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“Aiii utafanya bibi wako atatupata ukinitoa suruari,” she protested in one of the clip and my husband replied, “usisonge kwa ukuta sana,”

Mama faith is a young woman who just got married in our village the other day and she has been washing for us clothes every weekend for a small pay to sustain her since her husband is not well off. She has been a very good woman whom, as family, we had trusted to do […]

Niliingia kwa baba yangu nikaskia bibi yangu akisema: “Ingiza yote baba, napenda venye machine yako ni nono na kubwa ata kuliko ya bwana yangu”

Shocking Details Emerge as Catholic Priest Faints on Receiving Bad News About His Mpango wa Kando Who said some Catholic priests doesn’t have lovers out there? Here is what has happened in Kitui after a catholic priest has fainted on receiving shocking news about his lover whom they had dated for 7 years. Father Peter […]

“Usichezee Mjulus” Free Cinema in Nyeri After 2 Church Women Trade Blows Over a Man

Two women in Nyeri town, Jane Wanjiru and Mary Wangui, have made headlines after engaging in a public altercation over a man named James Mwaniki. The incident, which has left the town buzzing with gossip and speculation, unfolded in the heart of the bustling market area, drawing a large crowd of onlookers. James Mwaniki, the […]

“Na Uyu Si Ni Kilonzo?” Man Who Has Been Sleeping With Women in Kagundo Develop Donkey Legs and Goat Tail

A man named Daniel Kilonzo from Kagundo has reportedly transformed into a half-human, half-donkey creature following an infidelity scandal involving Mugwenu Doctors’ spell. The incident has left the town in disbelief and brought Kagundo to a standstill as residents grapple with the surreal reality unfolding before their very eyes. The drama began when Kilonzo, a […]

Drama, confusion as Kakamega man caught placing two eggs in woman’s coffin at funeral

In a bizarre and mystifying event that has left residents of Kakamega and the entire nation bewildered, a man named Johnson Mukundi has come forward to testify about the powerful spells of Mugwenu Doctors, claiming they have the ability to protect individuals from death. This revelation comes in the wake of a peculiar incident involving […]

Nairobi Matatu Driver and His Makanga Beats and Chases Away Man For Failing To Pay Ksh 20 Fare After Ferrying Him to CBD

Some Drivers and Makanga’s are so ruthless when it comes to handling customers, worst they become the moment they carry you to your destination and fail to pay them the amount they have charged. Have you ever been carried by a Matatu driver not aware of the fare they charge and afterwards when they collect […]

[Video] Angry Mob Beats a Man For Beating His Wife in Public at Thika Town

Angry mob has decided to save a woman by name Jane Njambi a Mutumba seller inside Thika stage after defensiveless being beaten by his husband as the public watch, as new details emerge. Speaking after the incident which has seen Mugendi Mutembei suffer injuries for recklessly beating his wife, among witnesses have informed that Mugendi […]

“Niko Na Watoto na Wanakaa Ogolla Wote” Drama in Kisumu Town After Mysterious Woman Claims Wealth of Late Ogolla

In a Dramatic moment in Kisumu, a woman named Damaris Otieno has caused a stir by claiming that she is the mother of Dr. David Ogolla’s children and is therefore entitled to a share of the late Ogolla’s wealth. The drama unfolded when Ms. Otieno boldly approached the Ogolla family, asserting her rights as the […]

“We Have Remained Stuck For 2 Days Now, Please Help Us” Video of Couple in Thika Town Lodging Goes Viral on Internet

Thika Town was a few days ago brought to a standstill by Jane Irima, and Dickson Munene. Like many people in the world, they decided to engage in the age-old act of cheating on their partners, believing that their secret escapades would remain just that – a secret. Little did they know, the universe had […]

“He has Almost Fainted” Kenyan Lady Speaks Out After Buying a Ksh 200,000 Coffin as a Gift for his Boyfriend

Kenyan lady has amazed many after presenting a coffin worth ksh 200,000 as a gift to his one of the boy friends as new details emerge. Drama has ensued in one of Nairobi’s estates after a man has come out of the his house screaming on receiving bad gift from his girlfriend Jambi Mutira. Speaking […]

He Has Died After Stealing in One of the Eastleigh Shops, Shocking Details Emerge About this Mutumba Seller as Wife Weeps Bitterly

Githurai Lady has screamed Loudly after receiving shocking report on what has happened to her husband as new details emerges. On Tuesday morning, Grace has received reports that her Husband Daniel and in company of two others whom she knew has passed on after a night of stealing in Eastleigh as new details emerge. Confirming […]

“I Used to Sell Big Mutura in Korogocho” Mortury Attendant Reveals What He Did After Stealing Dead Bodies Organs

A mortury attendant in Korogocho Nairobi has come out clean of what made his Mutura businesses in Korogocho Nairobi thrive including sell of cheap smokies at wholesale. Maina Nduta has informed that while working as a mortury attendant at one of the Nairobi city morgues, he was as rich as the owner of the mortury […]

“I Wish I Knew” Wealthy Nairobi Man Loses KSh 4m, Posh Cars after Participating in Betting Before Getting This Define Help

As I sit here, my fingers hovering over the keyboard, my mind wanders back to a time when my life was a whirlwind of chaos and confusion. A time when the very foundations of my existence were shaken, leaving me to question everything I thought I knew about love, trust, and the fragility of the […]

“We Must Hire Him as Our CEO” Betting Company Breaks Silence after Man Wins KSh 9m in 24 Hours

In a world where success stories are often defined by hard work, determination, and a little bit of luck, George Mamangu’s tale stands out as an inspiring example of what can happen when all these elements come together. Mamangu, a former cleaner at General Kago Mortuary in Thika, has gone from being fired from his […]

University Student Wins KSh 7.9 Million After Betting With KSh 90: “I Froze in Disbelief”

Daniel Muthiani, a student at Machakos University and an orphan, has won an astonishing KSh 7.9 million from a KSh 90 bet on the popular betting platform, Betika. The young man, who has faced many hardships throughout his life, turned to Mugwenu Doctors for a money spell that he credits with his newfound fortune. Daniel’s […]

Disabled Man Causes a Stir Online After Revealing What the President Did to His Parents, Says He Will Never Forgive Those Involved

A disabled man has come out clean disclosing what the President did to his parents that he will live to remember but will never forgive those involved as new details emerge. Karimi wa Njega as the villagers call him in Mukurweini, Nyeri county has come out clean on what happened to his parent 3 years […]

“Kumbe ni Mwizi” Kenyan Pastor Caught Hiding 2000 Bags Of Fertilizer in a Church as Shocking Details Emerge

Kenyan pastor has himself to blame after he was caught red handed for stealing 2000 bags of fertilizer as new details emerge. Pastor Dominic of Utumishi kwa Wote revival church in Majengo has himself to blame after being caught with 2000 bags of fertilizer hidden at his church. The owner of the fertilizer an Indian […]

My Wife Used to Sleep With Multiple Men In Front of Me and When I Spoke, I Would Be Beated Like a Burukenge. Here is What I Did

My name is James Wamahe, a man who has experienced the crushing weight of betrayal and the uplifting power of love and redemption. This is my story. For three years, I was married to a woman named Sarai Wanjiru, a woman I had once believed to be my soulmate. We had met in college, and […]

Two Men Screams Out For Help After Being Caught Stuck While Making Love Together In an Expensive Hotel in Nairobi

Shocking details have emerged in Nairobi after two men have been caught stuck together in a hotel while making love as new details emerge. At the scene, the eye witnesses have been shocked wondering why that could have happened and who in particular could have been cheating. Speaking, one of the victims while hiding his […]

“Naumia Roho Jameni” My Husband Told Me He Had Travelled For Business Trip in Kisumu Only to See Him Dancing With a Mumama in Tiktok Live in Kilimani

In Kayole’s town in Nairobi, there lived a woman named Doreen Katheu. Little did she know that her life was about to take a tumultuous turn, filled with love, betrayal, and ultimately, triumph. As she walked the crowded streets of Kayole, her heart was heavy with the burden of a tale that would shock the […]

Fear Women- Double Tragedy as Businessman Who Was Shot and Robbed kshs 3.9M Finds Wife With Ben 10

As I sit here, my fingers hovering over the keyboard, my mind wanders back to a time when my life was a whirlwind of chaos and confusion. A time when the very foundations of my existence were shaken, leaving me to question everything I thought I knew about love, trust, and the fragility of the […]

Eastleigh Ladies Are Untouchable, Subaru Man From Kiambu Regrets 2 Days After Divorcing His Wife to Marry a Lady From Eastleigh

Maina populary known as the Subaru man in Kiambu has himself to blame on Monday morning 2 days after divorcing his wife Dorcas to marry Laura from Eastleigh as new details emerge. In what has been seen like a drama in one of the 5 stoneyed rentals in Kiambu, Maina has informed that “I will […]

Drama in Nyayo Estate Nairobi After Maid is Caught Red Handed Poisoning Her Boss Juice, Reveals What She Does When Wife is Away Everyday

Nyayo Estate in Nairobi has been thrown into shock and disbelief after a woman caught her housemaid red handed, adding a suspicious substance in water at mid night. According to the woman, she suspected the lady had put poison in the water bottle that her hubby carries to the gym. The woman locked the lady […]

“I Warned Him Not to Steal in Eastleigh Shops, See Now What Has Happened” Githurai Lady Screams Loudly Watching Her Husband Die

Githurai Lady has screamed Loudly after receiving shocking report on what has happened to her husband as new details emerges. On Friday morning, Grace has received reports that her Husband Daniel and in company of two others whom she knew have passed on after a night of stealing in Eastleigh as new details emerge. Confirming […]

[VIDEO] Dangerous Scene Along Thika Road After a Driver Jumps Out of a Moving Lorry on Attack By a Swarm of Bees

Kenyans travelling on Thika road have been left mouth open after a driver of a lorry has jumped from a moving lorry seeking help in attack by bees. Those present during the scene and gave taken videos have informed that “We were just chilling in wait of a mat only to see a lorry stuck […]

Villagers in Kirinyaga Count Loses After Using Money on Stolen Fertilizer, Their Plants Start Drying Up as Rains Continues

A section of Kirinyaga residents are counting loses after buying and using fertilizer which was stolen as new details emerge. Speaking, the section of residents of Mwea in Kirinyaga have informed that three weeks ago unknown persons came at Ngurubani town distributing fertilizers at a very cheap price and happily over 20 farmers allegedly benefitted. […]

“Swollen Private Parts” Kenyan Lady Weeps Bitterly as She Narrates The Worst That Happened to Her While In Dubai

“Our private parts are swollen, we can’t even make love to our wives, we hear voices tormenting us. Please forgive us; we stole your money. We have now lost property. We are sorry, very sorry. The court has paid you; please release us. Forgive us; we will die,” the uncles pleaded. By now, you must […]

6 Kenyans Die After Stealing 3000 bags of Fertilizer Hidden in Eastleigh as New Details Emerge

6 Kenyans who had robbed 3000 bags of fertilizer from one of the wholesale agrovets owned by one of the Kiambu tycoon has committed suicide with detectives able to storm to the place where the bags had been hidden. On Thursday morning drama has been witnessed in Eastleigh where residents have been shocked by the […]

Popular Kenyan Pastor Reveals How He Has Been Helping Many Kenyan Ladies Get Children, Informs Why He Loves Night Kesha’s

Popular Kenyan Pastor has narrated how he has been helping many Kenyan ladies get children as new details emerge. Speaking live on TV, the pastor who has been on the record saying “Mungu husaidia walo jisaidia” has saud that first and foremost he loves administering his Followers during night Kesha’s and that he has made […]

Man Screams Out of a Popular Lodging in Eastleigh After What Has Happened as Fresh Details Emerge

A Man has screamed out of a popular lodging in Eastleigh after what has happened to him as new details emerge. On Tuesday morning, drama has ensued at Eastleigh Nairobi after a man whose identity remain not disclosed has been seen scream out of a popular lodging in the area as witnesses get a laughter […]

Drama in Nairobi CBD After a Swarm of Bees Arrest 3 Kenyans for Refusing to Refund Money Sent Wrongly Via MPESA

Drama has ensued in Nairobi town after a swarm of bees have arrested 3 Kenyans on refusing to refund Ksh 56,000 sent wrongly in one of the victims Mpesa as new details emerge. Here is the Unfoldings. Speaking at the scene, the victims who are grieving in pain has been heard confessing in public that […]

3 Gets Stuck at a Mhindi Shop in Eastleigh on Attempting to Break Into the Shop to Steal Clothes Worth 7Million

Another set of thieves have found themselves to blame in their attempt to steal from one of the big shops in Eastleigh as new details emerge. On the wake of Monday Morning 3 thieves have been caught rend handed while busy trying to steal away clothes from one of the shops in the area owned […]

So Sad!!! Woman Sets Herself On Fire In Eastleigh After Stealing From A Mini-Mart, Says That Voices In Her Head Told Her to Do So

A woman in Eastleigh has suffered first-degree burns after pouring kerosene on her body and setting herself ablaze right in front of Nyotu Police station. The mid-afternoon incident shocked many, as ladies screamed in terror. Annette Mwaura, 30, left the crowd in shock, after doing the unthinkable. No one expected her to do what she […]

Drama in Eastleigh Nairobi as Another 6 Thieves Shoot Themselves to Death After Steaking In One of The Malls

Another dramatic scene has been witnessed in Eastleigh Nairobi After 6 Thieves have shot themselves to death after stealing from one of the popular Malls in the area as new details emerge. Speaking at the scene, those present during the Saturday afternoon drama has informed that they were shocked to see people move out from […]

Nairobi; Uproar as a woman screams helplesly in the streets, her bag had been snatched but it only took one hour and culprits were on knees seeeking forgiveness

I was passing by one of the local banks in Nairobi town when I heard a woman wail saying, “Wameniibia pesa yangu yote, nisaidie haraka(they have stolen all the cash from me kindly help),” I turned back and saw her strip naked. Visit www.mugwenudoctors.com and learn more about their services or call us on +254740637248 /Email: mugwenudoctors@gmail.com Website: […]

The Untold Story of Bishop Korir Emerges: A 60 Year Bishop Using Black Magic To Make Poverty Striken Kenyans Do Manual Labor On His Large Plantation in Kericho

Mzee Korir used to be our neighbor. Like us, he had a few cattle on his compound and hundreds of indigenous chickens. I’m actually one of his very first victims. His trick is simple. He would invite you for lunch at his expansive house, slaughter a chicken in your name, recite black magic enchantments and […]

“I Will Poison Her If She Continues To Play With My Husband and My Feelings” Kisumu Lady Threatens Sister With Unforgettable Tidings, Says That She Regrets Inviting Her Sister At Her Home As More Details Emerge

“Kikulacho Kinguoni Mwako, Hata Ukishinda Uchi, Kikulacho Bado Kitashiba”. Amalia Kisotu, 29, is having trouble digesting the fact that her own sister is now the source of her stress, her sleepless nights and nightmares. She knows her too well, but still fails to understand her motives, after discovering an affair between her and her husband […]

Mimi Ni Mwizi Sugu- How I Found Myself Announcing Myself After Stealing a TV Set in Nairobi CBD Last Week

My name is Johnson Nyakundi, a resident of Kisii, and I am here to share a story that changed my life. It’s a tale of theft, humiliation, redemption, and the power of traditional spells. Last week, I found myself in Nairobi’s Central Business District, succumbing to my old habits. I spotted a TV set in […]

“Ata Siku Mbili Hazikuisha” Thika Man Shares His Response After Thieves Break Into Shop and Steal Goods

Hello, my name is Muchiri Kelvin Mwaura. I am a shop owner in Thika, and I have an extraordinary story to share. It’s a tale of theft, retribution, and the uncanny power of traditional spells. It was a day like any other when I closed my shop and headed home. Little did I know that […]

“Maajabu Haya” 10 Women Narrates How They Were Saved From The Popular Kikuyu Pastor Caught On VIDEO Doing Shameful

10 Kikuyu women have shared a harrowing experience involving the viral Kikuyu Pastor Yohanna who was caught on a VIDEO engaging in a disturbing act. According to the Womens’ account, protection spells from Doctor Mugwenu played a crucial role in safeguarding their body being used for rituals from the pastor’s actions. While the specifics of […]

Popular Kenyan Bishop In Trouble For Stealing From an Old Woman After Selling Her Ksh 15Million Land Located in Nairobi

A popular Kenyan Pastor has found himself in trouble after hoodwinking a family in Nairobi to sell land worth Ksh 15 Million in the name of chasing demons away in their lives and later escaping in thin air. Speaking of what happened, Margaret Kirima has said that they have fallen a victim of pastors who […]

“I Sent Her The Evidence With a Break-Up Text” Excited Nairobi Man Shocks Kenyans After What He Did to Revenge on Cheating Wife

John Wachira, a seemingly ordinary businessman from Kasarani estate, Nairobi, has ignited a social media firestorm. The 35-year-old is at the center of a bizarre tale that involves infidelity, a suspected “revenge spell,” and a woman left writhing in unexplained pain. The drama unfolded when M.W., John’s estranged wife, was rushed to the emergency room […]

“Alikua anatumia Maji na Kioo” Betty Charo Explains How She Saved Her Business Palour From Being Auctioned

Hey there, gorgeous souls! It’s Betty Charo, and let me tell you, I’ve got a story to share. A story of struggle, resilience, and a sprinkle of something a little…unorthodox. Buckle up, because this ride takes us from the dusty streets of Kawangware to the gleaming chrome and glass of Kilimani’s ultra-modern beauty haven – […]

“Nataka Bwana, ASAP. Kitaozea Ndani Jameni” Woman Realizes After Years Without a Partner

Magdalena’s life took a significant turn when she inherited a substantial portion of her wealth following her father’s passing in 2015. With an estimated net worth of Kshs. 421 million, she had become a millionaire in her own right, owning various properties and assets. Her newfound wealth didn’t go unnoticed, especially after she made a […]

“I Was Planning to Kill My Mother,Father and Then Kill Myself” 26 Years Old Nairobi University Graduates Narrates

A 26 Years Old Nairobi University Graduate has narrated how he thwarted his evil plans against his both parents 2 years after completing his studies with a BSC as new details emerge. Revealing his name, Janneth Kimani has narrates that last year struggles in life trying to look for a job after his qualification had […]

Kenyan Man Witnesses Horror During Honeymoon Night After Marrying a Demonic Mzungu Lover

A man who had broke up with his Mzungu lover a day after their wedding in Edoret gets help, his wife had demons which scared him during their honey moon night. Too often, couples commit themselves to one another until “death does us part” during the wedding ceremony, but then live as if the other […]

“Maajabu Haya” Church Service Ends Prematurely in Nyeri After Police Car Carrying Two Naked Couples Makes Its Way to the Podium

In the town of Nyeri, where stories often take unexpected turns, one Sunday morning saw a church service that defied all expectations. The congregation had gathered for what they thought would be a typical spiritual experience, but what they got was anything but ordinary. As the choir sang hymns and the parishioners bowed their heads […]

“Can my aunt give you this kind of sweet sex?” I heard my niece tell my husband while he was fucking her on our matrimonial bed

Three weeks ago, my boss sent me to Mombasa for a work conference and I honestly could not resist the offer since I would get a huge commission. The problem I faced was finding someone who would take care of my two young children and the entire household. Luckily, a niece of mine who was […]

“Vile Tulichungulia Tulipata Jamaa Amekunja Sura Akicheza Na Sehemu Nyeti” Man Weeps Bitterly As He Narrates How Wife Was Eaten By His Younger Brother

As I sit here, penning down the tumultuous rollercoaster of emotions that has been my life over the past few months, I can’t help but feel a mixture of sadness, anger, and ultimately, gratitude. My name is John Muchiri, and I never imagined that I would find myself in the midst of such betrayal and […]

Screams and Commotion Witnessed in a Church as Chronic Thief Frogmarched to Church After Stealing Bishop’s Underwears in Kariobangi

“Mwizi Mwizi!!! Shika huyo!! Kamata yeye!!” Shouts could be heard urging anyone to catch Muchiri before he gets too far. He surprised many, for despite a load carefully placed on his shoulders, he was running so fast nobody could get to him. In a flash, he was gone!! He had the audacity to enter the […]

Recently Appointed Minister in Disbelief After Her Wife Busted Him Red-Handed With a Mpango wa Kando at KICC

A popular recently elected Minister has found himself in disbelief after her wife busted him red-handed with a Mpango wa Kando at the KICC which is near the Parliament buildings as new details emerge. Drama ensued on Saturday night after a popular Minister was caught red-handed by her wife cheating with another lady from a […]

20 Years Old Man Gets Stuck While Trying to Steal a Car From Former President Uhuru’s Backyard

It was one of the few interesting moments in Gatundu, Kiambu County when a young man who appeared to be in his late 20s was caught a sleep in a car he wanted to steal. The Incident which happened early April left residents in utter shock after it was claimed that the boy wanted to […]

Kenyan man narrates how he got back his wife four years after a nasty divorce

Kevin Maina’s journey is a testament to the power of love and the possibility of reconciliation even after enduring a painful divorce. His story, which once seemed destined for heartbreak, took a remarkable turn four years after his marriage fell apart in a messy divorce. Kevin’s unwavering love for his wife was evident, despite the […]

A 65 year old woman in Kitale vomits a rat like creature which marked the end of a five years of living with demonic and witchraft attacks

A woman namely Beth shocked people in Kitale Transnzoia County after she vomited a rat – like animal. According to Lucy, her eldest child, their mother Beth had been battling witchcraft for more than five years, and they never knew how to handle the situation. Their mother, who was now 65 years experienced signs like […]

“Huyo Kijana Anatesa Kuliko Diamond Platinumz, Kama Hayuko Illuminati Sijui. Anageuza Magari Kama Chupi, Serikali Wamkujie, Anatufanya Tuonekane Mafala” Posh Estate Tenants In Syokimau Riot, Say that Paul Is Making Illegal Money

Drama erupted at Silicon Valley Apartments in Syokimau over the weekend. As one of the tenants, I was actually the one who gathered the signatures to have Paul Kyalo evicted from our vicinity. The guy is literally reckless, throwing parties while inviting the most beautiful women in Nairobi. We ran out of parking space months […]

“Wanawake Ni Wakoraa” Public Shame After Bishop Wanjiru is Caught Red-Handed in Nairobi Lodging With a Ben 10

As I sit here, penning down the remarkable events that have unfolded in my life, I can’t help but reflect on the journey that has led me to this pivotal moment. My name is Jane Muthoni, and I am a 22-year-old woman who has experienced the highs and lows of love in ways I never […]

“Alidhani Ataniacha Nimsamehe” Vocal KKA MP Spotted Eating Grass Outside Parliament Days After Beating Wife

David Kadusko, the MP for Booni Constituency in Tana River, wasn’t always a stranger to my affections. Once, he was the man who held my heart. A prominent figure in the Kikuyu, Kamba Association (KKA), he exuded a charm that was easy to fall for. But time, as it often does, began to chip away […]

“Babe Nani Alikua Anakula Hii Mali?” Dramatic Incident Unfolds as Trevor Grows Suspicious of Mungai Shortly After Reuniting

Trevor Kimanthi, a renowned vlogger from Embu, has sparked chaos in Meru town after reuniting with his ex-girlfriend, Moreen Mungai, who abruptly ended their relationship months ago. The scene unfolded just moments ago, sending shockwaves through social media platforms. In a widely circulated video capturing the tense encounter, Trevor is seen gazing deeply into Moreen’s […]

“Hizi Pesa Ni Zangu Sasa! Sutambui!!” Kiambu Bodaboda Rider Receives 30k Sent Mistakenly And Refuses To Reverse “Kilimramba!!”

If by any chance you ever receive money from unknown sender please don’t you ever think of cancelling reversal transaction and keeping the money for your own consumption since you never know who the owner is and what he or she went through to get that money. Stay warned and generosity will always be appreciated. […]

My husband chased me out of our house after he learnt I was pregnant: “I do not want you anymore! Get out of this house with that pregnancy”

Eight blissful months. That’s how long my marriage to David, my fiance of four years, felt like. We skipped the white wedding and opted for a beautiful traditional ceremony, our families coming together to celebrate our love. We were inseparable, savoring every moment as newlyweds. Then, everything shifted. A home pregnancy test flipped our world […]

“Ni Tamu Kuliko Ya Bwana Yangu” What I Heard My Wife Tell Watchman Who is My Uncle and What I Did

My wife, Veronica, and I have been married for eight years. We have two beautiful children, a boy and a girl, and I always thought we had a happy life. But lately, things had been off. Veronica was working late more often, and when she was home, she seemed distant. The spark in her eyes […]

I found naked pictures and dirty texts of my husband’s secretary in phone, Here is What i Did

We built a beautiful life together. Our wedding was a grand affair, a celebration of our love and respect for each other. Everyone admired how strong our bond was. But a few months ago, everything started to crumble. My husband changed. The signs were subtle at first. He stopped initiating intimacy, and his whole demeanor […]

I Have Been Facing Rejection From Men Because Of My Huge Body!!” Kibera Lady Laments

Why do men have to be so choosey even when it comes to fun? I already gave up on getting married and all the dreams I had of becoming a wife and a mother are now buried in a graveyard that I myself dug. I only want men for sexual satisfaction is that a lot […]

Famous TikToker King Rose Finally Reveal Secret Behind His Wealth, Kenyans Shocked

What’s up, Rose Fam? Your favorite Kenyan TikToker, King Rose, here. You’ve probably seen the headlines – the lion showers, the outrageous giveaways, the whispers about my sudden wealth. Well, buckle up, because today, I’m finally pulling back the curtain and revealing the real story behind King Rose. Let me start by saying it wasn’t […]

“Sisi ni Serikali, Forget Getting Justice” What I Did After Family of Man Who Killed my Daughter Threatened Me

They said, “Sisi ni Serikali” (We are the government) with a chilling finality, a phrase meant to instill fear, to silence dissent. That’s what the family of John Mutua, the man who ripped my Doreen away from this world, told me. Their words echoed in the hollow space where my laughter used to reside, a […]

“You Infected Me With HIV Thinking I Won’t Catch You” What I Did After My Ex Humiliated Me in Public and I’m Happy

The searing Kenyan sun beat down on Embu Town that day, but it was the cold fear that gripped me tighter. My ex, Joseph, stood in the middle of the market square, eyes blazing with a manic kind of glee. He held up a piece of paper, his voice booming across the startled crowd. “This,” […]

“Your are sexier and sweeter than my wife,” What I Did After Catching My Husband Cheating With a Relative

Three weeks ago, the air crackled with excitement in my house. We were throwing a Thanksgiving party for my husband’s well-deserved promotion. He’d been working tirelessly for it, and to see the joy on his face as his colleagues showered him with congratulations filled me with immense pride. Among the guests were my brother, his […]

“Can my sister give you the kind of sex that I am giving you? Let’s do it fast before anybody finds us.” I heard my wife tell her sister’s husband as they were having sex and I almost collapsed

My wife, ever the planner, had me join a savings scheme with her sisters and cousins. It seemed a good idea, a chama as they call it here, a way to pool money and share the wealth. Sisters’ husbands were in too, a whole community chipping in. Every six months, we’d gather, a celebration of […]

“You are an old woman. I will take away your rich husband and throw you out of the house,” a college girl threatened to steal my rich husband

Twenty years. Can you believe it? Twenty years of laughter echoing through our home, of scraped knees, kissed better, of college applications tackled with bleary eyes and nervous excitement. Twenty years building a life, a family, a legacy with the man I loved. We were a team, me and David. We’d weathered every storm, and […]

My Husband Threw Me Out Together With 6-Days-Old Baby And Was Left Eating Our Maid Then I Did This

My name is Mary Wanjiku, and I’m from Githurai. Just a few weeks ago, my life was a living nightmare. Here’s how it went down: six days after giving birth to our beautiful baby girl, John, my husband, locked me and our newborn out of the house. Can you believe it? The man I’d built […]

“I am so sorry baby. I tried having sex with another woman but my machine could not rise,” my husband confessed to me after I made sure his manhood would belong to me alone forever

Fellow hearts, lend me your ears! For I stand before you today not merely as a woman, but as a testament to the restorative powers of faith and the potent mysteries of the unseen!Five years ago, I, Alexis, embarked on the sacred journey of matrimony. My husband and I, we were a beacon of love, […]

Husband Snatchers Kimewaramba! Slayqueens Faces Tough National Crackdown As New Details Emerge

An evil woman/lady is the one who always dresses awkwardly and inappropriately just to attract the attention from married men. On the other hand, men also fall into the same trap because they love what they see. Such women are assumed to be seducers or husband snatchers. Juliet who almost lost her husband to the […]

Bomet woman who called off wedding before D-day tormented by nightmares

What would you do if your fiancé had two other wives? Bomet – That was the shocking discovery that Christine Chepkosgei made just days before her wedding to Musyoka Martin, a wealthy businessman from Naivasha. She met him in 2019, when she was working as a waitress in a bar in Nairobi. He had offered […]

CREEPY! A Kenyan Lady Reveals How She Used SPIRITUAL Healing Methods To Win Her LOVER Back

CREEPY! A Kenyan Lady Reveals How She Used SPIRITUAL Healing Methods To Win Her LOVER Back My good people, how far would you go to win back your lover? Well, a Kenyan woman, decided to seek help from some traditional herbalists and spiritual healers to keep a man who wanted to be with another woman. […]

Man Faints During Honeymoon After Wife Rides Him And Pleases Him Like He Has Never Experienced Before

Doctors Called as Man Faints After Wife Rides Him Seriously During Honeymoon In Diani “Ni tamu saana, please stop kidogo, I want to breathe. Aki, I don’t know what I would do without you. I have never known it is sweet like this.” Diani – A honeymoon stay at a popular hotel turned from being […]

Storm as naked video of Western Kenyan Governor leaks online

Murmurs are all over Western Kenya after a video featuring a prominent governor was leaked online. The video features the politician in his birthday suit near a man alleged to be a seer. According to preliminary investigations, the video was shot in 2021 when the politician visited the seer ahead of the 2022 general election. […]

“I want you to abort that pregnancy!” This is how I made the MP who impregnated me to pay for sending death threats to me

A woman’s weakness is getting a man who really loves and adores you in spite of your shortcomings. And that caring man came in my way after I bumped to his coffee in Java and I had to apologise and on looking closer he was a renowned politician. Though I felt bad that I had […]

A man and his mpango wa kando rushed to hospital after getting stuck while having illicit Sweetness in Kilifi

I worked in a hotel which had many rooms where couples would come to have their sexual escapades in the room. However, last Friday, a huge drama occurred in the hotel after one of our clients who was having sex with his mpango wa kando both got stuck in their genitals. Sometimes people tell these […]

Nilisikia Bibi Akilia, ”Aki Umeweka na vile iko kubwa, Nasikia Uchungu woye”, I Opened the Door And Saw This..

I have not told anyone what I did last month after I found my boss sleeping with my wife.I always like keeping secrets but this one was too much. I work with a clinic in Nairobi as a nurse. I have been working here since 2015 and I have known it as my home. However, […]

DCI and Police Officers Fail to Bring Culprits to Law After Two Years of Investigation on my Wifes Tragic Loss” Githae from Kasarani Narrates How he was able to get Justice

Two years ago my life was moving to a direction that according to me I had predicted that in the coming three years I would be one of the richest business tycoons in our country. I’m Jonathan Walubengo from Kasarani aged 32 years and a father of one kid Mason Wafula. I was married to […]

Young man in Machakos caught trapped inside a car he was trying to steal.

It was one of the few interesting moments in Machakos County when a young man who appeared to be in his late 20s was caught a sleep in a car he wanted to steal. The Incident which happened early June left residents in utter shock after it was claimed that the boy wanted to steal […]

Malaba; Two Male Truck Drivers Stuck in Traffic Caught Performing Gay Acts to Each Other Behind the Wheel

Initially people thought there was an accident. But how?? In this long line of stationary trucks headed for the border? Absolutely not!! We rushed to the scene of the crime, only to be shocked at what was happening right before our eyes!! Two men kissing and touching each other, loud RnB music playing as they […]

Ugly Scenes In Kitale As Man Feeds On His Waste After Allegedly Raping A 19 Year-old Girl

Wonders shall never end! Is getting women a hard thing or is approaching women and politely asking for intimacy a mountain that climbing needs hiking classes? Let us not involve ourselves in such unethical behaviors or raping young girls due to inability to win a woman’s heart. I understand that intimacy is very important in […]

“Aki unakula hadi mama yangu”: Woman goes berserk after finding hubby and her mom tight in bed

“Namuonyesha vile inafanywa ndio mnizalie wajukuu,” Kisumu woman caught in bed with son-in-law explains Kisumu woman giving hubby surprise visit finds him on top of her mother Kisumu – There was drama and commotion in Tom Mboya Estate after a married man was busted in an indecent act with a very unlikely companion – his […]

Drama Ensued in Kajiado After Thieves Remains Locked in a Room They Broke Into, This After Doors Mysteriously Disappeared On Stealing

A bizarre incident unfolded in Ngong Kajiado County last month when a gang of five armed robbers were caught stuck in a house which was their crime scene and what they narrated left the angry mob shocked and glad at the same time since the area had become a hustle ground of thieves since a […]

“What!!!they are even stealing in the church but this a good lesson” Kenyans react after thieves who broke into a church in Vihiga return stolen church equipments and seek salvation

“What!!!they are even stealing in the church but this a good lesson” Kenyans react after thieves who broke into a church in Vihiga return stolen church equipments and seek salvation. Stealing is always not an option as most of the time things always end up the ending of the hard way. Alleged three men thought […]

Lady given award for reaching 22 years without getting pregnant, says 5 of her sisters were impregnated while still in school

Have you ever wondered why some people suffer in relationships? A good example is those people who end up in a worse relationship shortly after walking out of a terrible union. Even when they try to be very careful about who they date, they just end up being used by men or women depending on […]

Nairobi; A man collapses and breaks his hand after this shocking message popped up on his wife’s phone as they were seated together

My name is Daniel and I recently caught my wife sleeping with another man. That situation tore my life apart because it does too much harm to your ego when you find someone on your wife, doing what you should be doing to her. My wife had been extremely cold to me for like a […]

The Story of How I Nailed 11 Games and Bagged KSh 8.8 Million!

I am not going to disclose my real name because of the amount of money I finally managed to make from betting online. Burglars can break into my house at night. I never had envisaged earning that much through betting which my friend introduced to me just the other day. My name is ‘Caleb’ and […]

“Baby today you look like a pig. This is scary,” my hubby told me in front of his friends.

At 28, I had only one child with my lawyer husband. We met in college and quickly fell in love with his maturity. There were never signs of cheating, and we were a wonderful couple. However, after childbirth, my weight ballooned to 110 kg. One Saturday, in front of guests, my husband made a hurtful […]