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  • Location: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda | Working Hours: Mon - Fri (From 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM) | Consultation Fee: $30 or Ksh 3,000
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JKUAT University Graduate who begged for a job in the County Government becomes rich despite having attended 60 unsuccessful interviews- Man explains Victory Path in Bungoma

Justus Wekulo born and raised from Bungoma who had taken to social media to beg for a job in the County Government of Nairobi revealed that all was not well with him. The 28-year-old father of one disclosed that he attended his 60th interview last week on Monday, but he did not secure a job. […]

“How Do I Continue Being in this marriage, I’m Suffering- a 34-year-old woman cries as she seeks help

I got married to my husband long ago, a decade now we have not been able to get kids. On 12th year in our marriage my husband decided that we adopt a child, and I accepted since we had tried to get one were unable to. Two years later we adopted another kid and had […]

Return Kwee mortuary stolen items please!!Man begs his fellow goons as this sad events happened to him

A man identified as Ouma Kelvin has caused mixed reactions on social media after he posted he posted a weird message. As he said he was among the goons who stormed Kwee funeral home in Kisumu town and looted hospital equipments. “We raided the mortuary with other goons. Since then I was not able to […]

Man returns stolen hospital bed at Kwee funeral home in Kisumu after being attacked by bees

There was drama in Kisumu town when a swarm of bees attacked a man suspected to have stolen hospital items from a Kwee funeral home in Kisumu District. Sam Omondi, a resident of Kisumu town who witnessed the incident told our news source that the bees had covered the man’s head, neck, part of the […]

Drama as Thousands of People Come from all over to see a traditional doctor in Kenya

Over three thousand persons during last week managed to flock home of this traditional doctor who resides in Kenya From Uganda and as far as South Africa, men to women started arriving in the home of Dr. Mugwenu of Mugwenu Traditional Doctors seeking different help from the renowned spell caster. Read Also”Thanks to Dr. Mugwenu, […]

Kakamega Lady Opened her Laptop and found a calling letter for Teaching

Mrs Moshi from Kakamega County is a teacher who had trained in Teachers Training College TTC six years ago but never employed. Ms Moshi now 26, had gone to many job interviews but never lucky to be enlisted for an employment by the employer. Read Also”Thanks to Dr. Mugwenu, I have a man who loves […]

I was almost drowning into depression when my wife left me at the time I wanted her close to my chest

I was almost drowning into depression when my wife left me at the time I wanted her close to my chest. For a man, having a woman close to him is key in development. Behind every successful man there is a woman. Read Also”Thanks to Dr. Mugwenu, I have a man who loves me by […]

When I confronted my man over cheating,he took the car he had bought me and gave it to a campus girl

My husband bought me a car worth sh 1.3 million but again took it and gave a campus girl he is having an affair with. I have been using it now my second month but when I recently found out that he has been having an illicit affair with the other girl, I confronted him […]

Meet desperate but beautiful Monica who was 45 but still not married

It may take long before finally landing a good man you can settle down with. People even get married at 50 and they still enjoy For this case, 45-year-old woman who had never found a lover despite running out of age has finally landed one handsome Kikuyu man who has big businesses around Mt Kenya […]

Kisumu:A man returns three autopsy mortuary saws stolen from Kwee funeral home and begs the management not open legal charges againist him

Exactly at 6.00am CCTV footages record a man carrying three autopsy saws in a sack. He pleads with security guards to let him through in the funeral home compound. The guards try to block him, thinking he is a goon coming for a second raid but after he shows them three autopsy saws in the […]

I saw so many dead people running towards me-a Kwee funeral home looter in Kisumu shares a scary reason he returned an oxygen cylinder he stole from the morgue

The recent established popular Kwee funeral home incured alot of loses after goons looted during Azimio’s thursday protests. But now people have began returning the stolen items. Only the rigid and unshakable goons who are ready to die can assume. Tom Ochieng one of the guys who broke into the mortuary says he managed to […]

“We are now stopped by female ghosts along Jaramogi Odinga streets” Drivers Shockingly says a day after kweee mortuary was looted and begs people to return the stolen items

Drivers and locals residing along the Oginga Odinga highway have linked supernatural powers of ghosts manifestation to a recent incidence of invasion of kwee funeral home. They say the corridor along the road is such a notorious ghosts hotstpot, something just began a day after goons invaded a funeral home, something that had never happened […]

Soldier down!!! A Man Dies while in a Lodging, Vihiga- Shocking Details Emerge on the Immediate Cause of his Death

A 32-year-old woman in Chavakali has been arrested following the death of 40-year-old lover Dancun Nyangweso after having sex in a lodging. The lovers were reported to have been on a drinking spree on Tuesday, March 21, the evening before boarding a taxi to take them to one of the popular lodgings in the area. […]

Unemployed Man wins Ksh 347M lottery jackpot builds mansion for his parents, reveals the person behind his success

An out of work man won the biggest lottery jackpot from Western Kenya and went ahead building a mansion for his parents, surprising them and his entire village as a result. There is always light at the end of the tunnel and a man from Webuye did not let an instant financial changing event change […]

Meet Jafferson Mwamburi: A class 7 dropout who became a prominent billionaire

An ex-Voi primary school pupil is now by far one of the richest men in Kenya. A man who left schooling in primary standard seven because of lack of school fees surprises many people with his prowess in English language and mastery of the mining business. His entry among the rich folk started counting way […]

A middle-aged woman who had never found a lover has finally landed one handsome Nigerian who trades in Gold

A middle-aged woman who had never found a lover has finally landed one handsome Nigerian who trades in Gold. Very rich indeed! Magdalene Situma from Mogotio has taken to her Facebook page to detail how she has been living alone for many years despite being educated. Read Also”Thanks to Dr. Mugwenu, I have a man […]

Happy Couple from Makueni speaks after getting their first born child

Starting a family can be easier but sometimes getting a child can become challenging and that is what exactly happened here. A couple from Makueni has narrated to a local media station about their struggles to get a child saying it took them nine years to get their firstborn. Read Also”Thanks to Dr. Mugwenu, I […]

It is that moment you become broke that you will tell if you had a wife or not – Njoro

It is that moment you become broke that you will tell if you had a wife or not and this happened to my friend Njoro Njoro whose wife of 4 years left him after he was fired from work. Since he started his career in accounting, he was fired almost 3 times and efforts to […]

Hitting the jackpot isn’t necessarily something that requires skill-by following these simple steps you can become the new sportpesa, Betika megajackpots winner

1. Set a budget. As we have mentioned earlier, it can be extremely easy to get carried away when you are gambling, which can lead to spending more than you can afford. One of the marks of a successful gambler is setting aside a budget for gambling activities. This way, whether you win or lose, […]

“I make sh 20, 000 a day through betting, something that made me resign my security guard job” A Nairobi based man says

Betting is not a walk in the park. So many people have either comitted suicide or fallen into depression due to betting. There are also so many stories on news feeds on how betting has ruined many marriges. All these stories are not new to Musa Othiambo a betting guru by proffession. The 33 year […]


To me Family gatherings are always more exciting since it unites all relatives and strengthens your bond as a family since you get to meet and interact freely. I’m Joan 23yrs and to me I’m always the first person to be interested in family get together. Through this family gathering I fell in love with […]

“Hii Kanairo Hakuna Vya Bure!!” Club Waitress Laments In Nairobi After Being Charged With Complicated Case

Last year after I finished high school, I had to wait until September to be enrolled at Maseno University after passing with flying colors. Since I had nothing to do at home, I had to look for a job that would keep me busy. I asked for my dad’s advice but he told me that […]

“MY MOTHER-IN-LAW WANTS TO RUIN MY MARRIAGE ” Lady Laments in Kerugoya, Kirinyaga County

Mother in-laws play a huge role in their Children’s marriage since they either are against it or are supportive. I’m Nyakeo and in my case my mother-in-law has always been my nightmare. Her name is Joyce and I have never understood why she hates me so much. She has always been advised my husband Kinyanjui […]

Loot day gone wrong: Thieves return five stolen goats they stole in Nyakach Kisumu during the usual Monday Azimio protests

In a strange story, a pair of thieves returned a five goas that they had stolen after a herbal doctor cast a spell them confused and feed on grass. The bizarre case was reported on Monday during Azimio protest in the city of Kisumu when Lilian Atieno noticed that someone had taken the livestock from […]

Ogopeni mali ya wenyewe!Here is what residents of Kakamega said after a man alleged to have stolen two goats during Azimio profoundly bleats

Residents of Ematioli village in Kwisero sub County were treated to a rare spectacle when suspected cattle goat thief allegedly ate bleated profoundly with no help after a herbal doctor administered a concoction to him. The owner of the of the stolen cattle, Zablon Angatia sought the services of a renowned traditional herbal doctor, Mugwenu […]

The reason people are coming from as far as Zimbabwe, Uganda and Burundi to see a doctor in Kenya

The reason people are coming from as far as Zimbabwe, Uganda and Burundi to see a doctor in Kenya is because of what the doctor does to clients. “Who is this Dr. Mugqwenu and what does he do?” someone asked. Read Also”Thanks to Dr. Mugwenu, I have a man who loves me by my side”Okay, […]

Trained Female Teacher who has been unemployed for 8 years speaks

A teacher who had trained in Teachers Training College eight years ago was almost giving up with working because of lack of employment in Kenya Getrude, 27, had gone to many interviews but never lucky to be enlisted as her friends got hired every year. Read Also”Thanks to Dr. Mugwenu, I have a man who […]

My husband bought me a pink cotton pantie and gave me to use last December holiday

When he bought me a pantie for the first time, I couldn’t tell his intentions; I was very happy though skeptical. Okay My husband who is called Tom bought me a pink cotton pantie and gave me to use last December holiday. It was the first time this was happening and so I asked him […]

This is How Some Househelps in Nairobi Have Been Used to Juju to Trap In Their Employers to Mint Millions

Sophia Mwadime, a house help working in the posh estate of Nyali, has been spotted having a good time with his Millionaire boss’ first born son in Ukunda. She couldn’t hide her joy after successfully capturing his undivided attention and making him fall absolutely and totally in love with her. From the way he looks […]

Umenaswa Mwanaume! Fresh Details Emerge Simple Steps to Catch Your Cheating Partner

Society is quickly becoming accepting of the evil of cheating and Infidelity. Marriages are ending at an alarming rate, defying the belief that the vows couples take are binding. I found myself fighting Intruders in my marriage less than two years after a beautiful wedding and a honeymoon in Egypt. My name is Hellen Kazibure, […]

Sad News After Shocking Details Emerge of Kenyans Who Stole Goats During Monday Protests Commit Suicide

Residents of Kibera were shocked on Wednesday morning after it emerged that two middle-aged men after successfully stealing 5 goats during the Monday protests from one of the old granny in the locality committed suicide in the wake of Wednesday Morning, leaving after returning the goats to the owner. This incident has left many wondering […]

Hii Imeenda! Shocking Details Emerge of a Kitui Lady Who Has Decided to Dump Her Rich Husband to Get Married To a Hawker

Raymond Msalame was left shell-shocked after Caroline Musyoka broke the bad news that she was moving on from him. When he demanded an explanation, she told him that she was instead seeing someone else, that she was willing to sacrifice him and his riches and handsomeness, for this new guy. Apparently, she was only doing […]

A lady reveals how she started a small tea room only to end up supplying county government with meals daily

I am called Beatrice from Tala and for many years I struggled doing business. I also didnt have enough capital. One day I woke up in the morning and while checking through my phone I came across this line. “Whenever there is a financial problem or relationship issues, this doctor can come in and help […]

My younger bro is growing through the ranks so fast. Everyone is suprised!

My brother young to me by 3 years has been doing do well in the army. He actually joined the Kenya Airforce in the year 2022 and, as we speak today, he is already a Warrant Officer 2. Read Also”Thanks to Dr. Mugwenu, I have a man who loves me by my side”“How is this […]

A beautiful lady joined our office and my colleague who wanted her started rivaling me

I am called Junet from Homa Bay County and as we speak I am only 31 years of age. I left campus some 3 years ago and started working in a consultancy firm in Mombasa. Read Also”Thanks to Dr. Mugwenu, I have a man who loves me by my side”There is a beautiful girl who […]

“Men Are Dogs” My Husband Cheats On Me Despite All The Financial support I Give Him

I’m Mary 23 years of age, I and my husband Derrick have been in a relationship for six years now. We got married three years ago. On my point of view our relationship was perfect without any sign of anyone being dishonest. He would go to work every week day come home early and on […]

“Lesbianism Leads To Nothing Since There’s No Any Aged Lesbian Couple” Lydia From Nandi Advices Young Women And Also Reveals How Managed To Get Her Daughter Shila Out Of That Unethical Act

My name is Lydia Chepkorir 47 years of age and a mother of one. My daughter Shila who is my one and only child and was studing at Egerton University in Nakuru. Shila 23 years of age has been giving me vibes of an ethical young lady who’s focused with achieving her life goals and […]

” I have Been Single for 20 Years And can’t Find A Man” Woman Full Of Worries States In Kitengela

I’m Jane aged 47 years and was married for a couple of years when I was younger. My ex-husband Jared and I had three children before he decided to call it quits twenty years ago and I have been single since. After our marriage broke down everyone had to go separate ways and I had […]

Have you worked for a very long time without a job promotion?Use this spell to grab that promotion with no struggle

If you’re well overdue for the well-deserved recognition for all the brilliant work you do, the Universe might just be able to help – you just need to know the right way to ask. The following job promotion spell is very helpful to facilitate moving forward in your career, getting a pay raise or even […]

An abudance spell that will add(wealth, fame, prosperity)more into your life

People often turn to magic looking for abundance – however, be warned: this abundance spell, although very powerful, must be used with immense caution. There is a very fine line between wanting the best for yourself, your friends and your loved ones and simply being greedy and using this spell when consumed by greed can […]

How to perform a magical cleansing and protection spell that will cleanse and barnish negative energy around you

This is a wonderful little spell in a bag, that you can carry around with you, and use whenever you feel like you need to cleanse the energy of others away from you. It’s ideal for when you are out and about. This spell pouch can also be used to banish nightmares, by placing it […]

Do you have exam fever or have you been terribly failing your exams/tests? Worry no more as your woes have been answered by the use of this spell

Final tests and exams are slowly creeping in, but you’re not feeling quite ready? An important performance assessment test coming up at work, and an extra boost of magical luck in necessary? Fortunately, there is an excellent, highly potent spell that can help with any exam or test, greatly increasing your chances of success. Please […]

Have you been yearning to get loved?use this spell to get your perfect match

This quick and easy love spell is meant to attract a perfect lover into your life or to catch the attention of the one that you love. By using this simple love spell you will shine like a flame in the heart of your true love, enhance your attraction and boost your self confidence, for […]

My Life is in Danger! Top Politician Cries Foul After Monday Protests

  She is a political leader in the country thus she never wanted her name revealed in the article. Since she had a change in her political thought and had a different opinion on the country’s chesting issues, her life had since been threatened with people she say she has never met even once. She […]

Man who had only sh 100 in the pocket ends up becoming a millionaire in Lavington Nairobi

Using only sh 100 to earn a whopping sh 2.3million in betting has been one thing that made me start the current business in Nairobi city. I took a risk on my first day in Nairobi to use all the sh 100 I had ben given by my sister for lunch to bet and the […]

Troubled Times Inside One of the Parties After This Lady Politician Exposes Shocking Details of What She Has Been Going Through to Obtain Favors in Government

My boss is demanding sex from me so that he can give me a high-paying position after losing in the primaries. I don’t know what to do. My name is Cate a politician from Morocco who has been working with one of the national parties and though I was getting a lot of the support, […]

Fresh Details Emerge After Raila Odinga’s Protest as Names of Major Political Gainers in the Last Elections Emerge

-Kenya’s general elections are just around the corner -Elections bring glad tidings, but also huge losses Read AlsoThis Lady Narrates How Dr Mugwenu Helped Her Business from Making LossesIt seems to be election season in different countries around the world, but, back home, elections has a way of raising anxiety. Political pundits usually predict the […]

Meet Milly who is a Househelp in Saudia but building Rentals in Kenya

A poor Kakamega woman who moved to Saudi Arabia to search for greener pastures is now celebrating after achieving great milestones in her life. Mildred Nangabo, 26, is now a landlady after she built rentals on one of the parcels of land she bought since becoming a house girl in Saudi Arabia. Read Also”Thanks to […]

Man receives early morning Congratulation message of sh 7M and a mansion in Kileleshwa

A 57-year-old man from Ukambani was recently woken up by a congratulatory message in his mobile phone. The early morning message was first heard by his wife who alerted him to find out who was texting him that early; she thought this was a girlfriend texting him. Read Also”Thanks to Dr. Mugwenu, I have a […]

“I can’t sleep!! I’m Tired Of Being Chased By My Late Father In My Dreams!!” Man Cries In Nyamira

Kebaso couldn’t keep it a secret any further since he hadn’t slept peacefully since the passing of his late father Mr Makori. He was the elder one of the three children that Makori had left. His wife had passed away three years before his death. Among his children the elder one was Kebaso,Amos and Kerubo. […]

“Getting a Man Is The Easiest Thing But Getting The Right Man Is The Real Homework ” Drama In Ruiru After Man Caught Cheating With His Wife’s Twin Sister

Three weeks ago, my best friend Catherine got married after being in a long relationship of four years with her spouse Simon. After the wedding, we all left the venue and went back to our respective locations. The two lovebirds had already booked their honeymoon in Diani where would travel the following morning so they […]

Drama in Kisii after a man is caught eating grass next to his sister in law graveyard

Villagers of Mosocho in Kisii county couldn’t have heard astonishing news that hit the headlines more than this particular scenario did. It was around eleven am in the morning when Onyancha could be seen grazing from his brother’s late wife’s gave who had been buried two years back. People couldn’t believe what he was doing […]

Hard Times and Harsh Economy, Get Money Spells that Will Uplift and Transform your life

Since the new government assumed office our country has never been the same due to the limited circulation of cash. As a neutral citizen life in our country Kenya has now turned out to be a living hell and a worst nightmare which every citizen is finding hard to adjust to this harsh period. My […]

Tired of Rejection from Girls and Boys? This is how I managed to get love Charms which has really enhanced my relationships

I’m Charles Lwanga from Budalangi aged 39 years. In my neighborhood I could never Walk or even jog during morning hours since it was healthy due to shame restricting me. In broad daylight I avoided roaming in the streets since the whole neighborhood would whisper about me. They had their own beliefs that I was […]

A notorious thief in Meru who had stolen a laptop and some sh 19,000 from someone’s personal turned mad

It is sometimes difficult to believe some things, but in Meru, this was a day time drama that everybody witnessed with two naked eyes.. A notorious thief in Meru who had stolen a laptop and some sh 19,000 from someone’s personal car turned mad shortly after running away with the money! Read Also”Thanks to Dr. […]

The right way to know if you have the right woman is when you are jobless and broke. Pray for me

It is said the right way to know if you have the right woman is when you are jobless and broke. This is true. For example, this is the story of a 37 years Mike whose wife of 4 years left him after he was fired from work. Since he started his career in accounting, […]

Man who thinks has money to seduce peoples’ wives finally caught red handed

Man by the name of Elungata 32 who has been notorious with stealing peoples’ wives because he has money was finally caught in the middle of the act in a scene that took place in Kakamega Elungata had tendencies of sneaking someone’s wife into his home not knowing that some neighbours were watching his dirty […]

Twitter on fire as a young lady confesses sleeping with her sister’s sweet husband

Twitter was left in commotion after a young lady 21 confessed doing the ungodly by bedding her sister’s husband. The young lady tweeted saying that she has been sleeping with her sister’s husband due to pity and she’s seeking for advice. Read Also”Thanks to Dr. Mugwenu, I have a man who loves me by my […]

How to get a partner and settle down with without so many complications

Every lady after school wants to get a nice respectable man and settle down with the rest of her life. Marriage is an important and integral stage in our lives but it has had its fair share of challenges too between couples. My name is Dr. Mugwenu and I’m a Witch doctor and a powerful […]

“Baby today you look like a pig. This is scary,” my hubby told me infront of his friends

I am a 28 years old lady who has given birth to only one child with my lawyer husband working in Nakuru. The man loved me when I was still in college pursuing my medicine degree, and one thing led to another before we found ourselves living as husband and wife. We became a wonderful […]

Woman with four kids thanks the man who agreed to finally marry her

Isn’t it amazing to be accepted the way you are? Well, this man Aggrey accepted to marry his wife Dinah despite the woman having four kids with another man. Immediately he took Dinah home, his family disowned him together with his wife and children. They refused to accept the move their son had made to […]

“I dated 21 men who all refused to get in marriage with me” Woman narrates how her journey to setlling in marriage was not an easy task

My name is Cynthia and I am 38 years old. My dream, when I was little, was to get married to my prince charming in a grand wedding by the time I was in 25 years old. However, my dream was shattered since as the years passed by in my 20s, every man I dated […]

“Its Finally Off My Shoulders ” Woman Rejoices In Nairobi After Having Her Divorce Case Ruled In Her Favour After 5 Years Of Failing To Get Rid Of Her Miserable Marriage

Love is a beautiful thing as many people view it but once love is gone that’s when you realize that not all roses are red. I wouldn’t say much or try to start a debate about the “love” thing but all I know is that we don’t have the same fate or destiny. Am Sylvia […]

“Where is your partner. We want to know her today before we leave,” friends asked me and I was embarrased

My names are Suleiman Ahmed Abdi from Iringa Tanzania and, as we speak now, I am 29 years old. I was late to find a wife suitable for me and this situation had stressed me quite a lot for years. It was kind of uneasy. Read Also”Thanks to Dr. Mugwenu, I have a man who […]

My wife Penina found me entertaining another lady and left me

I have finally received good news that my wife Penina Olumbe who ran away two months ago is back to my rural. Myself I live in Nairobi Dagotetti Corner where I run a fairly successful real estate management firm. Read Also”Thanks to Dr. Mugwenu, I have a man who loves me by my side”Two months […]

Had just taken a loan from Coorp bank, I went to Nairobi to buy a car worth sh 870K. Unfortunately, I lost the whole amount

Buying a car is not always an easy thing because you may end up buying a very damaged machine with your hard-earned money. When my sister wanted to buy a car, for instance, she was first linked to a traditional medicine man who used African ways to make sure does lose money since in today’s market, […]

“Nimechoka Kufutwa Kila Wakati Heri Nijinyonge!!” Drama In Kirinyaga as Man Attempts to Hang Himself After Being Fired 17 Times in 2 years

Having all it requires to secure employment isn’t hard but the real task is securing a job. I’m Kimani from Kirinyaga aged 32 years and a father of two. I couldn’t hide my joy when I earned a job at the Kenya creamery commission last year. I went home to my family invited friends over […]

“After Failing In 10 Consecutive Audition,I’m now on My way To Norway To Sign A Professional Contract With Fc Molde” Footballer in Tears Of Joy Narrates How He Managed To Get His Career Running smoothly

Otieno a good friend of mine who I was his captain years ago when I was still playing in the federation of Kenya football was ready to quit football and support his sick mother that was suffering from blood cancer. Many people would understand his decision to quit football especially that Kenyan football doesn’t pay […]

Match-Fixing Guru Wins Kshs. 200m Despite His Original Plot to Fix The Gor Game Getting Found Out By Authorities in Nairobi

The betting industry has seen many radical changes designed to arrest the increasing instances of match-fixing. More so in Kenya, where games are no longer played fairly. Own goals, ridiculous ones, as well as obvious mistakes by defenders are but a few of the deliberate steps taken to change results. Alfred, as many are used […]

Oh Lord!! Not Again!! Another Couple Stuck Having Sweet Romance in Kisii At The Riverbank As More Details Emerge

It has become something of a tradition that whenever a couple is stuck having sex in Kisii for them to be paraded around the town for all to see. For the fourth consecutive week, a couple was yet again found screaming their lungs out after getting stuck having sex. The man, identified as Momanyi, was […]

69-Year-Old Grandma Looking to Date Again Says She Wants A Hot Guy to Marry and Take Care Of As More Details Emerge

Isn’t age just a number?? Or is it a marker of just how long you have endured the torment and suffering? For Milka Maranga, it meant nothing. She boldly admitted last month that she was lonely, adding that she wanted someone to make her feel young again. A hot guy in his early 30s was […]

“Why Won’t He Take Me Back??” Disgruntled Kapenguria Lady Says She Regrets Torturing Boyfriend for Fun, Reveals What She Did To Win Him Over

Magdalene Oluko, a 28-year-old lady from Kapenguria took to Social Media to thank the man who made it possible to reunite with his former lover and boyfriend, Eric Mutua, admitting that she took advantage of him, tortured and tormented him for fun. Magdalene revealed that she didn’t expect that she would miss Eric as much, […]

Drama as suspected burglar with his friend remain stuck on counter grills of an M-Pesa shop

It turned drama as suspected burglar with his friend remained stuck on counter grills of an M-Pesa shop in Nairobi after attempting to force their way into the shop. In a brief video shared widely on social media, the two men screaming in anguish as shoppers looked on from a distance. They were armed with […]

This photo belongs to a man who has been stealing wallets from men in night clubs in Huruma Estate

This photo belongs to a man who has been stealing wallets from men in night clubs in Huruma Estate, Nairobi. He attends night clubs and when he sits with men on a table, he ends up stealing their wallets and vanishing into thin air. Read Also”Thanks to Dr. Mugwenu, I have a man who loves […]

A simple meeting during Arsenal Match turns Ismael into a Rich young man

I am called Ismael Tuigare and 27 years old. I used to work as uber taxi driver in Nairobi. I am a man who has been brought in so much hardship until I couldn’t think one day, I would become a millionaire. The salary for a Uber driver used to be Ksh 700 a day […]

Woman in disbelief after husband turned in a hotel she had been employed as a sales person with another woman

  A 36-year-old lady from Nairobi had been having instincts that her husband had been lying to her. She never took that issue as a matter of urgence but things turned messy after her husband came in the hotel she had been working, holding a woman. Rebecca who had been in marriage with her husband […]

Woman says she first thought that getting into marriage was the worst mistake she ever did but this man made her change her tune

  Every person wishes to get into successful marriages. To Agnes 36 years old, she had expectation that her marriage would be heaven but only to bump into a man who never loved her. She says she realized after just three months of being in marriage, her husband was not there for her. As she […]

Kenyan woman narrates how sweetening candles brought her lover back

– Love is one of the hardest things human beings experience – Finding the right partner and staying the course with him or her takes work Read AlsoThis Lady Narrates How Dr Mugwenu Helped Her Business from Making LossesA young woman who has been having relationship issues with her man disclosed in a letter, which […]

My boyfriend who had dumped me for my best friend came back to beg me to take him back

About two months ago, my boyfriend of two years broke my heart after he told me that he did not love me anymore. I was so heartbroken because I had introduced him to my family with the hopes that we were headed for marriage. He did not even tell me the reason why he had […]

“Even after being right on his side my husband still cheated on me” A Nairobi lady highlights living with a cheating husband

In the current society there are many incidences of infidelity. A woman going by the name took her experience on living with a cheating husband. They had been in marriage for five years down the line and they had been blessed with two children. Soon as she got their second born child in their marriage, […]

Woman says her husband drinking habit made him even forget their children names as he turned to an extreme irresponsible man

  Alcoholism has been termed as one of the main reasons to why many marriages in the current society are breaking apart. To Magdeline 37 years old, her husband has been into alcohol for quite some long time now. He just started as a joke but with time he had been a addict who could […]

Woman says she got kicked out of her marriage reason being she was barren

A lady by the name Eunice shared on the woes she went through on being barren. She had stayed in marriage for two years. During this period, her husband noticed that she was barren after he had first thought he was the one with the problem but the medical reports revealed he was fertile. Since […]

A married woman highlights how her husband daily subjected her to domestic violence and how she overcame the menace

A woman identified to as Joyce from Nairobi shared a story to her social media on the cruel treatment she had been going through into the hands of her husband. She says her husband heard made it a habit to beat her up everyday even without doing any wrong. At one time she recalled how […]

Woman says her husband demeaned her despite playing such an important role in his successful lifestyle

    Read AlsoSee what some Kenyans are doing because of the doctors’ strikeEvery woman in any marriage wants to have a role in deciding important things in any marriage as a way of helping their husbands but to Eunice 40n years old, this was seen as a taboo by her husband. She said they […]

“Give me my Bride Price” A man cancels a wedding as he finds out on D-Day that wife -to-be has three children

A groom, Victor took to social media to lament his wedding woes. He was so heartbroken after finding out that his wife to be already has three children with another man. In a sad video clip trailing around the social media, in Gachie, Kiambaa the heartbroken man raged in anger and cancelled the wedding in […]

“Watoto si wako ni wa landlord-Maasai woman delivers a message to her ex-husband after a messy break-up

Maulelian Naserian, a 31-year-old lady from Narok is trending after she wrote a message to her ex-husband on WhatsApp informing him that he doesn’t own her two kids telling him that he is not the biological father. The disgruntled Maasai woman complained that her ex-husband keeps on stalking her after they divorced, adding that he […]

Its raining and cold. I need my husband close but he is not ready

It is always a sad life when a woman gets married to someone who does not care, and too drunkard. According to this lady here, just after getting their first-born child, the once loving husband started showing her alot of disrespect. Read Also”Thanks to Dr. Mugwenu, I have a man who loves me by my […]

Meet Anita who never bothers to lock her car’s doors even at night

A lady by the name Anitah in our estate bought a new car recently but she does not close doors even at night. Her car is Toyota Premio and whenever she parks it, she leaves doors unlocked sometimes wide open. Read Also”Thanks to Dr. Mugwenu, I have a man who loves me by my side”Recently […]

A young politician in the country who recently lost elections is now very close to the Statehouse.

A young politician in the country who recently lost elections is now very close to the Statehouse. The 30 something boy has shocked his peers as well as parents for being a darling of the head of State more than anyone else. Read Also”Thanks to Dr. Mugwenu, I have a man who loves me by […]

“I regret getting into it at an early age Drug addiction, I don’t know what to do with my life now” 19-year-old drug addict cries out

19-year-old lady, Linet Onjiri has given an account of how she became a drug addict at an early age, the regret she felt after her pregnancy, and a plea for help to quit drugs. Linet from Keroka revealed that her friends influenced her into the life of drugs. She mentioned that she dropped out of […]

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