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I had started paying for a car to use this December but the dealer almost conned me my first deposit

Two weeks ago I had deposited a whopping sh 300,000 with a car dealer in Nairobi who had promised to sell me a second hand Passio car this December Holiday. I was preparing to use the car this Christmas since I am planning to travel with my wife and two children to the village. Sadly, […]

Why Many Families in Ukambani nolonger use CCTV and Padlocks

Nowadays, thieves are clever, they will wear masks and steal without being caught easily. Also thieves nolonger fear watchmen, they will come at night, tie them and take everything they want. Even the police may not help you at all times. For instance, Mr. Musyoka Kavilu owns a shop in Thika town. I believe you […]

Man From Westland Nairobi Agrees to Donate Ksh 80Million to Help 200 Kenyans For Christmas, Narrates His Source of Wealth

A rich man living in westlands Nairobi has taken social with as torm after announcing that he is ready to donate a section of his wealth worth Ksh 80 Million to 200 Kenyans as new details emerge. Speaking today on one of the TV stations, Mr. Daudi Kangote has informed that he is very much […]

Political Big Wigs Flock to Vihiga To Purchase Gold as Details Emerge

Fresh details have emerged that political bigwigs are now flocking to Vihiga to purchase gold from one and only renowned service provider Mugwenu Doctors and Services as new details emerge. A report from one of the insiders serving with Mugwenu Services has informed that since they informed the public of their new partnership with big […]

Goats Start Feeding on Human Beings in Kuresoi North After Being Taken to Market

Drama has ensued in Kuresoi North after goats have gone mad starting to feed on human beings as new details emerge. In a report via the resident of Kuresoi have informed that 16 goats identified with one of the large-scale farmers in the area Mr. Henry Kiprotich have turned against a group of 6 people […]

Business-lady opens up on how she finally started making millions. Her growth is so fast

A now happy business lady has opened up on how Dr Mugwanu saved her business from collapsing. MS Kamau Njeri, who owns two MPESA shops and a boutique explains what forced her to seek the services of Dr Mugwanu. “I am now in a position to explain how my business suffered losses until I was […]

After a Long Struggle with my manhood, Finally my wife can thank me

For a long time, my dear wife has been complaining that I don’t perform well in bed, she even started abusing me and calling me names. I have been suffering in silence since 2013, I lost my self-esteem and even my performance at work had to go down drastically. Last year 2021, I went to […]

The day I realized the D I was scoring at School was not for me, I ended up scoring B+

I am Peter Songa from Kisii County. I joined 2012 in high school here in Kisii with my step brother who is my age mate. We were in the same class. In standard 8 I scored 365/500 marks and my brother scored 201 marks but since my father wanted us to study in the same […]

Nyumba Kumi Elders in “Mai Mahiu” Seeks Divine Intervention to Help End Cattle Rustling in the Area

Nyumba Kumi Elders from Mai Mahiu have sought divine protection to help end cattle rustling in the area as new details emerge. Speaking on the matter one of the elders has said that after trying all they can to help end the issue to do with cattle rustling in the area including seeking help from […]

Bus Carrying 14 Form Four Pupils Loses Control Overturning Severally at Salgaa and Nobody Gets Injured

Residents of Salgaa have been left in shock after a bus carrying 14 form four pupils overturned severally at the popular bridge near Salgaa and nobody has been injured as new details emerge. Speaking on the matter, the eyes witnessed informed that they are in shock to see that the pupils are still okay as […]

Man Swallows His Tongue After Stealing Cabbages from Mama Mboga in Kitui

Drama has ensued in Kitui Town in the wake of Tuesday morning after a man who residents have identified as Mr. Mathias Katombi started screaming in public calling for help from residents to retrieve back his lost tongue. Speaking on the matter, the residents of Kitui town who were on the scene have informed that […]

Recently Appointed Minister in Disbelief After Her Wife Busted Him Red-Handed With a Mpango wa Kando at KICC

A popular recently elected Minister has found himself in disbelief after her wife busted him red-handed with a Mpango wa Kando at the KICC which is near the Parliament buildings as new details emerge. Drama ensued on Monday night after a popular Minister was caught red-handed by her wife cheating with another lady from a […]

Mr. Khalwale Starts His Day in Smile After his Wife Gives Birth to 5 Children in Kakamega, Sends a Message to Kenyans

A man identified as Mr. Wafula Khalwale has started his day with a great smile on his face after his wife gives birth to 5 Children in Kakamega delivering good news message to Kenyans who have been with a problem like him. The father of the 5 newborns has said that “we are happy that […]

Meet Young rich man who had struggled with Poverty for years. Reveals his truth

Though my child did not afford to join college after form four, today he is among the wealthy young men in our estate. After school, I grappled with the issue of taking him to the next level but this didn’t work because I had just been retrenched from my well-paying job. I was among the […]

A football fan reveals how he found his lost sh 85K phone

I and my friends had watched an interesting football match between Manchester United and Liverpool in a restaurant which ended at around midnight. I drove back to my Syokimau house arriving at around 1:30 AM but on arrival I wanted to check on my friends if they had also arrived at their homes safely but […]

How to make sure your wallet remains full all the time

You ‘re broke but you want to be an overnight millionaire? If YES, then here’s how in just few month you can become a self-made millionaire starting with no money or any experience. Everybody wants to be wealthy and to be able to fulfill all their life needs. There’s a lot of struggle on this, […]

“Relax dear, tomorrow is another day. Its enough” Man heard his wife tell another man

  A man has taken to social media after he found out his girlfriend still takes money from her ex-boyfriend in the name of upkeep. According to the leaked WhatsApp conversation, Mosses the boyfriend found out that still his girlfriend Jedidah has been receiving money from her ex-boyfriend, Alex. Mosses said Jedidah lied to him […]

Just because of I could not afford a wedding, my girlfriend was almost dumping me

My name is Daniel or Danny and I am 32 years old from Murang’a County. I was into a relationship with the love of my life for more than 2 years, and I promised her that I would marry her. Cynthia who happens to be the woman that stole away my heart is a very […]

Robbers Starts Speaking in Toungues After Attempting To Rob a Popular Electronic Shop in Nairobi CBD

Daylight drama in Nairobi Suburbs after 4 robbers who were attemlting to rob one of the popular electronic shops in CBD have been caught confused and speaking in tounges hanging around the shop helplessly. It has been established that the robbers timed the owner of the shop having gone for lunch and broke the door […]

Drama at Kirinyaga County After a Beautiful Lady Was Caught at Night Stripping Naked by Neighbors

Drama has ensued in Kirinyaga County After a Lady identified as Mrs. Bithe Mweusi was caught at night stripping naked by her neighbors as new details emerge. Speaking to the public, the neighbors have informed that for a long time they have been hearing strange voices at night and seeing human footsteps at daytime but […]

“Nataka Kuolewa na Mwanaume ako na V8 na Nyumba Kubwa” Nairobi Lady In Search of a Husband Finally Smiles

A Nairobi Lady who has been spending several years along Koinange streets in search of a husband has finally smiled as new details emerge about what has happened to her. Speaking to the public, the lady identified as Mary Wambui informed that she has not been engaged in prostitution out of her willingness but because […]

Celebrations in Nanyuki Town After a Poor Man Who had Run Away From His Home for 20 Years Returns While Rich Driving a V8

Celebration in Nanyuki town after a man identified as Mr. Nikombe Mutisya returns home after 20 years of missing rich, driving a V8 as new details emerge. Mr. Nikombe’s Family has narrated that their sole provider 20 years ago is back and that they are happy following his move seeing that despite missing him, he […]

Old Married Man Attempts to Commit Suicide in Nyeri After Losing Ksh 1.8Million in One Night to a University Lady

An Old Man Identified as “Murimi wa Majani” has cried out after losing his Ksh 1.8 Million to one of the university ladies who they have been reportedly been in a relationship with for 2 years as new details emerge. In a report by one of the Nyeri residents identified as Mr. Macharia, he narrated […]

11 Form Four Boys Caught Breaking into a Neigboring Girl School at Night, Spends their night stuck at the fence

As the Exams are ongoing, Form 4 boys from Utwala High School have found themselves in trouble after being caught red-handed trying to sneak into their sister school at night hours as new details emerge. The lady teacher who was on duty narrated that the 11 boys after preps in the evening decided to go […]

From Living a Mad Life To Becoming a Gospel Preacher and a Singer- Popular Gospel Celebrity Reveals

A popular Gospel Celebrity has revealed how he was changed from living a mad life in Kariokor Nairobi to becoming a Gospel Singer and a Preacher as new details emerge. My name is Davis alias Davito, I recall in the year 2013 I, unfortunately, developed a mental illness due to the frustrations I incurred from […]

Ongezeko la Ujambazi Mjini Dar es Salaam Lazua Hofu Huku Wakaaaji Wakiwashauri Wanabiashara Namna ya Kupata Usaidizi

Wadau mbalimbali wakiwamo wananchi, polisi, Jeshi la Wananchi (JWTZ), Wizara ya Mambo ya Ndani wamezungumzia kuongezeka kwa ujambazi katika jiji la Dar es Salaam. Baadhi wamesema matukio hayo ya ujambazi yamesababishwa na udhaifu wa Jeshi la Polisi katika kukabiliana na wahalifu wanaotumia silaha kupora fedha kwenye mabenki na maduka makubwa. Sababu nyingine zinazotajwa ni majambazi […]

Kimeumana! Man Beating His Wife Falls and Collapses in Mombasa After What Happened

Drama has ensued in Mombasa after a man identified as Mohammed Sudi left many shocked while trying to exchange blows with his wife. Speaking about the incident, the resident of Mombasa, Kisauni has narrated that the man was heard exchanging words with his wife to a boiling point where he was heard telling his wife […]

I saved for years, Took my wife to a Teaching College but she still cheated

My wife Elina used to be a very humble God-fearing lady when we were marrying. She used to respect me a lot and sometimes offered to massage me on bed. The girl was a very good one and I had to thank my God for the type of a person i.e partner He had brought […]

Business Capital is not hard to find. If you are stuck, use this method

There are actually very many ways one could raise capital for their business either for expansion or to start from the scratch. Naturally, it is always easier to attract investors into a business if it is already operational than when it is still just an idea on paper. Before anybody would think of pumping money […]

A distressed lady narrates how his man receives endless night calls

Nowadays, finding out you’re a side chick isn’t news anymore but this one took the cake (no pun intended). Look, I have been dating my boyfriend for 5 years and not once did I suspect that he had a wife or that I’d learn about her through a text. We’d spend weeks and even months […]

He was Drunk and ended up sleeping with daughter as wife helplessly watched

A 46-year-old man narrates the painful story where he forcefully slept with his daughter during the night while his wife watched. During an interview with the media, Mr Francis (not the real name) revealed that the victim is a product from his first marriage, who started staying with him when she was two months old. […]

It’s unbelievable that this young man can make Millions from this simple business

Sammy who could not attend school upto Form four is now minting millions of money after venturing into fish farming and selling. Now 24 years old, he had started giving up when one of his friend told him about fish farming and selling.  He loved the idea and using only sh 200 which he had […]

Conmen drugged me, stole KSh 800,000 from my ATM but this is what I did

Last week, I went to Nairobi CBD to look for a good stall where my Chama and I could set up a business since we had KSh 800,000 savings and had decided to try out a clothes business so as to increase our profits as a women group. I went around the CBD, just looking […]

This is how the thieves that stole my house items brought them back crying for forgiveness

I know many people have been there, you go to work but then you come to your house and then find that someone broke into my house and mercilessly stole everything; from your TV, to you fridge, to your computer, just everything. This was me one week ago. My wife and I left the house […]

My house girl mistreated my three-year-old son and stole our house hold items

Sometimes, though it is against our will, we are forced to leave our children with people we hardly know because we have to work and give them a better life. I got this house girl who came to be my domestic manager since my previous one had run away. This new girl, Joyce, was good, […]

I set-up a bakery business and this is how I was able to rise above the competitors who were laughing at me

­­­­My name is Cynthia and I had always wanted to be a professional baker because I had a great passion in baking since my days as a little girl. I was unable to study bakery in my college education since my parents thought it was a course for the stupid people who did not love […]

Free Love Spells. I tried last year when my relationship was crumbling.

If you have been looking for a spell that can work easily and very fast for you, then here you are. Free Love Spells come in handy for this special need. This is a very simple and effective spell that will give you fast and immediate results. For example, if you feel the person you […]

“The Mother to My Husband Did not Love Me” Thika Lady Narrates Her Worst Exerience in Marriage After Her Husband Threatened to Dumb Her for another Lady

A woman identified as Keziah 37 years of age shared her emotional story of how his lover whom they had been dating for five years, changed tune the last time after his parents choose another women for him. She said she had always set her mind that his lover would marry her and there was […]

Man Confesses That She Was Cheating on Her Wife Secretly Without Being Noticed as New Details Emerge

A 43-year-old woman from Kamkunji area Nairobi County shared her painful story on how her husband who they had been in marriage for ten years had been cheating on her with another woman. He had even got the guts as he would expect everything including Making phone calls to his mistress and even walking together. […]

Man Decides to Embarras Her Wife Online By Posting Her Nude Photos on Facebook, Kenyans React

It was rather clear from the post that David Kigen was having none of it, for his wife had tried relentless to apologize to no avail. Kigen’s younger brother was the one who informed him of his wife’s extra-curricular affairs outside her marriage after he saw her profile on Tinder and asked for a meet […]

Aibu Tupu! Headteacher Caught Having a Good Time With a Married Teacher by her Wife in Bungoma in a Popular Hotel

It was the ultimate blow for Shirleen Mutindi after her husband Caleb Letegut fell for her trap. She had heard rumors of him meeting in secret, often in lodgings with one of the female teachers who was employed by parents in the school. So, out of spite, she needed to confirm the affair before she […]

Flamboyant City Lawyer Reveals How He Made it First in Business and Helping Many Politicians Evade Impeachments

Fact is life is not linear. There are all kinds of variables that could alter one’s path and change their life forever. Every opportunity counts, just as every set back is a learning opportunity to improve your decision-making later. My name is Mr. Kawaki a 28-year-old graduate from the School of Law at UoN. It’s […]

Mwanabiashara Thika Anusurika Kuchomwa Baada Ya Kusingiziwa Kuwauza Wanafunzi wa University Kwa Ufalme wa Mashetani ili Kutajirika

Mwanabiashara mmoja kutoka Thika Kenya amenusurika Kuchomwa baada ya kusingiziwa kuwauza Wanafunzi wa University kwa Mashetani ili kupata utajiri. Mgaagaa na upwa hali wali mkavu na ukikaakaa na mifupa utaanza kutembea na umbwa walafi. Mara nyingi nashangaa na watu wanaonishutumu vikali kwa kuabiri gari na kukubali huduma za mganga wa kienyeji Mugwenu Doctors.. Naitwa Marey […]

Even a Village woman cannot Fall in love with a poor man

Have you ever wondered why your former schoolmates are already working and stabilised in life when you are still lonely and languishing in abject poverty? This was my true story when I completed my Civil Engineering training with a degree but still no firm was willing to employ me. I continued putting my hands on […]

Three men who wanted to marry this lady almost killed me by my gate at night

It is terrible to be living a blind life which you o not know your future. Always learn to appreciate your life by studying what is ahead of you. Apart from Stars, you can also use African ways to predict what is ahead of you and take immediate action. I married a lady whom may […]

All the money I had saved for three years almost got lost in fake school fee scam

I am Michelle from Turkana and last months I got an advert on social media about a new college which was quiet affordably from rural people like me. because I don’t have a stable job as well as parents or siblings to support me, I decided to try apply for a placing. In that application […]

From Embakasi: Woman Narrates to Friends how her man is not a joke!

Have you ever heard of a man who can make a woman run away from her matrimonial bed due to excessive sex urge? A lady from Embakasi last week had to run away from her matrimonial home in respect to the reason that the husband’s excessive s3xual drive which goes on for a lengthy duration […]

You can’t have respect as a man when you cant make a woman scream

I am Phil 25 from Murang’a County. I have had a wonderful dating life with a handsome mature boy for three consecutive years and our sex life was always explosive that left me craving for more. My boy all along knew how well to handle a woman in bed and he gave me everything I […]

Drama After a Lady Goes Mad in Mpeketoni, Starts Chasing Men While Naked

Drama ensued in Mpeketoni in the wake of Sunday Morning After a Lady Identified as Mary Mulonzi went bersack removing all her clothes to chase men in town. Mulonzi as her neighbors referred her started by shouting and screaming in the plot. Hair started growing all over her full body, She had noticed the extra […]

Man Reveals How He Almost Committed Suicide After He Dreamt Eating His Dead Meat Twice

Disappearing of Sleep has been known to have several life-threatening consequences. It has been reported, more than once that people have died in their sleep due to nightmares. They are both torturous and harmful to say the least. Those afflicted by them tend to be restless, always in fear and spend most of the nights […]

Don’t Be Played Again When in a Love Affair, Kenyans Advised How To Deal With Unfaithful Partners By Visiting This Man

Have you ever been cheated on?? If so, what did you do? What did they say when you confronted your significant other about it?? Yeah, they promised never to repeat it, right?? What are the chances they will hold their end of the bargain?? A mistake done twice is no longer a mistake but a […]

Kitui Couple Count Blessing After Being Blessed With a Baby Girl After Spending Many Years Without a Child, Asks Kenyans Where to Visit if Childless

Approaching Christmas, a Marrier Couple from Kitui has got a reason to smile after being blessed with a baby girl, after spending many years without children making their stay a lonely home. The Law of Scarcity is very clear; the things we get easily are also the ones we under-appreciate, under-value and consider worthless. If […]

“Amekatalia Kwa Nyumba Yangu” Man Cries Out After a Kamba Lady Fails to Leave His Home Forcing Him to Marry Her

MUGWENU DOCTORS HAS REALLY CHANGED MY LIFE. A man identified as Jonathan Kibabii has cried out after a lady has failed to leave her home after their first date forcing himry her. Nobody is more blind than those who look themselves in the mirror and see someone else. Those who don’t see themselves in the […]

“I don’t use Kamuti” Kamukunji Business Lady Names Popular Politicians Who Have Been Visiting Her at Night to Hide Millions of Money With Him, Making Her Business Grow

MUGWENU DOCTORS HAS REALLY CHANGED MY LIFE. My name is Angelina Naliaka a bukusu lady and a 30-year-old mother of two. I have operated my shop for more than five years now, and I still get curios glances from other shopkeepers around because they too have noticed the sheer numbers that come to my shop […]

Man Invents a New Method to Help Secure Homes from Bandits in Security-Endangered Areas Like Baringo

MUGWENU DOCTORS HAS REALLY CHANGED MY LIFE. A man by the Name Jamlick Ngatich has invented a new method to help secure homes from bandits like his home area in Baringo as new detaile emerge n Security. “Have you noticed the spike in cases involving break ins, midnight robberies and theft?? Imagine that doesn’t bother […]

Poverty Has Been Found to Seduce Its Victims With Fake Promises of Pleasure, Leaving Them Miserable Instead. Do This to Escape Its Grip and Be Rich

Our forefathers knew this; to beat poverty at its own game, you have to play. To marry a beautiful lady, you must first remove the cataract in your eye and see them for who they are. To score an early goal, you must attack early and keep making dangerous crosses into the opposition box. Poverty […]

I Make Kshs. 12,500 daily from a Simple Business Selling Second-Hand Shoes in Naivasha. Here’s What I did to Improvise

How far are you willing to go to make your business Successful?? Because most of us are quick to point fingers and blame those who are winning, some going as far as saying they are cheating. But, in reality, they are weak, unable to do what it takes to change their career, take courage and […]

I told my friends I will never work in an office and they laughed at me. Today I drive a sh 2. 4 M car

I started this hobby as a joke and my peers asked me to go out like them and look for a job in an office. In my life I didn’t like getting employed. I hate employment a lot and that is why I decided to look for something to do by myself. I came up […]

Many people think I work in a bank but I just Bet from home

I am not going to disclose my real name because of the amount of money I finally managed to make from betting online. Burglars can break into my house at night. I never had envisaged to earn that much through betting which my friend introduced to me just the other day. My name is ‘Caleb’ […]

Never Ignore any Random Email. Read how this lady met her luck from a single tweet

Losing a job this Coronavirus pandemic period may result in one being so depressed and sometime can result in domestic wrangles between couples. After losing her job just three month ago when the first case of Covid-19 struck the country, Jenipher who is my neighbor continued to wonder if she will ever survive in town. […]

I turned back and thought a man was about to stab me only for the stranger to give me these life-changing tips

I have been getting a lot of business deals since the time my new friend Colloh showed me some top secrets on how to run a successful business. I had just started off my retail shop three months ago and when I was about to give up, a stranger-turned-friend came by with a method which […]

Hectic day in Nairobi as another conman tries to run away with my sh 85,000

This had been a hectic month for me after one Mike conned me sh 85,000, but I thank God I recovered the whole money—this is what happened to me. I was browsing online and saw an advert on one of the popular sites from Mike that he was selling a bar in Kahawa for sh […]

A 56-year-old Woman Finds True Love in Spectacular Fashion In Eldoret After Years of Being Alone and Forsaken

Carolina Jebet, a 56-year-old resident of Eldoret, attended a proposal from Weldon Kipngetich at a popular five-star hotel two days ago. As she sat in her one-bedroom apartment, she still had vivid memories of her previous marriage. She was only 19 then, her father had already received the dowry, 44 cows that were quickly handed […]

Mwanaume Apatikana Akila Nyasi Zilizomea Juu ya Kaburi huko Nyamira, Akakamatwa Mara Moja. Hakikisha Kilichotendeka Hapa

Tukio la kutamausha na kupumbaza wengi lililoshuhudiwa mjini Nyamira liliwaacha wakaazi midomo wazi. Mwanaume huyo aliyejulikana kama Moses Mokua alikuwa akionekana kila siku makaburini peke yake aking’oa na kunyofoa nyasi zilizomea juu ya kaburi la msichana aliyesemekana aliuwawa majuma mawili yaliyopita. Familia ya Nancy Nyabuto, aliyekuwa msichana wa shule ya upili walipigwa na mshtuko baada […]

“Nakwambia Unikopeshe Unanicheka??” Rafiki Mnafiki Akomeshwa Malindi Baada ya Kicheko Kugeuka Kilio

Kelvin Sifuna alikuwa amelala njaa usiku wa jana. Leo alikwenda kutafuta kibarua cha mjengo, akaambiwa nafasi zote zimechukuliwa. Hata kazi za sulubu pia zimejaa!! Hakufa moyo, akaenda Makadara Malindi angalau apate kazi ya kupasua kuni. Huko pia hakubahatika. Alipatana na mabarubaru wawili wamechangamka vifua wazi wanapasua. Akakosa namna. Akaamua kuliko afe njaa, amtafute rafiki yake […]

“I Kid You Not. She Swallowed the Whole Thing” Mombasa Lady Goes on a Rampage, Chewing Grass and Whole Roots After Stealing Kshs. 1.5 million From Her Arab Employers

The whole of Changamwe came to a standstill this past weekend after a lady who went by the name Zuhura Mwashume tore her clothes, went into a nearby thicket and attacked the grass with the greed of an impoverished buffalo. It was a sight to behold, a juicy encounter worth retelling over and over. She […]

The Reason Why She Hasn’t Looked at You Twice And What to do to Change That Unwanted Scenario

Sometimes it’s just fair to go straight to the point, hit the hammer on the nail and get it over with. It’s best to tell her exactly what it is you want, because keeping it within adds extra pressure, eventually it could hit boiling point and spill out. So, you like her?? Tell her. It […]

Massive Blow as Homa Bay Man Breaks Vow of Silence and Exposes Dirty Dealings of His Boss Who is a Well-known Pastor

It is widely regarded as the single most shocking piece of revelation in the entirety of Homabay. Ezekiel Ondiek had a reputation for keeping a low profile, always refraining from crowds and in the company of a book, be it the Bible or something else. But, in a shocking twist, Nathan his employee, gathered a […]

This Lady Makes More Per Month Than an MP. Check Out What She Did To Her Imported Furniture Business To Make It That Profitable

Some people search far and wide just to find better luck. It doesn’t always show. Nadia Malema, opened her stall along Moi Avenue Nairobi three years ago. Back then, it’s safe to say her business was still at a level that she couldn’t bring it up in her conversations, mostly because it was consuming more […]

Testimony: What I did to gain my financial freedom

Financial problems are there always and though they are irritant, the only solution with us is to work hard every day. Working had however is an old tired line because many who think using energy to live will get them better have not been successful either. I had life challenges for far too long despite […]

What will you do if you heard your wife praise another man in your presence?

Some men can turn out to be just beasts on earth and that has been my man who I have been dating for the last two and half years. I am not going to shy away from narrating my story. My name is Emily and I am still recovering from the trauma I went through […]

It was a very bad season. My husband hated me because of Breast cancer

My name is Silvia aged 32 years now. I have a story that can make some of you cry. How your loving husband can want to abandon you just because you are sick remains a mystery. It really happened to me. I started experiencing very weird pains in my right breast. The pain would be […]

How I solved problem of bad dreams in my life

I had bad dreams all-through since my childhood. My parents tried to take me to several healers and churches but this couldn’t help anything. It was until I visited a traditional doctor called Dr. Mugwenu that this problem ended and it has never come back again. I advise anyone with a similar problem to visit […]

I am a generous woman who took my Boyfriend to College, paid fee but he still cheated on me

I have never believed that a man whom I took to college could reach a point  and dump me for another lady. I loved Kevo and after he talked to me we agreed to start a relationship with hopes that he will not betray me. I went ahead to risk my won money to fund […]


Anne had been packing roses at a certain flower farm in Kenya in the Rift Valley in Naivasha for ten months now when she was told not to come at her usual work The mother of three was devastated to lose the monthly income of ksh 7200 in a country where unemployment is high and […]


The children remember him. “They ask”Where is dad?”sometimes I don’t know what to tell them. I say “Dad was taken by certain people, and he was not returned,” until that moment I met this traditional doctor.As she said she had not been living at their home as she feared the same people who had abducted […]

A Kenyan man narrates how he cheated on his wife with more than 100 women

Aaron a 38 year old was really in marriage but kept on cheating in the same marriage as he narrated. He cheated on his wife with two women daily,and at times with more.Sometimes he would cheat with even seven.The couples woes started in the year 2017 when Aaron went out one day and cheated on […]

Nelson Kabana; Nimejenga Hili Jumba Kupitia Kwa Biashara Yangu Iliyonufaika Kwa Nguvu Za Mganga Mashuhuri Dr. Mugwenu

Mgaagaa na upwa hali wali mkavu na ukikaakaa na mifupa utaanza kutembea na umbwa walafi. Mara nyingi nashangaa na watu wanaonishutumu vikali kwa kuabiri gari na kukubali huduma za mganga wa kienyeji Mugwenu Doctors. Halafu hao hao ndio wanaokuja kwangu kuniomba nauli ya kusafiri kwao Desemba. Naitwa Nelson Kabana, mkaazi wa Bagamoyo, Tanzania. Nimekuwa nikitangazia […]

The Hairy Princess. Bewitched Lady in Bungoma Grows Hair All over and a Visible Beard; Leaving Many Shocked at Her Gross Look

“Nimeanza kumea ndevu. Mwili mzima umejaa nywele,siwezi kutoka nje. Mamangu mzazi ananiogopa” Pascaline lamented her torment after a beard started to appear. She had noticed the extra hair growth months ago, but now, it was no longer useful to hide. Even her face was starting to grow hair. Her legs, stomach and back were already […]


Sleep deprivation has been known to have several life-threatening consequences. It has been reported, more than once that people have died in their sleep due to nightmares. They are both torturous and harmful to say the least. Those afflicted by them tend to be restless, always in fear and spend most of the nights awake. […]

Proof That You Have Been Approaching Being Cheated On Wrong. Just do this and Your Partner Will be Faithful

Have you ever been cheated on?? If so, what did you do? What did they say when you confronted your significant other about it?? Yeah, they promised never to repeat it, right?? What are the chances they will hold their end of the bargain?? A mistake done twice is no longer a mistake but a […]

Couple That Has Been Childless for 10 Years Finally Have Their First Amazing Baby Shower Courtesy of This Man

The Law of Scarcity is very clear; the things we get easily are also the ones we under-appreciate, under-value and consider worthless. If you know she is going to say yes, must you go the extra mile?? Majority will even consider her cheap and abandon her for the next one. Faith and Joseph Bosire had […]

Proof That Love Isn’t Just Blind, It is Also Deaf to Reason and Can be Found at Unexpected Places, Even through Magical Spells

Nobody is more blind than those who look themselves in the mirror and see someone else. Those who don’t see themselves in the third person. You don’t see yourself dating that?? You will, once he is the only choice you’ve got. You don’t see yourself going through another hangover?? Of course you will, especially when […]

People Wonder Why My Shop is Always Flocked With Customers. This is What I Did

My name is Anna Mutua, a 30-year-old mother of two from Busia. I have operated my shop for more than five years now, and I still get curios glances from other shopkeepers around because they too have noticed the sheer numbers that come to my shop on a daily basis. It started out as a […]

Meet Okechukwu Babatunde Olamide; An Upcoming Native Doctor Who was Spotted in Vihiga on a Mission to Learn from the Best; Mugwenu Doctors

There is a saying in Okechere Village on the outskirts of Abuja: Your eyes are open but see nothing until Babatunde opens them. His name, Okechukwu Babatunde Olamide is known far and wide. He has gradually been seeking more know-how and his most recent visit in Vihiga marked the third time he has visited Mugwenu […]


Hiii there. Have you noticed the spike in cases involving break ins, midnight robberies and theft?? Imagine that doesn’t bother me at all. My name is Onesmus Waihiga, a resident of Langata for the past ten years. I can tell you this for free; nothing scares a thief more than finding no security at the […]

My son got a sh 120,000 salary job in Nairobi on the same day he graduated

My son got a job immediately after college. In fact he did not take even a single day at home. Immediately after graduating, a company called him in Nairobi and he is now working. His salary is sh 120,000 per months and has allowances and a job car. This is the luck my son stumbled […]

Returned home after Church, found our maid with my hubby Reading King Solomon in another room

I heard a commotion in the store room and when I rushed there just after returning from church because it was on a Sunday, I found on maid doing it with my husband. The two were stark naked and what the maid was doing to my husband left me shocked. I was left dejected the […]

Forget about Degrees, here is the new way to get good job and rich

Some years back, education was perceived to be the only sure way of succeeding in life. Having a degree was highly valued but very few people had a chance of reaching University level contrary to the current situations. Currently, the country has many graduates who are unemployed and are still struggling to make some ends […]

My online shop has picked up steadily. Makes me sh 30,000 Every day

Mr. Agwanda is a serial entrepreneur who has tried his hand in several businesses some failing while others doing quite well. He began his entrepreneurship journey way back in 2016 after being unable to secure formal employment. One of the business that has made him millions is the online job. “I was invited by a friend to […]

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