonial about this situation because I got the help that nay person should get when they find their spouses cheating. My wife cheated on me with an AP officer and I found them red handed in my house. On that day, I was just in the […]