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  • Location: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda | Working Hours: Mon - Fri (From 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM) | Consultation Fee: $19 or Ksh 1,850
  • 0740637248


A man says his wife framed him for rape and got jailed, he did this to get justice

A lot of things happens in marriage. Murder and infidelity cases are on the rise especially here in Kenya. Abel a 34 year old from Kamkunji Nairobi shared his story on how his wife framed him to something he never did. He said they had married each and lived together with his wife Miriam for […]


Some people cannot even look a corpse for more than two minutes while others don’t even dare. To Simon(not his real name) having sex with dead women who were brought in the morgue was even sweet and pleasing than having sex with the living people. He says what transpired him into doing this was that […]

A woman in Kayole Nairobi shares how her husband of five years kicked her out of mariage

Residents of Kayole Nairobi were treated to a free cinema after their neighbor kicked out his wife of five years and locked himself inside with a mpango wa kando. The wife whose name was unmentioned was seen crying outside their house holding his two children they had got in a five year old marriage. The […]

A story of a Kenyan man who realized late that he was raising another man’s child despite his wife pledging to be loyal in their marriage

Many families are going through a lot of relationships challenges as some couples tend to be dishonest and unfaithful to each other. A man whose identity was not revealed came to social media to share his embarrassment as he shared on how he had been raising children who were not his for ten years. He […]

A lady recounts how her husband cheated on her and in return beat her when she confronted him

A mother of three who lives in Kiambu shared her story of how her husband had been rogue in their marriage. she said she got married after she was through with her studies but her husband was a violent person and so she moved on to another marriage with a different man. She said the […]

A shocking story of a man who got back his money back from a con man who posed as a lady on social media

We are living in a tough economy crisis and everyone have come up with their own ways of surviving. A lot of people adore money but they tend to be lazy on ensuring they acquire clean money. A Kenyan man shared on social media how he met his lover still on social media and they […]

A man shares how Balanitis affected his manhood something he says he had lost hope of getting a child

The private organ is crucial for male reproduction and if a man suffers illness that affects the private organ for an extended period of time without receiving treatment, he may find it difficult to impregnate a woman or start a family. Amos(not his real name) had a Balanitis infection a condition that affects the manhood […]

A shocking story of a man who slept with someone’s wife

Having an extra-marital affair with someone’s wife can be really messy. It may lead to death an at times one can even get injured if discovered. A man identified as Lucas(not his real name) came to social media to share his experience on how things went amiss on him after he took the step of […]

A lady shares how a series of miscarriages almost killed her hope of having a child

It is always some happy moments when newly married couples welcome a new born. It binds the love and affection to the involved partners as it cements the marriage. In some cases, disasters might tend to deprive people from the happiness of being called parents. Angela(not her real name) was in marriage for five years. […]

A 32 year old man from Kakamega shows a two bedroom house he built through gambling money he won after doing this

Gambling can be a good and at the same time a bad thing. A lot of people find themselves in very challenging situations after gambling take over their minds. To Elvis a 32 year old from Kakamega County, he had been gambling for quire some long time without success in the game as according to […]

A lady shares how she ended her long time painful monthly periods after she used this herbs

A lot of ladies might be undergo painful moments at the time they experience their monthly periods but only a few come out to express their problem. Some shy away and decide to die with the condition, something that really keeps them in pain for quite some long time. To Mercy 27 year old lady, […]

To all men here is the secret of having a desirable manhood size

It is always a wish of every man to satisfy and make their lover fully satisfied with sex but at times this may be inhibited with a small manhood. Not everyone decides on the size of the manhood they should have, but one can improvise and change theirs to ensure they get more pleasure during […]

A lady says her desire to have her own family was halted with the fact that she never had a desire for men

We are living in a society where people have really become rogue. There are some antisocial behavior that really shock the world and which go against the sacred scripts. Yvonne had always desired one day to a family and be someone’s wife but her but she says this was not possible due to her desire […]

A woman feared her husband would kill him as he was possessed with evil spirits

We are living in a society where people are really stressed with lack of jobs and other family issues that may lead them to being stressed and depressed. To Moicah, 35 years old, her husband had none of the issues mentioned above as he had a well paying job but with time as they stayed […]

To all men with big bellies, these are the herbal oils to use to have a flat and desirable outlook

A lot of men like being flexible and by so doing, they tend to frequently visit the gym to ensure their bodies transform to desirable shapes. To Andrew 36 year old, he never liked going to the gym and so he did not have that desirable body as he had a large belly something that […]

A man says he was tired of his wife complaining to him for not meeting his sexual needs, he used this to have sex stamina

A man identified as Mbogo came to social media on his Instagram account to share his embarrassment on how his wife would have sex with other men as he had a low libido problem. Mbogo said they were in marriage for three year and the low libido problem just started after they tied knots of […]

A lady highlights how she was dumped while five months pregnant and her husband moved on with another woman

Lillian a mother of two emotionally narrated how she bumped into her lover with another woman when she was only five months pregnant. She was 23 year old when she met her husband. according to her, her husband decided to leave upon realizing his wife was pregnant. She said her husband abandoned her while they […]

A woman shares how her mother-in-law almost ruined her marriage

Mother-in-laws are essential for any stable marriage as they are consulted for important marriage aspects. To June, she was not lucky as she was married in a home where the mother-in-law was such a toxic person who never respected their daughters-in-law. Her mother-in-law never liked her from the moment her son introduced her to her […]

A lady shares how they re-united with his husband after a long separation time

A woman identified as Rahab shocked many social media users after she shared how her husband of six years married another woman and asked her to sought out herself as he was no longer interested in her. She said her husband worked in Nyeri and because they live in Nyahururu, her husband had to be […]

A man in Kisii dared to burn his neighbor’s house after he realized the guy had been sleeping and having sex with his wife

The man who had unmentioned name said that he was shocked after his wife was impregnated by a man he said came from their neighborhood, a teacher in a neighboring school. According to him, his wife had been so much complaining that he was not satisfying him on the bed. And his big belly had […]

A man in Kisumu bursts wife having sex with his best friend and order him to pay ksh 100,000 as fine

A man from Kondele in Kisumu County recently found his wife of six years cheating with his friend and demanded to be paid ksh 100k as a fine. The man who had unmentioned name said that it was not the first time he had found his wife enjoying an elicit romantic moment. The man said […]

A middle aged man had to go into hiding after he was bashed having sex with another man’s wife

The man described as Thomas, has been having an illicit love affair with his neighbor’s wife for the last five years but somehow managed to keep the affair a secret.  The distressed neighbor who said he worked as a night guard at a certain home suspected that his neighbor had been munching his wife but […]

A lady shares her emotional story of working for years in a private organization with no promotion

Promotion at work motivates someone to have passion and zeal back at their work. To Vionah 38 year old, she rarely though that one day she would be promoted at his work as things had been tough on her side. She had been working for this foreign firm for 10 years down the line without […]

A man who had been into an illicit relationship with someone wife had some lessons not to forget after this happened to him

A man identified as Paul shared to social media his woes after she had slept with someone’s wife, a story that left many people talking and really excited. He said he had been having a love affair with someone’s wife into their estate for a while without being known. He said the lady was beautiful […]

A lady who got divorced to every marriage she got in finally shares the secret she used to settle in her current marriage

It is always a dream come true to any woman to be In a healthy and a relationship or marriage that she is valued and respected. To Agnes her woes of being regretted in every other marriage she got into was not coming to an end soon. She says she felt cursed as the longest […]

A painful story of a Nairobi man who spent his every coin with a lady who later dumped him for another man

A man by the name Stanley came to social media to share how his long time lover lured him and used all his pension and later dumped him for another man. He said he was sacked from his job where he was paid some service money he decided to spend with his lover who lured […]

A Kenyan man says he slaughtered people in jail ans now they came to haunt him in form of nightmares

Joseph(not his real name) shared his woes on how he had been slaughtering people like chicken while working In prison. He retired from the job as his had reached 60 years old. He says before the government changed the law of death sentence, he would hang people in jail something he was not afraid of. […]

A man shares his story on how mysterious dreams gave him sleepless nights

Everyone deserves to have a peaceful night after a long work day. This is mainly to relax and prepare for the next day, but to Mulwa a 43 year old who shared his story on social media, sleeping was a challenge to him. Not that because he had no place to sleep but because of […]

A lady says her husband was never satisfied with her despite her efforts of ensuring their marriage was a success

A lady by the name Rose shared her marriage life story on her social media accounts how he husband was never satisfied with her. They had lived in marriage for ten years and blessed with two beautiful daughters. She said despite having such a desirable shape and appetizing figure, still her husband had a reason […]

A shocking story of a man who was subjected to domestic violence with his wife

A man came to social media to share how he had been living in marriage but still having some rough time as his wife was a husband beater. Mike 29 years old says her wife turned just after he one say decided to beat her up due to domestic violence. She turned against him and […]

Woman says she did this to deal with a con pastor after a miracle failed

We are living in a society where people have really ruined the core-business of in the clergy. Some rogue pastors have evolved where there main aim is to milk their believers dry. To Marry a 33 year old, having a child was her problem as she was barren. She had was in marriage for six […]

A shocking story of a man who said his lover still cheated some few days to their wedding

Cheating in the recent society has been a normal vice which has led to a lot of marriages and relationships break. A man by the name Jonson 33 years of age came to social media to share how his lover cheated on him some days before their wedding something that really amused him. He said […]

A man from Kisii says he lost hope that one day he would walk, his leg developed a scary rotting condition

A man identified as Makori from Kisii says he had been just fine for the past years but after sometimes his left leg started rotting, a condition he never understood. The father of three and a famer says his left leg decayed to the extent of maggots feasting on it. The leg emitted such a […]

A lady shares a painful story that no one wanted to marry from their family as people thought they were cursed

It is always a dream of any woman to be in marriage when they enter a certain age to fulfill the life rites. To Lucy and his three sisters, marriage was something they just witnessed happening to their friends and other families as no one wanted to marry them as there was this notion that […]

A woman says a text message from her husband phone broke her heart as she discovered her husband had another secret lover

A lady by the name Milkah says they had been in marriage with her husband for only two years. Obviously they had not achieved those couple goals with her husband in their marriage life only to realize her husband had been playing games on her after text message popped on his husband’s phone where a […]

A man says he almost threw away his education certificates due to lack of a job despite his immense qualifications

A man identified as Silas from Nairobi says he had given up in searching a job. He had graduated from a certain university in Kenya with a Bachelor Degree in Economics but he had stayed for 10 years now down the line without a job as he narrated. He had opted to seek some handy […]

A TV thief in Muhoroni thought he has escaped, he had nothing to do as the TV got stuck on his shoulder

A Muhoroni man who broke into a business shop to steal electronics items, shocked the area residents when he returned home to the owner of the goods, with the television set e stolen stuck on his back. The event took place during the day, saw the suspected thief return to the shop where he stole […]

Be warned if you had plans of having a relationship with someone wife, this is a story of a man who was caught with someone wife in Makueni

Residents in Makueni had to be treated with a free cinema after a guy named Maina had gone crazy after walking naked the reason being he had been having an affair with other man’s wife. Close sources to the victim said that the 32 year old was married but he had the tendency of having […]

A cow thief returned a stolen cow shouting Mow! Mow! as people cheered

A 40 year old man in Kirinyaga Count y is believed to be stealing people’s cows in their village but his days had come to an end this time round. He had been then organizing on transporting them to other counties. The man is believed to have been stealing these cows and other cattle from […]

Are you a lady and tired of rashes and acnes? Use these herbal oils for a moist and attractive skin

Every woman likes having that attractive and adorable outlook that attracts people especially men to her. Veronica a 30 year old says she was not happy with how she appeared with the many rashes and wrinkles on his body. She says she had rashes all over her body something that made her uncomfortable. The situation […]

A Nairobi lady says she was not ready to be the second wife and so she did this to change to be the first wife

A woman in Nairobi says that she discovered that her husband had been moving on with another woman despite them being together. She said they had been having this relationship for about a year and she was so devastated. She came to learn about this through his husband’s close friends. She never wanted to share […]

A man says he almost lost his land to an investor who wanted to establish a factory, good this man offered him a solution

A man identified as Wanjala shared his emotional story on how his 20 acre land was almost being grabbed by greedy investors. He said the rogue people who had been planning to grab his land had offered him some cash before he turned down and now they decided to use more force to evict him […]

A man says he almost died after using the sex enhancement pills, he later solved his low libido through doing this

A lot of men always like to impress their ladies and no one wants to be left behind as far as being a pro in sex is concerned. There are other men who are naturally given high libido and there are others with a low sex drive. A man identified as Shared his story how […]


We live in a society where a cases of infidelity are on the rise due to financial constrains in these marriage and to some extent due to lack of sexual satisfaction. To Beverlyne, her husband had started showing signs of cheating on her. She trusted him a lot and not even a single time did […]


Marriages have challenges and it’s the duty of every couple to always hide their marriage issues and always solve them secretly. To David 35 years a Kenyan man who had been in marriage for six years, having a short manhood was his weakness. The condition made him a weaker man in bed as he was […]


Harriet has sadly detailed how she has been married to nine men over the course of fourteen years, all of them have abandoned her because of her infertility. She said that she had to drop out of school at a young age owing to a lack of funds, and she immediately found work as a […]


Relationships are quite complex and every relationship has a problem of its own. One thing that is true about a relationship is that you can never change a person. When you meet an alcoholic. You must live with the fact that you an alcoholic for a partner. This was the unfortunate case the involved Susan […]


A Nairobi woman identified as Anita shared on social media her photos of how her body had transformed after she lost 20kgs in 30 days. She had been always an obese woman with 120 kilos something she says gave her some sleepless nights. The mother of one shared how people had been despising her because […]

This is how a fake police was taught some lessons not to forget after he conned someone a lot of money

There are many other ways of surviving in Kenya today but conning people always has a biter ending like what happened to Justus a 33 year old. He had been faking as a police officer for all this time where he even went to the level of luring people that he would get them police […]

A lady shares her successful journey to owning a top a hotel business

A lady by the name Brenda and a resident of Nairobi left people talking after she shared her business journey including the struggles she encountered to make it into business. Brenda highlighted that she started as a chips vendor in a mere kibanda as at that time she had been targeting the common road passers […]

A Nairobi man shares the reason he divorced his wife and what he did not to live a single life

We are living in a world where a lot of unexpected dramas are happening in marriages. People tend to part ways with each other due to lack of faithfulness and honesty with each other in marriage a case that happened to Duncan. He had been in marriage with his wife for only a year. Their […]

A woman shares her story on how she was left with no one to talk to after she lost her job

A Kenyan lady identified as Cate shared her emotional story on the woes she went through just after she lost her job at a government cooperates. She said that since then she had been living her own life since the close friends she knew had abandoned her just after they had the news that she […]

A man who caught his wife cheating had to do this to ensure the incident never happened again

In recent society cheating cases in marriages and relationships have been on a rise. Some even end up the bad way as the couples find themselves killing each other. Brian a 36 years old had been in marriage for three years and blessed to have an extremely beautiful wife. He always provided for her wife […]

“Different men left me after they had poked me” A Nairobi lady shares her emotional story

A lady identified as Linet came to social media to share her embarrassment of how men always left her after they poked her. She says she had dated close to ten men but all of them did the same thing to her something that worried her a lot. She says she would be in love […]


A woman who had been in marriage for ten years admitted that she cheated on her husband blamed him for sleeping with her sister and also got her husband arrested. Fridah a 37 year old said she met her husband at her friend’s birthday party and the friendship blossomed to marriage. She narrated that her […]

A business man says were it not doing this his entire family would have died

We live in a society where not everybody is always happy with any one success. In the current society today a lot of people tend to be jealous of others success, whether business success, academic success or even happy marriages. Muita a 45 year old business man in Nairobi had really established his business to […]

A man did this to get his money back from a man who posed himself as a beautiful lady

People in Mlolongo Nairobi were treated to a free cinema after a slay queen and a woman who is believed to have robbed her client money left them talking. The lady who works as a sex worker in the area had been spotted walking in a guest house having won a client in the day […]

A woman shares how she lost her sex drive and her husband was mad at her

There are a lot of challenges in marriages which requires couples to fully understand each other on how to deal with the challenges. A lady by identified as Lucy shared how she once had a low sex drive in their marriage something that made her husband mad at her. She says most of the times […]

A lady shares how her husband was weak in bed and how she coped with this situation

Lack of sex in marriage can contribute to infidelity. A lady identified as Mueni from Ukambani shared on her social media how his husband would yawn and fall asleep with only three minutes of having sex. She said that most of the times she felt horny and she had the moral to enjoy sec with […]

A lady narrates her journey into prostitution and how some men never used protection

The terrible story of Annete a mother of two left people talking. She tells the story of how she got kicked out of her marriage and decided to full be a prostitute as she was not ready to live in poverty and beg people for help. She says that her former husband was a drunkard, […]

A robber who stole a laptop from a renown journalist had some lessons not to forget after the owner used these spells

Drama was witnessed in Kitale town after a thief who was suspected to have stolen a journalist expensive laptop was nabbed. The suspect who is said to have been stealing laptops and later selling them at cheaper price had been found at last. The journalist is said to have place his laptop bag on a […]

See what a Kenyan lady found on her husband’s phone

A lady identified as Anne came to social media to share what she found on her husband’s phone and it left people talking. She said they had been in marriage for six years with her husband and what but the shocking messages on her husband’s phone showed how her husband was not serious with their […]

A Nairobi says she would even strip to ensure her husband had sex mood but the guy would only stare at her due to a low sex drive

A lady from Nairobi left many people on her social media wondering if her husband was normal. Some men in the comment section had even dropped their contacts luring the lady to hire them if she needed sexual satisfaction. This was after the lady shared her story on how her husband never liked sex even […]

A story of a lady of almost killed herself after a man bullied, impregnated and abandoned her

Christine had no longer been in love with any man. Just after finishing her fourth year at campus, she met a guy who was working and they started a relationship where they agreed to start a marriage life together. Life was good as they both made their marriage life public to their both families. As […]

How a clothes thief was taught a lifetime lesson not to forget

Residents of Githunguri in Kiambu County were treated to a free cinema after a 35 year old man who had been stealing clothes from their hanging lines was spotted chewing the clothes one by one from the sack he used to walk with. They said that they had been so much tired with this man’s […]

A man shares how his lovers parents despised him not to marry their daughter but finally did this to win her

At times we have to accept the setbacks of people who we fall in love with. Either they are poor or rich as life dynamic and it changes with time. Mulwa a 37 year old had fall in love with a certain lady she thought they would marry each other. Their friendship had really sparked […]

A lady did this to recover back her money she lost through her lover

Mary a Kenyan lady had fell in love with a Nigerian man who was living in Kenya. She says the guy has faked how he had been in business here in Kenya. He invited the guy at his Runda home in Nairobi and after they spent a night together, the man walked away from his […]

A lady shares how she was evicted from her marriage after her husband got another lover

How does it feel when a person you are in love with treats you ruthlessly? A lady identified as Maggy shared her emotional story of how her husband who she had lived in marriage for a period of ten years turned to be an animal as he evicted her and their two children out of […]

These are good tips for any man who had been a victim of rejection

A lot of men find it difficult to tune ladies to fall for them as their proposals are turned down. A man identified as Mike from Nairobi shared how a lady who he loved and adored always turned him down but at last she accepted to with him. Mike had fell in love with a […]

A man did this to get justice after his cattle were rammed into by unknown vehicle

Everyone has their way of surviving and meeting their needs. James was a farmer in Kajiado County who reared a large number of cattle that he would sell for a living. He had a wife and three children he says depend on the cattle to have a desirable life. As he said, he had educated […]

A shocking story of a lady who faced difficulties in getting a child after she had done a series of abortions earlier

Abortion is a vice that should be castigated in the society as it is an antisocial behavior similar to killing someone. A lady identified as Midred from Nairobi admitted to be struggling to get a child of her own. Not that she was barren but her past behavior of abortions led to her difficult situation […]

A man says he was shocked to find the lady he educated in return for marriage was moving with another man

At times people can do things to show their love to their spouses. To George 31 years old, he decided to pay some school fee money for his lover who was still at campus after it happened her parents passed away. He took the responsibility as he wanted to marry her in return. He really […]

A lady says she did this and got justice after her child support case was successful

Sheila was in marriage for sometimes but things turned to be ugly as her husband chased her out of the marriage. She had no any source of getting money to cater her child’s needs. she depended on the handy jobs like washing people clothes and also doing some cleaning work at people homes to feed […]

A story of Kenyan lady who was kicked out of marriage, she would even take ksh 200 for sex as prostitution was her only survival

Angela(not her real name) worked in Nairobi as a supermarket attendant an just after covid-19 came in the country, she found herself in limbo of not being able to find food for herself and her daughter. This was because she was sacked by her former employer as they reached on laying off the number of […]

A lady shares how her husband kept cheating on her despite forgiving him several times

I’ve been with my partner for over ten year, and married a couple of years ago. We have two children. Each time we are in bed he had been getting repeated texts messages. At some point  thought it was an emergency but only I found it was another woman. I would ask him who she […]

Woman shares how he boyfriend had difficulties in climaxing her due to a lot of murstabation

I have been with my boyfriend for a while. And we have plenty of sex but he has hard time finishing. He says each time he was close to ejaculation, he was not able. He once told me he was on masturbation addiction something that made him desensitized. They would have sex for quite some […]

A Kenyan woman says she had a low sex drive but solved the problem using herbs from this man

We have been with my husband for ten years. We have two children and very happy and enjoy being together. One area which bothered me is that our sex life has dwindled, particularly since we had children. We used to have sex daily and it was great. But, as time went on and our children […]

A man highlights on how he never lacked a job as this spells were his secret

Dennis(not his actual name) worked in a certain government organization for three years. He was such a loyal governmental servant as he did his work with full passion. Not even a single time did he get to rifts with his employer as he knew what meant to be in that job.  He liked his work […]

A woman shares how her ex-lover had been halting their efforts to have a wedding, but Dr Mugwenu solved the issue using his powerful spells

Muthoni(not her real name) from Kiambu had met the love of her life and they started dating as she would even go to her new lover’s house and spend some time there. Their dating was filled with love and affection as really things were going the right way and it was just a matter of […]

A man says he thought he would die of this dreadful disease but got a solution after he met this man

It is a disease that is caused as a result of inflammation of the membranes that cover the brain and the spinal cord. Just after her finished his medication as he was hospitalized with typhoid, James was declared to be having meningitis as the doctors said he had an allergy of some of the medications […]

A 12 year old boy emaciated due to loss of appetite, a condition Dr Mugwenu solved by his herbal medications

Maurice and his wife Anne had been having an immense problem and worry on how their son had been losing a lot of weight. They had been visiting a lot of hospitals to see if they would get a lifetime solution to their son but all their efforts were halted by the fact they never […]

A lady in Mombasa shared her story on how her husband almost drowned in the Indian Ocean after while pregnant

Anne was in a three year old marriage living with her husband in Mombasa. They had been living happily with nothing that really bothered them into their marriage. After sometime, her husband suddenly changed where he would start wrangles with her something that she really wondered where this had come from. This went for a […]

A man says he did this to recover ksh 200,000 money he was conned in an online scam

Thuku(not his real name) shared his story on social media on how his ksh 200k he had been saving or 3 years went in vain. He said that a certain online platform which helped people get various business ideas approached him as they had enticed him how they would offer him such a nice business […]

This is the easiest way to ensure your marriage partner stays loyal in marriage

In today’s marriages, there are a lot of infidelity cases where a lot of couples in marriages find themselves cheating due to various reasons. Some cheat due to financial constrains while others cheat due to lack of sex satisfaction. Ben was in marriage for three years with his beautiful wife Agnes but it reached to […]

A lady took her bed issues on social media as she says how her husband was underperforming in bed compared to her pastor

A lady Kenyan lady came on social media to share how his pastor was such a monster in bed, lived a lot of people asking what might have led to her moving with her pastor yet she was married.  Anne(not her real name) said that most of the times when she felt like having sex, […]

A man says he did this to recover his stolen boda boda which was his source of income

A lot of people depend on boda boda business to fetch for their families. However a lot of boda boda operators have risked their lives while others have been robbed their motorbikes in the line of duty. To Ezekiel he had stayed at home for three weeks without something to feed his family as his […]

A lady says she did this to get her husband of her choice after being into a lot of relationships with different men

Violet a 36 year old was such a beautiful lady that every man wished to be having in their life for a marriage. Her physical appearance attracted a lot of men attention as she said. She had a nice job and so she was a financial stable lady. Her main problem as she said was […]

Meet a hawker who shares her experience on how she came from scratch to owning a top cloth business in Nairobi

Hawking is such a challenging work as one always needs to be vocal to ensure their items are bought. When one appears to be dull in the hawking business, then chances of their good being bought is always minimal which most of the times means they would not earn no money. Bridgit was such a […]

A Kenyan lady sparked mixed reactions on social media after she said she uses sex toys as her husband was such a dwarf in bed

Sex is such an important aspect in marriage as it really seals the marriage. To marry a 37 year old, having sex in their marriage was like a life dream or some kind of achievement the reason being her husband was such a weak person in bed. She says her husband rarely touched her and […]

A man shares how he restored a relationship with a lady who once leaved him

Silas a 33 year old was in love with a certain lady he says their marriage plans were underway. He added they had been spending a lot of time together during this courtship period and he had high hopes that they would soon tie knots according to how things were going. Surprisingly the lady had […]