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Black Magic Protection Spells

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Black Magic Protection Spells

Black Magic Protection Spells: Safeguarding Your Energies

Black magic protection spells are certain practices that protect us from unseen forces or negative energies that affect our lives. Black magic is related to negative intentions that harm someone’s life, whereas in protection spell is a white magic practice that helps to shield one’s energies and protect from negativity.

Aspect Of Casting Black Magic Protection Spell

Mystical energies and spell-casting practices are deep-rooted in our history. People strongly believed in witchcraft and black magic. To nullify the effect of these negative spells protection spells come into play.

Protection spells these days have been used to attract positive energies and boost confidence to face the world. However, protection spells can help to ward off all the negativities in someone’s life.

These spells are especially used for newborns and babies as well. When babies cry intensely due to some evil eye these protection spells are used for rescue.

Methods Of Black Magic Protection Spell

Let’s explore a bit more about different rituals or methods used to cast these spells.

Salt Sheild Spell: This is the most commonly and easily used spell. Salt has been the main ingredient to attract negatively for centuries according to human belief. In this method, you can use some magic salt to circle your hose which will ward off all negative energies from harming you.

Mirror Reflection Spell: A Mirror is a very powerful tool to bounce back negative vibrations and protect you from evil energies. A mirror facing outward at your entrance door can bounce all the negativities entering your house.

Herbal Spells: These can be used for oneself who is possessed by black magic. The spell caster will give you a sachet filled with herbs such as rosemary, sage, and lavender which have purifying and protective properties.

Magic with Candles: Candles have been associated with casting spells for centuries. However, this method is to ward off negativity, wherein a white candle is used which symbolizes purity. Focusing on the candle’s flames can remove the dark energies from your life.

Chanting Mantras: Chanting is a powerful method to reach the divine soul. There are certain magical words, which can ward off all the negative energies in chat regularly in a day. You can chat this loudly or silently to defend against black magic.

Dreamcatcher Spell: This spell is used by native Americans and is believed to filter out negative energies while sleeping. Get a dreamcatcher and infuse your desires and intentions to protect you. Hang it near your bed to filter out negativity when you are sleeping.

Wearing Red Bracelet: In some parts of Latin America it is believed that wearing a red bracelet can absorb negative intentions or evil eye energies. It is also believed that it brings good luck and fortune in your life


All the above methods work excellently if you are possessed by any black magic or evil eye energies. These are very easy and simple and some methods can be done without any expert. However, there are some methods where you need to take the help of professionals.

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