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  • Location: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda | Working Hours: Mon - Fri (From 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM) | Consultation Fee: $19 or Ksh 1,850
  • 0740637248



My name is Elisha from Nairobi. I owe a mini supermarket in huruma area still in the country capital. Things had completely changed since the covid 19 pandemic came here in Kenya. Many people were really not purchasing goods from my supermarket hence low profits. As a result, perishable goods like bread and the like […]


Being unfaithful in a marriage or any relationship at times is an absurd thing. In most cases  it tends to be a menace when your partner discovers that you have been playing them. This can even lead to fights and misunderstanding in marriage. This is a true experience that I once had. My name is […]


Luckily my wife was still working and so the corona impact did not hit her. As time went by she started having some disrespectful behaviors like snubbing me each particular time we would have a conversation as husband and wife. As a result we really did not have such a stable marriage like before. it […]


No one really deserves to be treated as a second option in any relationship or even marriage. people involved in any relationships are expected to leave their ex experiences since they are officially on new chapters in their lives. My name is Shantel from Mombasa County. I really loved my husband loved my husband James […]


A husband accused of cheating was caught after becoming stuck inside his lover while they were having sex in a in a hotel room in Kisumu County on December 25th. Guests in Nyalenda town Kisumu County heard screams coming from one of the rooms inside and raised alarm since the screams seemed of people who […]


A lot of marriages tend to break as both parties who are involved in this relationships tends to be having worldly lust hence they end up finding themselves in cheating scandals. My name is Grace from Kayole Nairobi County. We have been in marriage with my husband Mwangangi for 5 years down the line. Our […]

I became an instant celebrity with wealth and power after doing this

In this day and age of social media, having many followers in the various social media networks is the only thing that can make one rich. I always wanted to be a singer and have my songs go viral on social media so that I could finally become rich as I always wanted. However, each […]

My mother and husband always have sex whenever I am at work. I saw them using my CCTV camera

I gave birth to my second-born baby six months ago. My mother offered to come and look after my children because I could not get a house help. I was glad that she had been so kind to me. However, at around that time, my marriage with my husband started having problems. He changed so […]

My husband has been having sex with my sister. Should I kill them? I am so hurt

I have been married for six years now but I regret so much on why I tied the knot to this man who has been hurting and cheating on me. It all started about a year ago when I found a text message in his phone where he had confessed his feeling to another woman. […]

My father wants to kill me because he wants to sleep with my wife, what do I do

Since I married my beautiful wife a year and a half ago, I realized my father was dying to have sex with her, yes, my own father. I knew this because whenever I was away from home, he would sneak to my house and give my wife expensive gifts to woo her to his bed. […]

My evil mother-in-law poisoned me so that I could die because she hated me

My name Jane and a year ago, I got married to my husband in a very beautiful wedding. We were all so happy to be together despite the opposition we had gotten from his family. His family particularly his mother did not ever like me because she had chosen another lady for her son to […]

My boss unfairly promoted his friend instead of me; however, I did this and I am now the CEO

Despite me being the best performing employee in our company, my boss promoted his friend. I knew I was the one more deserving of the promotion because I had worked in the company for more than 10 years, my sales were always better than anyone else’s in the company. However, when the chance for the […]

I was raped and infected with HIV by my wicked uncle when I was a little girl (Emotional)

My name is Mary. I was left orphaned at the age of 10 and I had to move in with my uncle so that I could continue going to school. However, when I moved in with him, life became a living hell because he would rape every night when his wife was dead asleep. Though […]

I recently found my sister and father having sex and declaring their love to each other. Should I tell my mother? I am so confused

My name is Mary and for a few years now, I could tell my mother and father were not relating well. They could barely talk to each other and they were fighting all the time. My mother would come to me crying and tell me my father was cheating on her. She did not know […]

I am fighting depression and all I want is to end my life. When will this suffering end?

After I lost job when COVID-19 started, my life started going downhill. Everything in my life was going so bad. I was evicted from my house and I had to go back to the village to live with my parents. My girlfriend dumped me because I was no longer giving her the money that she […]

I wanted to have sex with a dead man so that I can have children due to desperation, woman narrates

My name is Esther and I have been married for seven years now. When I got married, my husband and I were very excited to start having children so that our family can be huge. We both had dreams of being parents and so when we wedded, that was what was on top of our […]

My grand-mother bewitched my entire family because she hated my mother

Since I was born, I have known nothing but misery, pain and poverty. I could not understand why family was facing too much troubles while other families around us were flourishing and doing better. First, my mother and father were always poor. Whenever they got any jobs, a month could not elapse before they lost […]

My wife secretly masturbates after we have sex; What do I do?

My name is Samuel and it has been three years since my wife and I tied the knot in a beautiful wedding. However, since we got married, we have been facing problem after problem especially in our sexual life. From our first year in marriage, my wife would say that I was not satisfying her […]

My employees stole goods worth KSh 1 million from my business but I taught them an unforgettable lesson

My name is Ezekiel and two weeks ago, I received a call from my supervisor at my hardware business who asked me to rush to the hardware shop because we had been robbed. I was shocked and hurriedly went to the shop only to find it half empty. There was a note that had been […]

My brother sneaked into my house while I was at work and had sex with my wife

My name is Josh and three weeks ago, I nearly went mad after I found my elder brother on top of my wife, naked and having sex with her. I was just from work and I had even carried some gifts for my wife because I was missing her a lot. However, while on the […]

Lost and found love: My ex-husband who divorced me and married a campus lady 5 years ago begged me to get back with him

One of the most painful moments of my life was when my husband of 12 years came home with divorce papers and forced me to sign them. He told me he did not love me anymore and was getting married to a young woman who had a sexier body than mine. I cried so much […]

I had sex with a guy I met on Facebook and got possessed with demons that nearly killed me

My name is Valeria. Three months ago, a guy from Mombasa messaged me on Facebook and told me that he liked me so much and wanted us to be friends. We started talking and in few weeks’ time, we became good friends that I gave him my number and we started making calls to each […]

How I made my crush fall in love with me after many months of rejecting me

My name is Mike and I am just overjoyed because I few days ago, a girl I had loved for close tow nine months accepted me to be her boyfriend. Though I managed to achieve my dream of dating the girl, I have to admit it has not been easy. She had rejected me many […]

My boyfriend who had dumped me for my best friend came back to beg me to take him back

About two months ago, my boyfriend of two years broke my heart after he told me that he did not love me anymore. I was so heartbroken because I had introduced him to my family with the hopes that we were headed for marriage. He did not even tell me the reason why he had […]

A slay queen who had snatched my husband ran mad and was admitted to a mental hospital after I did this to her

There is nothing more painful in this world than watching your marriage which you have invested a lot of time and resources crumble. This was my story when my husband started cheating on me with a slay queen and would give her all the money he was earning at his workplace and leave me and […]

My in-laws are plotting to chase me away from my husband’s house because I come from another tribe

I got married to my husband six months ago and right from when we announced our intentions to get married, we were met with hostility from his side of his family who vowed that I will not be accepted in their family. Their main concern was that I am from another tribe different from theirs […]

My husband of 10 years is gay; I found him having sex with our gateman

My name is Mary and two years ago, I started noticing that something was wrong with my husband of 10 years. He and I had gotten married in a very beautiful wedding and we always loved each other. However, he started changing and becoming very cold towards me. He stopped having sex with me, was […]

My girlfriend has been having sex with her “cousin” for two years behind my back

Three years ago, I started dating my now girlfriend. I was so in love with her and all I wanted was to be with her. As our relationship progressed, I realized I wanted to marry her because she had all the good qualities I was looking for in a woman. However, something weird happened. One […]

My boss at work demands sex from me so that he can raise my salary

Since I joined the company that I work in, my boss instantly fell in love with me and though many times I tried avoiding him because I did not want any entanglements with him. The more I rejected him, the more he became aggressive towards me and told me I had to have sex with […]

I won a parliamentary seat in Tanzania with a huge landslide

For safety reasons, I will not disclose my identity but I am writing this to say that were it not for Doctor Mugwenu, I could not have won elections in the recently-concluded elections. My opponent was very strong and had lots of money to splash in huge campaigns but for me, I did not have […]

I found my mother naked, seducing my husband whom she wanted to have sex with

Two weeks ago, my boss in the company in which I work asked me to go to Nigeria for a work meeting since I work in a global company. I thus called my mother to come and stay home with my children while I was away because I always trusted and furthermore, my husband also […]

I am in love with my hot and sexy daughter and I want to have sex with her and divorce my wife

After my daughter finished college, she came home to stay with me and her mother for some few months before she moved out to look out for a job. I was happy to have her around. However, as days passed, I started noticing how hot and grown she had become. Her assets made me feel […]

How I made my crush who had rejected me fall in love with me crazily

My name is Michael and I fell in love with girl called Mercy just on first sight. She had all the qualities I always wanted in a woman and above all, she was so beautiful and her body was such a turn on for me. Two weeks after I met her, I gathered enough strength […]

“Fuck me harder, I am all yours!”: I heard my wife telling her boss whom she was having sex with behind my back I always knew that my wife was having sex with someone else other than me. This is because it reached a point where she completely changed and started being so distant from […]

I caught my brother and mother having sex in the bedroom after dad left for work; I almost fainted

My elder brother and mother have been very close to each other and the more my brother grew the stronger their relationship became. I always though that this was normal because I hear people say that mothers are always close to their son. On the other hand, however, my father and mother were always fighting […]

Woman says she regrets sleeping with a married man because his wife used a spell that destroyed her private parts

A Nairobi woman has left many shocked after revealing what she went through after sleeping with a married man. The woman, who posted on Facebook the experience said she had an affair with the married man for about a year and they would meet in a hotel to have their illicit sex after which the […]

My wife has been locking herself in the bathroom and using sex toys to satisfy herself – Nairobi man says

A man shared his frustrations online on how he found his wife red-handed using sex toys to satisfy herself sexually. He said he got married to his wife a year ago and since their first sex as a married couple, the woman looked unsatisfied but she did not say a word about it. The couple […]

My husband of 12 years wants to divorce me and marry a campus slay queen

My husband and I got married 12 years ago when we were poor and had nothing but each other. However, we believed and loved each other and I always knew he will be mine forever. However, after he got rich, my husband started treating me coldly. He would come home late after a night out […]

My daughter is a lesbian and she wants to sleep with me, her mother

I have known a homosexual in my life until my daughter went to a girls’ secondary school in Nairobi and by the time, she cleared her KCSE, I came to learn that she is a lesbian. I always wondered why she was not interested in having a boyfriend like other girls her age. She went […]

I won the trust of my boss at work after I did this (A must read)

My boss was a very fierce man and everyone at work always feared him because, in a blink of an eye, he could fire anyone and no one could stop him. The only person he loved and trusted was his secretary and because of this, she was the only one whose job in the company […]

I poisoned my husband after I found out he was fucking out house girl whenever I was at work

My name is Eve and I was married to my husband for three years. Due to our hectic work schedules, we had to get a house girl to take care of our two-year-old daughter. I loved the house girl and my hubby loved her too and whenever I was at work, I could concentrate fully […]

How I made my sponsor fall in love with me and do everything I tell him including setting a business for me

My name is Valeria and six months ago, I met this old guy in a club. He is actually a very prominent politician in Kenya. He liked me from the word go and after I gave him my number that night, he could not stop calling and texting me. He started telling me that he […]

My dad wanted to kill me and take away my wife because she was sexy and beautiful

I always knew that every man admired my wife because she was a sexy and beautiful woman whom every man would have wanted for themselves. However, I did not know that the greatest threat I would face in marriage would be from my own father. This is after I found out that he wanted to […]

City pastor teaches his congregant unforgettable lesson for sleeping with his wife during a church service

A well-known city pastor was shocked after he found out one of his congregants has been sleeping with his wife every Sunday during services. Whenever the preaching session started, the wife of the pastor would pretend she is going to the bathroom but in real sense, she would go to the congregant’s car and have […]

My older sister was a prostitute but this is how I managed to remove her from that profession

Since when we were young, my sister was a very stubborn child. She always wanted money to fulfill her luxurious desires and by the time she was 17, she started sleeping with men for money. She would use the money to get expensive stuff which my parents could not afford for her. My mother tried […]

My manhood grew by 10cm after I did this; now every woman wants me (A must read)

It is every man’s desire to satisfy the woman you love and leave her wanting more in bed. However, I was born with a very small dick and it was hard for me to last in bed. This often frustrated the woman I was having sex with and most of them would leave me because […]

My husband was always sleeping with any woman, prostitutes, side chiqs and even my family members but this is how I stopped him and saved my marriage

My name is Salome and I have been married to my husband for 12 years where we have two children. My husband started cheating on me from our 5th year of marriage and it would hurt me so much. I would leave him and he would come back begging me to go back to him […]

My husband impregnated my neighbour after having an affair with her for one year

Last week, I learnt my husband has been having an affair with our next-door neighbour. I had never suspected my hubby of cheating because nothing about his behaviour ever suggested so. One of my friends who lived in the same area as I told me that he had seen my husband and the neighbour coming […]

My husband and daughter are having sex behind my back, what should I do?

My name is Stephanie and I am married to the husband of my 23 years. We have two children, a girl and a boy. For a long time, I had suspected my husband of cheating on me because his interest in me dwindled and he even stopped having sex with me. He would come home […]

My father slept with my wife when I went for a work trip and I almost killed him

My name is Jeff and two weeks ago, I went for a work trip In Sudan. My wife was too busy with her work that she could not come with me though I really wanted her to do so. I asked my father and brothers to take care of her while I was away because […]

My boss is demanding sex from me so that he can raise my salary, I don’t know what to do

My name is Milka and I have been working with a tours and travel company and though I was getting really little as my salary, I was always excited about the job. Last month, I gathered some courage and went to my boss’ office to ask for a salary raise because the money I was […]

I worked in a private-company for 10 years without a salary raise or promotion and I almost quit the job

My name is Vanessa and I worked for a private company for 10 years and though at first, I was excited about my job, I started loathing it because I was not seeing any development. I was one of the most hardworking employees in the company and many times when chances of promotions and pay […]

I busted my wife having sex with our son after I came home from work: “Ingiza yote kabla babako akuje”

Last weekend, I had one of the worst days in my life kwasababu nilimpata my son having sex with my wife. They had been having an affair behind my back and I was so devastated because I could not believe that they both had stabbed me in the back in such a manner. I was […]

I am a sex-addict and I do not how to stop myself; What should I do?

From the time I started having sex in my teenage years, I did not know that I would become so addicted to sex that I could barely go a day without it. By the time I was 23 years old, I could not stop having sex. I sometimes had to look for prostitutes whenever my […]

Woman who slept with her neighbour’s husbands unable to pass stool in the toilet after her system was blocked by a dangerous spell

A woman in one of the estates in Nairobi was taught an unforgettable lesson for having sex with her neighbour’s husband. The woman was used to stealing other women’s husbands and sleeping with them and asking money from them. Many women had warned her to stay away from their men but she could not stop […]

“Wewe ni mtamu sana, ebu panua kabisa,” I heard my husband telling my wife when I came home from work

A few days ago, my sister came to my house unannounced to say hi to me and my husband. I had not seen in a long time and so I was happy that she had decided to come and visit me. She told me she would only stay for some days before going back to […]

My mother was healed of cervical cancer by a famous traditional healer (A must read)

My mother contracted cervical cancer about 10 years and we had used so much money in her treatment but nothing was working out. The more hospitals we took her, the more she became worse and the more money we spent. Personally, I had even given up because I thought My mother would end up dying […]

My jealous sister bewitched me so that I will never get married

My name is Jacinta and since I was a little girl, all I wanted to be married and have a beautiful married. I always looked forward to walking down the aisle in the full glare of my family and friends. However, as a I grew older, I realized that dream may never come true because […]

My father stole my wife, and impregnated her, what do I do?

My name is Justus and a few months ago, I came to learn that the unimaginable had happened in my life. I went for a trip to Mombasa and left my wife in our house in Nairobi. She assured she would be okay even without me around. A few weeks after my work trip, I […]

My fiancé dumped me a few weeks to our wedding and got back with his ex-girlfriend

My name is Val and a few months ago, I was excited when my boyfriend organized the best proposal event ever after inviting our close friends and family and proposed to me in front of all of them. I could not wait for us to get married because I knew we would make the best […]

I don’t know what to do because my wife cheated on me with my brother who has HIV/AIDS

For a few months now, I had suspected my wife of cheating on me but I was not sure with who. She had completely changed from the woman whom I married to this bitter and rude woman who did not want to even have sex with me at all. I knew that if she was […]

How my small-business grew to become a multi-million empire in the first three months

Growing a business can be hard especially in Kenya where there is stiff competition. I set up my shop business with all my life-savings because I wanted to have an investment that would make m richer than my savings. I was so anxious because I had heard other terrifying stories of how businesses came crumbling […]

How a famous herbalist saved my husband from chronic alcoholism and death

Since my husband and I got married six years ago, his alcoholism problem had only grown worse by the years and I was always so devastated because it had even brought more harm than good in our marriage. He had lost so many jobs because he could not keep away from the bottle even for […]

Drama in hotel after man gets stuck to prostitute while having sex in hotel

There were screams and wails in a hotel in Nairobi after a man who was having sex with a prostitute got stuck to her. The man had continuously cheated on his wife despite her warning him to stop the awful behaviour because she was worried the man would bring sexually transmitted disease to him. The […]

My Elder Brother Haves Sex With My Wife Every Night When I sleep, What Do I Do?

My name I Joseph and I am a very troubled man. Two months ago, my elder brother lost his job due to coronavirus. He was kicked out of his house because he could not afford his rent and I offered to take him in in my house before he could find a job and move […]

How I lost more than 50kgs in two months and got sexier that men could not resist me

I have always been a big girl since I was born and my plus-size body always made people treat me in some type of way. I could not get a man to love me without complaining that I was too fat for him and others would tell me that I am embarrassing them. Due to […]

“I use sex toys to satisfy myself sexually because my husband has a small manhood” Woman narrates on Facebook

A woman narrated on Facebook how her husband has not been satisfying her sexually because of his small manhood. The woman said her husband rarely lasts a minute in bed and said she was suffering because her sexual desires could not be met by the man she loves and married a year ago. Speaking in […]

How I got back my KSh 240,000 that was stolen from Equity account

I have always heard of how people lose their banks in various banks in Kenya and a few months ago, I became a victim after a group of conmen called me and little did, I know that they were using the phone call to get access into my account. A moment after their call, I […]

“Naskia utamu sana, ingiza yote kabla akuje,” I busted my husband fucking out house girl

My name is Sylvia and I was married to my husband for three years. After we got our first child late last year, I decided to hire a house girl to help me with taking of my child after going back to work. I was lucky to find one girl whom my sister-in-law recommended to […]

How My Husband Became A Man Who Gives Money Whenever I Want and Spoils Me Like A Queen

My name is Stacy and I came to learn that my husband was such a stingy man when we got married. It was so extreme because sometimes he could have his wallet loaded with cash because he was a businessman but whenever I wanted money to go out with my friends, he could not help […]

Githurai Man Goes Mad After Sleeping With Neighbour’s Wife In A Hotel

A man in Githurai is still recovering in Mathare Mental Hospital after he went mad hours after sleeping with a neighbour’s wife in a hotel in Nairobi. The man, who is unmarried, had been used to steal other people’s wives and sleeping with them while luring them with money because he was working for a […]

My Kikuyu wife dumped me because I lost my job due to coronavirus and got married to a sponsor

You can never know a person’s true character unless you actually get into a problem. I came to learn that my Kikuyu wife is a materialistic person after I lost my job. She stopped being loving to me because I was no longer spoiling her with money like the way she wanted. She would insult […]

I became famous and an instant celebrity after doing this

My name is Valeria and since I was little, all I wanted to be was rich and famous so that I could live a better life than the one I lived. After growing up, I tried joining careers that would help me get to my dream of being famous such as acting, singing and modelling […]

A man in the embassy asked me to sleep with him so that he can give me a scholarship in the US but this is what I did

My name is Flora and after finishing my degree in Kenya two years ago, I immediately started applying for a scholarship abroad because I had dreams of being in the US after doing my masters. I searched online and luckily, I got one university in the US that was offering the same course I wanted […]

“Fuck haraka kabla wakuje watupate,” I heard my brother fucking my wife

Two weeks ago, I went to visit my brother and his wife because it had been long since I had seen them. I was accompanied by my wife in the visit and I was looking forward to having some great time with my brother and his family. As soon as we arrived, my wife went […]

My son, who was born asthmatic got healed after the best doctor treated him

Since the day my son was born, he already had respiratory problems and by the time he was three years, he was diagnosed with chronic asthma. He could not do much by his own and he always had an inhaler. I felt bad because he could not play like other children and I all I […]

My paternal grandmother bewitched my family with illnesses and poverty

Since I was little, my family had been going from one problem to another. My parents were getting sick all the time while I and my siblings were also ill and we could also not understand anything in school. I could not understand why my family was this unfortunate because even some times, we could […]

My husband was always cheating since we got married but I managed to stop him after doing this

My name is Ivy and since I got married to my husband five years ago, it has been one cheating scandal after another. Many times, I would leave him but he would come back to me again and promise he would not cheat on me. I did not understand this high desire he had for […]

My husband cheated on me with our house girl because I could not give him children

I never knew that getting pregnant would be hard after getting married to my husband a few years ago. My husband was so excited when we got married and the first thing, he wanted was for us to start having children immediately. However, in the first three months of trying, nothing was happening, I would […]

My best friend stole my fiancée few weeks to our wedding due to jealousy

I came to learn that some friends do not really wish the best for you because of the jealousy they may have towards you. This was after my best friend stole my fiancée from me a few weeks to our wedding because he was envious of me getting married before him. I invited him to […]

Man in Machakos finds Catholic priest having sex with his wife in a church van: “Wewe unanifilisha utamu ata kuliko bwana yangu. Ingiza yote

A man in Machakos is still recovering from shock after finding his wife having sex with their priest in the church van. The wife had told the husband that she has gone to church to pray and she promised her husband that she would be back soon. However, after two hours, the wife had not […]

I won KSh 12 million in a lottery (A must read)

Since my college days, I always engaged in betting and other lottery games in the hope of winning millions like some other people whom I had heard about. Many people including my family members told me I was just wasting time and money because no one ever wins the lottery just like that. I was […]

I was getting serious nightmares everyday that scared me but this a doctor helped chase them away

My name is Milly and for the past one year or also, I became so afraid of falling asleep because each and I every night, I would end up screaming because of the scary nightmares I was getting each night. It was because each night, I either dreamt that someone was killing me or that […]

Conmen withdrew KSh 500k from my bank account: This is how I caught them

It is so hard to find out that you are being conned because keeping your money in the bank gives one a certain sense of security. This is what happened to me a couple of weeks ago after a man who claimed he worked in the bank in which a member. He said he was […]

A man and his mpango wa kando rushed to hospital after getting stuck while having illicit sex in Kilifi

I worked in a hotel which had many rooms where couples would come to have their sexual escapades in the room. However, last Friday, a huge drama occurred in the hotel after one of our clients who was having sex with his mpango wa kando both got stuck in their genitals. Sometimes people tell these […]

My husband has been cheating on me with prostitutes whenever I am away

My husband hutoka kazi mbele yangu and so mara mingi I find him home just relaxing akiningoja nitoke kazini so that we can have dinner together. Last week, I just decided to leave work earlier than usual so that I could surprise him home. Lakini kifika nyumbani, I was met with the shock of my […]

I caught my husband having sex with the next-door neighbour in the middle of the night

My husband and I have been married for 10 years and I always loved our marriage because we treated each other with love and respect all over the years. However, my husband started changing for the worst a few months ago. I did not know why he had changed to become a cold and inconsiderate […]

I found my wife moaning while having sex with my cousin who had come to visit us

A week ago, my cousin who was like a brother to me called me and asked me if he could come to stay in my place for a couple of days because he wanted to attend a job interview that was near my home. I was so happy to welcome him in my home and […]

My brother was an alcoholic and poor but this is what my family did to make him change for the better

My name is Esther and my older brother, who was always my role brother, became an alcoholic immediately he finished college and became the black sheep of the family. My parents were so embarrassed of him. For me I was hurt because he was my role model since we were children and seeing his life […]

My boss fired me because I refused to have sex with him when he demanded

My name is Cynthia and a month ago, my boss fired me from my job because I refused to have sex with him. He had been demanding that I sleep with him so that he can promote me in the workplace and give me better money. I was not, at all interested in his favours […]