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  • Location: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda | Working Hours: Mon - Fri (From 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM) | Consultation Fee: $30 or Ksh 3,000
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Mugwenu News

I had started paying for a car to use this December but the dealer almost conned me my first deposit

Two weeks ago I had deposited a whopping sh 300,000 with a car dealer in Nairobi who had promised to sell me a second hand Passio car this December Holiday. I was preparing to use the car this Christmas since I am planning to travel with my wife and two children to the village. Sadly, […]

Why Many Families in Ukambani nolonger use CCTV and Padlocks

Nowadays, thieves are clever, they will wear masks and steal without being caught easily. Also thieves nolonger fear watchmen, they will come at night, tie them and take everything they want. Even the police may not help you at all times. For instance, Mr. Musyoka Kavilu owns a shop in Thika town. I believe you […]

Man From Westland Nairobi Agrees to Donate Ksh 80Million to Help 200 Kenyans For Christmas, Narrates His Source of Wealth

A rich man living in westlands Nairobi has taken social with as torm after announcing that he is ready to donate a section of his wealth worth Ksh 80 Million to 200 Kenyans as new details emerge. Speaking today on one of the TV stations, Mr. Daudi Kangote has informed that he is very much […]

Political Big Wigs Flock to Vihiga To Purchase Gold as Details Emerge

Fresh details have emerged that political bigwigs are now flocking to Vihiga to purchase gold from one and only renowned service provider Mugwenu Doctors and Services as new details emerge. A report from one of the insiders serving with Mugwenu Services has informed that since they informed the public of their new partnership with big […]

Goats Start Feeding on Human Beings in Kuresoi North After Being Taken to Market

Drama has ensued in Kuresoi North after goats have gone mad starting to feed on human beings as new details emerge. In a report via the resident of Kuresoi have informed that 16 goats identified with one of the large-scale farmers in the area Mr. Henry Kiprotich have turned against a group of 6 people […]

Business-lady opens up on how she finally started making millions. Her growth is so fast

A now happy business lady has opened up on how Dr Mugwanu saved her business from collapsing. MS Kamau Njeri, who owns two MPESA shops and a boutique explains what forced her to seek the services of Dr Mugwanu. “I am now in a position to explain how my business suffered losses until I was […]

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