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  • Location: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda | Working Hours: Mon - Fri (From 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM) | Consultation Fee: $19 or Ksh 1,850
  • 0740637248


Kamukunji Man Discloses What He Did After Finding a Disturbing Message in His Wife’s Phone

My name is Joe and my wife and I had a shop which was the main source of livelihood. She was the one who ran the shop by the day when I was away at work and I would come in the evening to calculate our profit. Three weeks ago, I got a call from […]

Nairobi: Man faints after seeing this message pop up on her wife’s phone

My name is Daniel and I recently caught my wife sleeping with another man. That situation tore my life apart because it does too much harm to your ego when you find someone on your wife, doing what you should be doing to her. My wife had been extremely cold to me for like a […]

Women Develops a New Idea to Stop Their Husbands From Getting Married While Working Abroad

My name is mercy and six months ago, my husband flew to the United States in search of better pastures since life had become so difficult in Kenya. Luckily, a friend of him who was already in the US helped him get a job and also offered to give him accommodation and off he went. […]

Kitui Area Chief Bumbed in Another Mans Home at 2Pm, Details Emerge What They Were Doing With The Wife

My name is James and one evening after work I decided to go to a colleague’s place to see her newborn baby. I was in the company of my workmates. We bought some presents for the baby and off we went. I sent my wife a text message and told her I would be late […]

Meet a young Kenyan man exchanging cars like clothes and learn a tip that can easily inspire you to such a life

Fourty two year old Polycarp is a man who has achieved so much through hard work and determination. Due to unemployment he was forced to do all sorts of jobs at least to put food on the table. “Living in Nairobi without any kind of job is a real struggle. When I first came to […]

Kenyans Who Have Defaulted on Their Loans Have a Reason To Smile After an International Solution Met to Deal With Banks

My name is Josephine and three months ago, a bank I owed KSh 1 million sent me a text and told me they would come and auction my property because I had failed to clear the loan and its accrued interest. My husband and I had taken the loan a few years ago when we […]

“Aibu Gani Hii” Drama in Garissa After a Daughter Was Spotted Walking into a Lodging With His Father

A week ago, I left home to go see a friend of mine who had given birth and I wanted to see her new baby while also taking some presents to her. I left my 23-year-old daughter who had come home for the holidays with my husband at home. After reaching her place, she was […]

Uncle Turns To His Nephews Wife After Going to Work, See What Happened

During the Easter holiday, I took my wife and children to the village since there was a big celebration happening which I did not want them to miss. I was excited that my children could go play with their cousins which they all loved. I dropped them off but I had to go back to […]

Drama as cheating Spouses are found Stuck on a hotel couch

Last Friday we were treated to a rare cinema at Mlango Kubwa Estate Nairobi when a man and woman who had booked a room in a lodging were found stuck together on the sofaset. The crowd that milled at the scene before the police swung in to rescue the victims was too huge that it […]

How I handled suggestive moves from my inlaw. She has been Sitting on my Bed every time husband is away

I am the last born in a family of seven. All my brothers are married accept myself though I am also planning to settle down immediately I get a job since I just graduated the other day. Recently, I went to Mombasa where my second born brother stays atleast to try my luck and see […]

“I saw our bathroom door Shake before she said “Mamamaaaaa…!!

We stay in Kawangware in single room with my young family. We just have one baby who we got last year. My wife refused to stay at home saying she cannot live alone. I allowed her to join me in the city. We have lived together for 2 years now and our blossoming relationship has […]

“Ooh I hope you will give it to me tomorrow again?” he told my wife

My name is Alex from Nandi. I have been living a disturbed life for now eight months since my own father tested fruits of my wife. It is a story that when reminded I start to think like I should commit suicide or go and kill my randy father who is almost hitting 70. It […]

My friend I invited for Housewarming Party ran away with my Beautiful Luo wife

This is a real story. A friend we live with in Ngong’ Nairobi arranged a house warming party after he had just completed constructing his mansion house. He invited who is who at home for the party which took the whole night with food, drinks and music characterizing the event. It was an enjoyable experience […]

Joyous Mother Narrates How she saved her son who got addicted to drugs and other bad behaviors after joining campus

My son, Alex, joined campus a few months ago and as you know, it is the excitement of every parent to see their child succeed and soar to higher levels and this was a very exciting moment for me. However, three months into joining campus, I started getting calls from my son’s friends that he […]

Men Told What To Do If Your Wife Tells You “Haunitoshelezi kwa Kitanda”e

My name is Dennis and from the onset of my marriage, my wife always complained that I was not satisfying her. I had not known that I had ejaculation problems since my new wife was my first ever sexual partner. She had such a huge appetite for sex which I was not seemingly satisfying and […]

Nairobi Lady Reveals How Her Elder Sister Almost Ruined Her Life After Agreeing to Help

It was three weeks ago when my sister called me and said he wanted to come to stay with me for a few days in my house since she was bored in her own house as she was living alone. I was always excited to spend time with my sister and my hubby did not […]

Kabogo Reveals His Reaction After Busting His Lover in a Hotel With Another Man

My name is Brian Kabogo Mwendia from Subukia, and three weeks ago, I started suspecting my wife of cheating on me because her attitude suddenly changed. She stopped being the loving and obedient wife she was to me and in the bedroom, she declined to have sex with me. I tried to get hold of […]

Nakuru Family Discloses How They Escaped Death After a Banditry Attack in the Area

My name is Hillary and about three months ago, a very dangerous gang sieged our area and was killing and robbing people. A big number of police officers were deployed in the area, in Nakuru, to help keep us safe but ironically, that did not make a difference because the case of robberies surged and […]

House Girl Busted Having a Good Time With His Boss, Wife Forced to Act Quickly

My name is Irene and since the pandemic rocked our nation, my husband and I were forced to work from home to keep ourselves safe. My hubby was not as busy since working from home meant lesser responsibilities. For me, I was even busy twice as normal. So, three weeks ago, as I was in […]

Drama as Popular Woman Representative is Caught With Another Wife’s Husband In a Popular Hotel

My name is Julia and I was married to my husband for three years. He worked at the office of our county’s women representative. It was a well-paying job and he also had some status in the office and I feslt so proud of him. However, two weeks ago, some one who did not tell […]

Collapsing marriage: My husband came home and demanded a divorce from me

My name is Maggy and I was married to my hubby for 13 years where we had two children. Our marriage was doing great and I was happy because my hubby was a very mature man who treated me with respect and whenever we had problems, we would talk them out and we would come […]

Village Lady Narrates What Happened After She Met Her Mother Dating Her Wealthy Husband

My name is Val and I was married to my hubby for four years. Everybody loved my hubby because he was a very handsome, calm, and wealthy man. He loved me so much and my family did too. Last weekend, it was the Easter holiday and my mother sent me a message and told me […]

Troubled Wife Reveals How Her Husband Has Been Frustrating Her

Two weeks ago, my best friend Angela, who was also my maid of honor at my wedding gave me a call and told me that she had missed me and my husband and that she wanted to come and stay with us for a few days. I was so excited and I told her she […]

Embakasi Bodaboda Rider Caught Having a Good Time With Another Mans Wife, This What Has Happened

My name is Eliud and I was a businessman running a successful butchery business that would provide my wife and two children a very good life. My wife on the other hand was a stay-at-home wife since I was earning enough to support my entire household. Time and again, I would send some shopping or […]

University Graduate Narrates How His Girlfriend Has Been Cheating on Him To Push With a Rich Sponsor

My name is Kevin and three months ago, my girlfriend and I started planning our wedding after I proposed to her in a private ceremony. I wanted us to tie the knot as quickly as possible since I could not wait for us to start a family. Three weeks before our wedding, I started noting […]

Woman Narrates a Painful Storty of How His Husband Dumped Her After Becoming Rich

My name is Annette and from the days I started dating my now-husband, he was a hustler who had nothing and I stood with him in all those days. I supported him with all the money that I had and he always promised me that when he got rich, he would repay me for the […]

Sunday drama after a popular MP is stuck in a hotel having s€x with a college girl

The staff of a certain big hotel in Nairobi CBD was treated to a moment of drama after an MP who was in one of their rooms having sex with a college girl behind his wife’s back got stuck in her private part and they were all in so much pain. The MP had come […]

Party Turns Into a Sad Event After What Met This Family

During our end-of-year party, my husband, who was on leave, begged me to come to the party so he could not be left alone at home bored. Since the company had allowed us to bring one person along, I allowed him to accompany me to the party. At the party, I saw him interacting with […]

“I do not want you anymore! Your sister is better in bed and she is the one I am now dating,” my boyfriend told me after my older sister seduced him and forced him to dump me

I had dated my boyfriend for three years and we were both so in love with each other. I loved him because he treated me like a queen and he always promised me a grand wedding once we were ready for each other. However, about a month ago, I started noticing a change in his […]

Makueni Pastor Caught in a Bed Drama After Church Service, This is What Happened

My name is Kasim and I was married to my lovely wife Nancy and we had one child together. My wife was a very good woman and I loved that she took our marriage very seriously. We always handled our issues very maturely and I admired that about us. Last weekend, I had a lot […]

My mother-in-law hated me so much that she forced my husband to dump me

From the moment when my husband introduced me to his mother to the moment I got married, his mother hated my guts so much. She had wanted my hubby to marry another lady from her village. My husband told me to tolerate his mother since she would change with time and love me. However, that […]

The Day I busted my Darling Wife right in a Maize bush with a Brother

This story is not a very good one to tell you because it hurts anytime I remember what happened between my new wife and my step brother. I had just married and moved with her to Kisumu town where I was working in 2017. Our love life was so good and enjoyable that anyone else […]

I caught my husband and niece having s€x on my couch after coming back from a work conference

Three weeks ago, I called my niece who was in the village to come to take care of my home since I was going to a work conference. I had two young kids and they needed a caregiver for the few days I would be away. My husband was also comfortable with the idea and […]

Thieves Robs a Lady in Githurai and Beats Her Up, See What Happened

Last weekend, my sister called me at 11 pm and told me she had been hospitalized because thieves had beaten her so bad and robbed all her valuables as she was coming home from work. I called my parents and gave them the information. We all arrived at the hospital at around midnight and it […]

Machakos; Drama as thieves feeds on grass like goats after stealing from a stall in that town

Drama ensued in Machakos after the locals woke up to three men eating grass while they were crying. The locals were startled at the rare scene and when they tried asking the thieves why they were eating the grass, they cried even more and said they had stolen goods from a nearby supermarket and when […]

Nairobi; A slay queen goes mad after trying to walk away with someone’s husband

A Nairobi woman was suffering so much in her marriage after her husband resorted to cheating on her with a slay queen. The man would meet the slay queen in big hotels and splash all the money he had on her and go home with nothing. Whenever the wife would ask him for money for […]

Nakuru; Here is what an influential man in the are was caught doing and people asked themselves if indeed he deserved to be called a leader

There was a moment of drama in Nakuru town after a famous politician was caught having sex with a young lady in his car. The politician had pursued the young lady who was his secretary for a long time and after he gave her money, she gave in to his demands. The two started having […]

“My husband had been earning a lot of money but he would spend all of it living luxurious with prostitutes” Woman says

My husband of eleven years was such a wealthy man but despite his riches and money, my two children and I slept hungry since we had no food. He owned a hardware business and he would get money in huge tons. The problem was that the man did not want to spend the money in […]

“I was not ready to cry and be a beggar after I lost my job” Here is what a man from Nairobi did to beat shock of losing his job

My name is Elias and anyone who has ever been broke knows how challenging it is and most especially if you are man because no lady wants to be associated with a poor man. That was my condition few months ago. I had no job since I had been fired in a retrenchment and I […]

Kajiado;Thieves attack a man to rob him a car but surprisingly the car failed to move

My husband could have died three weeks ago after he was attacked by thieves who wanted to steal his car. It was around 9.30pm when he was attacked and they demanded that he stepped out of the car. My husband being the man he is, was a bit reluctant to obey the thieves’ command and […]

Nairobi; Woman finds nudes photos of her house help loaded in her husband’s phone

My name is Josephine and three weeks ago, I was one devastated woman after I caught my husband red-handed having sex and shamelessly cheating on me with our house girl. My husband and I had been together for three years and we had one son whom we all loved and it was because of his […]

This is the most effective way to react when you suspect your partner in marriage is cheating on you

There is this friend I used to hang around with in my neighborhood back then in 2012 who wanted to get a woman to love and be loved too. He accidentally met a beautiful lady on the road by the name Gladys and they started going out regularly until one day he told me that […]

How I made my wealthy baby daddy to love me alone and abandon his other women

My name is Loise and I was dating my man for around five years. I knew he had other two baby mamas whom we were all trying to compete for his attention and also love. I had a baby with him and all I wanted was for him to take care of me and the […]

“Can we meet in the same room we met on 4th floor,” my wife sent a man this message

“Helo baby? tukutane Friday kwa ile room ya juu 4th floor,” My wife’s mobile phone had this text. When I read this message, I can remember it was on a Monday Nov 2018, my heart pumped and I was lost of words. I didn’t believe that my wife and my neighbor teacher have been doing […]

Details Emerge How Dr Mugwenu’s Phone Call Helped a Moi Varsity Lecturer’s Wife Escape Embarrassment

There was great drama at Moi University after a lecturer was caught stuck under a lady who was also his student. The lecturer was known to feast on campus ladies in exchange for marks and good grades. His wife had warned him countless times to stop sleeping with campus ladies since he was exposing her […]

How my wife was Bewitched and almost cut her legs in Hospital

I am Amos from Lugari, Kakamega County. I have had a good relationship and marriage life with my wife for now 13 years. However, last year she started to complain about pains in her left leg, and next day it had swollen to appoint that I had to rush her to a clinic. The clinic […]

My wife was Gang-raped in my presence by my business rivals!!

My 10 year wife was gang-raped in my presence with people I believed had been send by my business adversaries. They arrived some minutes before 2AM in the morning, forced themselves into our house and into the bedroom and did the heinous act in my presence. I remember my wife screaming asking for them to […]

Nairobi Lady Regrets Going to a Night Party With Her Husband and Half-Sister After This Shocking Thing Happened

My name is Terry and three weeks ago, my half-sister and her husband invited me and my family to a party she was holding for her hubby. We were not really close since our childhood since we were not exactly real siblings. But I decided to go to the party as part of being courteous […]

From just a Street Beggar to a Member of Parliament

My name is Bernard. I am currently the MP for a certain constituency in this country. I want to share with you my success story that some think looks like a movie so that one day you may also try and thank me later. Due to time, I will not bog you with long stories […]

Life became Cruel, all my Retire money was Going into smoke until I Decided to do this

I was blessed, retired and started to put up a building in my rural village. It was estimated to cost sh 2.1 million. Money was not a problem to me since I had just received over sh 10 million retirement money from my previous job. I hired contractors from Nairobi who I knew can do […]

Details Emerge How Rich Kileleshwa Sponsors has Been Ruining Young Couples Marriage

My name is John and I dated a girl called Natasha whom I loved so much. My parents loved her too and since I was the only one in my parents’ home who was not married, my folks were so excited that I would finally tie the knot. I introduced Natasha to my family and […]

My big business collapsed, wife left and I was Depressed

I am Jonathan Wabwire from Sirisia in Bungoma County aged 29 years old. I married a beautiful lady from Uasin Gishu County and have been living quiet well. My businesses have been able to take care of my young family and lucky that nothing has been able to stand our way. Last January we even […]

Drama Ensued in Kisii As Two Blood Brothers Clash Over a Wife

My name is Jeff and two weeks ago immediately after the coronavirus outbreak, my big brother asked me to take my wife and children to the village so that they could be safe. I thought he had a good idea since my wife was not working anymore. I took my wife to the village and […]

Drama After a Muranga Pastor is Caught Doing This to a Married Woman Inside the Dressing Room

My name is Daniel and three weeks ago, I was still at work and was set to leave late since my boss had left me so many tasks to handle. I finished my work at 7 pm and my workmates asked me to join them for drinks before heading home. I thus called my wife […]

Woman Shames Her Husband In the Night of Wedding After Failing To Satisfy Her

My name is Japhet and since my teenage hood, I struggled with erection issues I had tried to visit various hospitals and I even spent a lot of money trying to get treatment. After a series of treatments, the doctors told me that I was now okay to even get myself a wife since I […]

How my mother stopped my father from drinking alcohol after over 15 years in alcoholism

My name is Stacy and since I was born I was always used to seeing my dad drunk and his drinking problem had a great impact on my mum’s mental health and dignity. My mum would get calls in the wee hours of the night and told to go and pick up my dad who […]

Woman cries as her husband wanted her out of their marriage through a divorce

My name is Maggy and I was married to my hubby for 13 years where we had two children. Our marriage was doing great and I was happy because my hubby was a very mature man who treated me with respect and whenever we had problems, we would talk them out and we would come […]

This Beautiful Lady Reveals What Her Husband Did To Her That She Even Felt She Can Quit Her Marriage

Three months ago, I found my husband talking to a woman whom I did not know. I asked him who she was since he talked to her for almost an hour. He told me she was his cousin whom he had not met in over five years since she had moved abroad but she was […]

Dramatic Scene After A Famous Landlord is Caught Doing This to a Client

My name is Vanessa and three months ago, I started suspecting my husband of infidelity since he was acting very strange. He stopped having sex with me and also, and he would talk to me rudely and say that he was tired of being married to me. I tried having a conversation with him about […]

From Billionaires to just poppers and again back. Secret Revealed

I am Chellah, a lady from Margat in Baringo County whose father has been a successful business man and a farmer. My dad was lucky to become a distributor of Dairy milk for a leading company in the country and used to sell his product across the expansive Rift Valley, parts of Western and Nyanza. […]


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Fred lost two wives in one year and became suicidal. He lost hope until we advised him to do this

Fredrick is my cousin who married a beautiful nurse from Bungoma County and they have been living well and even expecting their first born. The two have been preparing all along to receive their bundle of joy until time when she had to deliver. The wife did not show any signs of complications, she attended […]

The gateway to prosperity in life

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True Story: How my merciless neighbor Sarah killed my two children

Sarah vowed to make sure that I will never have a family. She attacked me and told me in the eye that I will never have a child throughout my life. And that whatever I had, I will lose. People in our village feared her and no one wanted to confront her anytime she opened […]


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I started an Affair with a Woman next door whom my wife knew

I know my wife likes remaining alone in silence. I have rarely found her nagging with other women on the plot. I always asked her why she does not like spending sometime with fellow women and she told me she doesn’t feel comfortable with that kind of life. That she is not that type. However, […]

Our step brother took loan with our Title Deed without our consent. This is what we did

My step brother Jared refused to hand over our family title deed so that we can partition and share our ancestral land in peace. He kept the title deed and even managed to process a loan with it without our consent just because he thought he was rich and untouchable. He treated us with contempt […]


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Dawa ya kusafisha mwili/kutoa nuksi na kukufanya upendwe na Kila mtu hata anayekuchukia

  Chukua mjafari wa unga Hina ya unga Magadi ya kupikia mlenda Machicha ya Nazi yasiyokamuliwa(kuna Nazi kisha changanya na Dawa hizo) Kisha kamulia ndimu mpaka uone Dawa yako imekuwa uji uji au unaweza usitumie ndimu chukua marashi rose korogea mpaka uone Dawa imekuwa ujiuji Dawa hii inatumika usku tu Chukua kitambaa cheupe Kitandike chini […]

A body cleanser that will make you loved by everyone, even those who hate you

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I divorced my cheating Wife and she wanted me dead. Nuisance Lady

My wife has never accepted that we divorced and we cannot reunite back together if what she did to me is what we can go by. I divorced her in 2017 after I found out that she was sleeping around with my neighbor who works and a bursar in a local school. I formalized the […]

One day I taught my rogue neighbor a lesson he will never forget. Read this story

We work with my colleague in Mombasa who has been complaining about a neighbor at his rural home who has been interfering with their fence by pushing it further into his land. He narrated to me how he went home last December only to find that the rogue neighbor had pushed the fence three meters […]

Rogue pastor comes in my house whenever I am away. I caught him red-handed!

Every Tuesday, a pastor who has been too close to my family comes home to pray for us. He also can come anytime to greet us when he is just passing by. I have never thought or suspected him since we knew each other three years ago when he was transferred to our ACK church. […]

At 45 this man had not Married but see what finally Happened

Good traditional herbalist are those who can influence relationships and marriages positively. They can also step in during a crisis and bring stability in a family. However, there is also another element of ‘love and marriages’ where a good reliable traditional doctor should have an ability to help someone marry or get married. It goes […]

This Kamba lady confused our brother’s Life Badly – Photos

“My brother who is also our bread winner just left home one day and he has never returned again since 2013. Efforts to persuade him to come and continue supporting our ailing mother have failed.” I heard colleague narrate this to a friend. According to her storyline, it started when their brother who is also […]

My Stepmother took everything my father left and wanted to kick us out of our home. Hell!

We were born nine siblings in a polygamous family that was not so accommodating to each other. My mother was the younger since he was married after my step mother who was also a teacher at a local primary school. The two families (ours and that of our step mother) both shared a compound but […]

Byron’s wife dumped him for another Wealthy good looking man. She also sued him for child support

Byron has been engaged in a protracted court battle with wife with whom they parted ways seven years ago. It started when the wife found another good looking man who seemed to be richer than Byron and decided to move away with him. Immediately she moved from Byron’s home together with the two kids they […]

TB almost claimed my life but this is how I got healed in less than a week after I met a certain doctor

Tuberculosis is a disease that I will never wish even on my worst of enemies of the pain and suffering I went through when I got infected. I thought it was a regular cough at first but as days went by, I could not stop coughing and the high fevers and high temperatures just made […]

I found a man shopping for my wife in a supermarket. I didn’t fight but..!

Its ten years since I completed college and got a well-paying job in Nairobi working in a multinational clearing and forwarding company. My life has been okay with a salary of sh 120,000 per month and lucky to marry a Moi University final year beautiful and bright student. She was in her final year at […]

College Graduate Forced to Apologize After I met Him Doing This To My Wife

My name is Jake and three weeks ago, I decided to go home early since I was feeling very tired after a long day at work. I, therefore, took a cab and 30 minutes later, I was at home. However, from outside even before I got into the house, I heard extremely loud music coming […]

Changaa Woman Narrates How She Escaped The Wrath of The Police in Busia

I was born in a very poor family and by the time I was six years old, my father left our family because of the hardship and he decided to go to another country to avoid us. My mother was left to single-handedly raise us and this led her to start selling traditional and illicit […]

Kisumu Lady Reject Marrying a Poor Man, Cancels Wedding

Three months ago, I proposed to my girlfriend and she said yes. I was so happy and excited that we would finally have our wedding and start a family together. We had dated for four years and everything between us was going so well. I was not making much money at the time but I […]

Man From Kikuyu, Nairobi Narrates How His Business Has Been Booming Despite a Harsh Economic Weather

My name is Kimani and I had a hotel that I had built from scratch and it had become a great brand that was doing so well. My hotel was 15 years old and I was always very proud of it. However, since its onset in other countries, the coronavirus pandemic started affecting my business […]

Popular Female Cabinet Secretary Reveals What She Did To Get a Ministerial Job

My name is Tabby and I am 30 years old. Lucky for me, after an internship in a government ministry I got a job afterward and I was so happy. However, more than five years later in the ministry, I had not gotten a promotion or a pay rise in the department that I was […]

My Uncle Cannot Be Trusted After This Happened to Me, New Details Emerge

A month ago, I lost a relative and I asked my girlfriend to accompany me to the village to help me condole with my family. I also wanted to introduce her to some of my family members because I was very serious with her and was making plans on how to finally marry her. I […]

Nakuru Man Takes His Jokes Too Far, Only For This To Happen to him in Mombasa

Last weekend, residents of Mombasa were treated to drama after they heard wails of pain coming from a car that was packed on Kenyatta street. It was around 6 pm and everyone was in the business of rushing home to beat the nationwide curfew. This particular man, a renowned businessman, was always cheating on his […]