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Aki Woiyee! Woman Cries After Sister Runs Away With Her Husband

For consultation call: +254 740 637 248 or visit mugwenudoctors.com I don’t think you need to die to experience hell. Hell is here on earth. Some of you have never been there and I really pray that I you shouldn’t. I am the firstborn in a family of three girls. My youngest sister is a talented […]

County Assembly Employee Caught Chewing Female MCA in The Parking

For consultation call: +254 740 637 248 or visit mugwenudoctors.com We talk a lot about how Kenyan men prey on young girls but we have never mentioned how influential women use and dump youngmen in this country. There are women out there who think they can get anything they want just because they have money. […]

I Snatched my Brother’s Wife and Will Never Regret – Busia Man Brags

For consultation call: +254 740 637 248 or visit mugwenudoctors.com Sometimes your soulmate could be married. Do you let them suffer in a loveless marriage or you break the marriage? I know the Bible says you cant break what God has put together. So if you successfully end a relationship, then it wasn’t ordained by […]

Heartbroken Kajiado Woman Catches Husband Chopping His Boss

It all started like a scene from one of those Nigerian movies. My husband came home and told me that he had been assigned to a new boss, a madam. For consultation call: +254 740 637 248 www.mugwenudoctors.com Peter is a driver at one of the big firms in Athi River. He calls himself a […]

My brother had to run to South Africa due to childlessness

Just like I narrated this story over the radio last month, my elder brother got married but 10 years down the line, they were still unable to have children. This has caused them a lot of grief and it hurts me so much seeing the only brother that I have going through marital problem. The […]

Don’t laugh! I almost HANGED myself after my lovely beautiful wife left me the time I needed her most

In most cases, real men never leave their loved ones to just go away that way; they fight to the last drop of blood until they win them back. As usual, when you’re heartbroken, everything around you appears never to work. Infact so many men have committed suicide with some dropping their well-paying jobs just […]

“Woii nakufa jamani, my stomach is RUNNING since yesterday”

I am a man who lost all my valuables after my Ngong house was broken into by people who were send to frustrate me so that I could give in and move away from my newly acquired plot. When they finally broke into the house in which I was lucky not to have been around […]

BIG SHAME -Shock as a Ugandan man is forced to CONFESS impregnating neighbour’s wife in Tororo

A man shocked locals in Tororo after he publicly opened up and confessed that he was the one who had impregnated neghgbour’s wife while the owner was away on a trip abroad. It was last Nov when James returned from abroad where he has been for some months only to find his wife already four […]

A randy house boy with his marauding CASSAVA goes sleeping with three daughters of his employer and impregnates them all

A man has took to social media to rant over what he claims was an elaborate scheme by his house boy to leave all his daughters pregnant. His story which sounded just like an American block buster ran like this- “The fear of housemaid is the beginning of wisdom. That’s all I could say when […]

A woman STEALING my husband told me “Kwenda huko mwanamme ni mali ya uma”.

My husband started cheating on me immediately I got his first born child Jack who is now 14 yaers old and in a boarding school. The first time I caught my husband cheating, I confronted him thinking he would change and stop the behavior but he continued cheating with a local primary school teacher who […]

Shameless woman caught by husband having an EXPLOSIVE Tundura with a local boda

A Busia man was left perplexed and distressed after he caught his wife, the mother of his children, on tape having explosive sex with a bodaboda rider. According to how it was reported, the man had installed modern secrete CCTV cameras in his living room both for security and to monitor any strange movements within […]

How I dealt with my cheating wife when I found her with our house boy in our toilet naked. She cheats with anyone!

I am a lawyer running a successful law firm in the city who also relocated my family to the city so that we can live together. I got married in the year 2012 and together with my lovely wife, Muira from Meru, we got three bubbly children. Our love life has been quiet interesting. We […]

“Hello baby? Leo imekuwa tamu sana but tukutane Sato kwa ile room, 6th floor hapo kwa Reuben,” my nieghbour messaged my wife. Shock!

I have been married to a beautiful woman from Baringo County for four years and life has been so okay until recent when we disagreed over cheating claims. My wife and I have this open door policy; where we have the liberty of using each other’s phone. This habit went on for some time but […]

My husband picked a woman whom he wanted to travel with to Nairobi where he stays but, before he did it, this is what happened

My name is Harriet from Uasin Gishu and my husband is a handsome luhya from Kakamega County who recently did something very wrong to me and I feel if I don’t expose him, he may repeat it again. We married three years ago in in a colourful wedding, and since then, we have been fairing […]

A local plumber who was caught on CCTV screwing another man’s wife

Festus Lumbasi, 42 was catapulted into the spotlight last week when his antics with the married woman, recorded on a nanny cam, were shared by a popular blogger dundapost.co.ke. During an interrogation, Mr Lumbasi insisted he did not mean to hurt the owner of the wife who is also his good friend. He said: ‘I […]

Breaking News -Drama as husband returns home to find wife having explosive SEX with another man

A man is still reeling from shock after he busted wife naked with a man at home during the day. With cases of spouses cheating on their partners on the rise in the country, the rule that reigns supreme if you play this dangerous game is, don’t get caught. A man in Hulugho, Garissa County, […]

Going Viral! The shocking moment a thief snatched a handbag from a car in a busy Nairobi highway

A trending video showing how daring thieves have perfected the art of snatching phones and ladies’ handbags has gone viral. The highway thieves do it very fast fon unsuspecting motorists and passengers on traffic. These scoundrels usually lurk around spots notorious of huge traffic since they know quite well that their targets would not speed off. […]

Breaking -SHOCK as city pastor is busted live. What??

It was reported that police launched a manhunt for a city pastor who was busted on Tuesday morning with drunk underage girls in his house in Githurai 44, Nairobi. The rogue pastor identified as Meshack, the owner of the Miracle Time Christian Church, is reported to have taken the 13 underage girls on a night-long […]

Holiday celebrations that turned into sex escapades after a randy couple was caught on camera having SEX on a motorbike in broad daylight!

A horny lady and a randy guy were caught on camera having sex on a motorbike in broad daylight. In the video going viral on social media, the hot-blooded couple is seen doing their thing on a delivery motorbike without any care and worry of who might be watching. Their adventure ended in an anti-climax […]

A ROUGUE Kamba pastor is cursing the day he was born after his s3x tape leaked online, spread like bushfire

A disturbed man continues to live in depression after he noticed that his wife who is a church goer has been cheating with their pastor. Since having a wind of the cheating spouse, things have never been the same again as he is said to have gone into a sudden depression. This started on the […]

Shock of the END YEAR after Couples are Caught Having doing this in a Public Park

I am Rispah Otieno from Siaya County and my husband who works in Mombasa visited us this last Christmas but avoided to spend any good time with his family. Since coming on Dec 20th he has never spend his night here with me despite having three children together. His behavior of late has been disturbing […]

Woman says she was not there to be in somber mood after she parted ways with her husband as after she did this, she got a man who she says was her dream husband

  A woman identified as Anne (not her real name) from Nairobi shared her emotional story on how bad her separations with her husband left her with a big scar. She says he was the first man to ever love her but things did not turn well as she had been expecting. The two had […]

“My wife would each day dare to leave our marriage especially when we had slight arguments something that made me conclude she didn’t love me” Man reveals

  A man identified as Kennedy-not his real name shared how his wife had been daring to leave their marriage, something he says he had to be worried as as a man as he thought she had got someone else. As he said, they had only been in marriage with his dear wife for a […]

“From living romantic and adorable sweet life to friend zoning each other” Woman shares how lost love in their marriage affected them

  A woman 41-year-old identified as Beatrice-not her real name shared how quick loved faded in their marriage and now they were just there living as neighbors in the same house. She says earlier before they had been really enjoying each other’s company and she does not know what came between them. She said she […]

“My husband brought her mistress into our house and lied to me that she was his cousin” Woman says

  A woman identified as Consolata from Nairobi says she was so much shocked with her husband’s move of bringing another woman into their house in the name the lady was his cousin. Speaking to our source, she says that particular night her husband showed up into their house with another woman with a suitcase […]

Woman says she thought by getting into marriage it would have at least saved her family from poverty but things turned messy as she went through humiliation from her husband

  A woman by the name Irene- not her real name shared her story on how she opted for marriage as a result that she had come from such a humble background and that would at least save her family from this kind of life. As she said, she got connected to this man through […]

“I was ready to cheat on my husband as a way of seeking revenge as a result he had been cheating on me” Woman reveals

A woman by the name Jenifer (not her real name) says she was so much amused after she found out that her husband had been cheating in her despite her being loyal into their marriage. The 41-year-old said that her husband and whom they had lived in marriage with for 10 years had been walking […]

Woman speaks of being divorced thrice but that did not shutter her dream of one day settling in her own marriage

  Jane a 38-year-old living in Nairobi shared her shocking story on how she had been in three Marriages which in all of them she got divorced. As she said, she had been meeting productive men who she thought they would have successful life as they seemed promising. What shocked her much was that in […]

“My marriage had broken beyond repair as I had cheated on my wife and she decided to leave” A Nairobi man reveals

  Cheating has been a venom that has been ending a lot of marriage in the society today. A man identified as Simon 43 years old living in Nairobi she’d his tears to our source on how at one particular time she had been cheating on his wife, something that ruined his marriage. The father […]

Woman says she moved from one marriage to the other seeking for her Mr Right and finally she succeeded after she did this

  A woman 36-year-old living in Ruaraka area, Nairobi County shared her story on how she had been moving from one man to the other trying to find her soulmate. She says what made her move from one man to the other was that all the men she had been dating never showed the character […]

A lady says she met a man online who she thought was her perfect match for marriage but at last he was interested in only poking her; She did this and got a serious man to be in marriage with

Sharon a 37-year-old from Umoja area Nairobi shared her story on how a man she met a man online, through her Facebook. She said the man in boxed her and showed he was actually interested in getting into a love relationship with her. Sharon fell in love with the man and the two decided to […]

Meet a 52 year old woman who had lost three of out of her five children in three years time

  Children are really valued in any marriage as they are source of happiness and joy in any marriage. Janet and her husband had five children in their marriage and things seemed to have going the wrong way after they had lost three of their children for in three years’ time. Janet says they were […]

Woman says she was told by sleeping on her late mum’s grave for one night, then she would have broken a curse that hindered her from getting into marriage

  Florence a 41-year-old from Busia County Western Kenya had been wishing to get a man to be in marriage with. She says the situation made her be a so much desperate woman, in that she did anything for the sake of hoping that she would get into marriage. The weird thing she says she […]

“My husband tried to strangle our eight year old daughter to death” Woman shares how domestic fiascos in their marriage had reached to more serious situations

  A woman by the name Angela 43-year-old shared a shocking story on how domestic violence had been keeping their marriage at stake. As she said, many people had been thinking that domestic violence was a vice that only occurred to husband and wife but to her case, even her two children were most of […]

A Nairobi based man says his wife had no respect to their marriage as she used to exchange men despite being in marriage

  Andrew-not hisreal name a 40-year-old man claims that his wife had no respect for their marriage as she had been joking and exchanging men despite being in marriage. He says this is a habit she has been doing with no fear as even in day light he would still spot her with a man […]

“Do not dare date someone’s husband as their wives do pray prayers that are always answered” Woman says after something happened to her reason she dated someone’s husband

  A woman 38-year-old identified as Mercy-not her real name shared her shocking story on she dated someone’s husband and after something weird happened to her, she earned other women with the same habit of either stop or things would not be that easy as their instincts tell them. She was in a relationship with […]

Woman shares the strange thing she found in her husband’s house which was enough evidence that he was cheating on her

Naomi and her husband were living in long distance marriages as a result they had been working in different towns. Her husband was based in Nairobi while Naomi worked in unmentioned government office in Mombasa County. The two would meet after every month. She says she trusted her husband so much in that she never […]

“I was not ready to live as a co-wife and after I quitted that toxic marriage actually God answered my prayers by giving me a good and respectful husband” Woman reveals

  A woman identified as Lillian-not her real name shared her story on how things were becoming difficult in her marriage each day. They had just been happily living with her husband before things suddenly changed. Her husband became such a dishonest person as he got into a relationship with another woman and after sometimes, […]

Man says his wife cheated on him as a result he was not that financially stable hence he would not afford the life she had been dreaming to live

  Morris-not his real name a 41-year-old from Utawala Nairobi County shared an emotional story on how poverty made her wife take advantage not him as she had been walking out of their marriage. He said he married when he had not yet gotten a decent job and he had been wishing that as they […]

Man Discloses How He Has Been Living With Her Cheating Wife After What He Did to Her

A 41-year-old man identified as Titus from Nairobi shared his experience of living with a cheating wife and a lot of people were really shocked to why he still chose to be in that marriage. He said he had been working in Garisa County and his wife was staying in Nairobi. When on leave he […]

See What Happened to a Woman Who Used to Drink Water Used to Clean Corpses in a Mortury

“I was told to drink water that had washed my late aunt’s corpse to restore my fertility but even after doing that, nothing changed” Woman reveals a shocking experience A 38-year-old Nairobi based woman identified as Rachael- not her real name shared her shocking story on how she was told by drinking water that had […]

Man says he was shocked his wife cheated on him and blamed the devil for her cheating ways

  A man 43-year-old living in Nairobi had been in marriage with his wife whose name was unmentioned for more than ten years. He says he had some good relationship with his wife until she started cheating on him. He tried to confront her on the reason to why she had been going opposite of […]

Lady says a lot of men were after her but none of them was ready to get into marriage with her

  A lady by the name Maureen from Nairobi has come out to share how a lot of men had been on her radar but now the problem was she needed a marriage partner, something that they never turned up for. She says the men were just interested to poke her and leave her after […]

The proverbial FORTY DAYS of this ‘THUG’ finally reached after “Juju” was used to nab him

In what appeared to be just a drama from the recently concluded Holiday season, a section Thika town residents were paraded in efforts to nab a thief among them. Story which landed on jihami.com Public Outcry desk mentioned how several suspects were paraded in public after a robbery incidence and brooms believed to be laced […]

Exposed -SHOCK as a Slay Queen displays the “Juju” she uses on men

There was commotion on social media after a woman decided to parade what she has been using to rip from men a lot of cash. The slay queen by the moniker Rita shocked the Netizens after she took to social media displaying assorted types of paraphernalia that she uses to get favours from horny men. […]

Angry Kalenjin man has taken to social media RANTING how he caught his wife in bed with another man

An unfaithful woman has been exposed on social media after she accidentally sent her husband of 5yaers nudes meant for her Mpango. According to the victim who identified himself as Kip, his suspicion about his wife’s infidelity was aroused by n**de photos she accidentally sent to him. He dated his wife for two years before […]

Don’t laugh at this story. It is Emotional

I used to just hear stories on heartbreaks and then thought it only existed in the imaginary world until recently when it happened to someone close to me during the last December celebrations. When you are heartbroken, everything around you is a stark reminder of your loved one who is no longer there with you. […]

Breaking News – A wife catches a husband’s ‘MPANGO’ in Their Family car

An agitated Kirinyaga woman, on Thursday Dec 26th just after the last Christmas, damaged husband’s car reducing it to just a shell after she allegedly found husband’s Mpango wa Kando on the driver’s seat. It was reported on the Boxing Day that there was a 15 minute drama that brought activities to a sudden standstill […]

Husband nearly COLLAPSES after he snooped through his wife’s phone and found a disturbing erotic message

The man came across a nasty WhatsApp conversation between his wife and the Mpango wa Kando that left him twice angrier. In the suggestive conversation, the cheating wife praises Mpango wa Kando’s dick, claiming that it’s ‘big and sweet’. She continues thanking him for making her atleast reach an orgasm and promises him more of secret […]

Couple caught stuck in the middle of a horse-race escapade during a house party

December Holiday comes with a lot of incidences including time to experiment anything away from busy schedule in the city. In Kisumu, a randy pair continued to kiss and touched each other personally despite the fact that there were cameras all over the party room. According to a photo that remained the talk of town […]

I finally gave into temptation and had ‘HOT S*X’ with my old mum-in-law

  I AM Jonathan from Narok County aged 38 years old and I have been having unending secret sex escapades with my mother-in-law. I love my wife but I love her mum too and I know that she loves me as well if the way she carries herself anytime we meet is anything to judge […]

S3x with my lovely husband has become so BORING after 8 years

A woman lamented on a certain popular Africans dating site on how SEX with her husband had become so boring and wanted to spice things up. She disclosed her age as 39 and husband is 40 years old where the two have three fabulous kids and a really great life, lovely home and no money […]

I left my wife after I HAD a one-night stand with my daughter-in-law!!

The Sun ran a story in December about a man who was in love with daughter in inlaw, a story that still sounds fresh in many minds. “I am 46 and my wife is 45. Our daughter is 19 and our son is 26. The first time he brought this girl home, I was bowled […]

Woman forced to run NAKED through the streets after being caught having sex by her lover’s wife

The Sun reported that passers-by took pictures of a woman as she desperately tried to cover her modesty. A WOMAN was forced to flee naked from her married lover’s bed after allegedly being busted naked by his WIFE. The extreme walk of shame was fully captured on camera by shocked passers-by in a packed city […]

Rogue Kiambu Pastor badly Exposed Collecting free money from faithfuls

It was reported that after minting millions from women groups in the guise of putting up several apartments and business houses for them, the man ended up registering all the properties to his own company name. Members who had registered with his company as beneficiaries went for years without getting any documentation or penny from […]

How to Recover a Stolen Wallet if Lost in Nairobi Streets

Happy to Find my Wallet intact with Everything that was in it. One evening while having adrink at alocal join in Nairobi City I lost a very valuable documents inckuding ATMs and passwords. I came to realize I had lost the wallet after arriving home. I touched in my pockets all round but I didn’t […]

“I took my fella back after he cheated on me but he’s still being unfaithful. What Can I Do?” a disturbed lady asked through a popular dating site

The Sun ran a story about how a woman who wanted to get married to a man he loved was going through serious love challenges. The story went this way: “I FOUND out my boyfriend has been cheating on me with various women, including an 18-year-old friend of his daughter. We were living together and […]

Rich Couple Explains the Source of Their Wealth, Provides a Solution to Broke Men and Women

How This Beautiful Couple made their wealth in just one year. A Kenyan man has impressed Netizens after he narrated how he started from a humble beginning with his wife before doors of luck opened wide for him. Modern ladies rarely stick with their spouses during tough times but for this man who identified himself […]

How to Make your Husband Give You All His Salary Each Month

My name is Mama Steve from Kisii County and I have had a lot of problems with my husband who always has to spend out anytime he earns his salary. Though at first he used to be a good man who took care of me well, the problem with him started immediately we got our […]

People Finds New Solution to Trace Lost Money as New Details Emerge

I am one of the guys in our office who are goodhearted. I lent my female colleague sh 200,000 so that to help her pay medical bills for her daughter who has been ailing for almost 3-years. The emotional colleague approached me one morning sobbing tears and when I asked her what was wrong she […]

Man Reveals Secret Behind Winning Elections

My name is Isaac and I am a Member of Parliament and currently running for my second term. I am very sure that I will be winning the race come what may. My story is long but to just shed some light on how I made it first to Parliament, I was not so good […]

I finally got back my wife who had left with a rich man next Estate -the best early Christmas present ever. I’m a married guy of 40 and my wife is 41

Her coming back home was the best early Christmas present ever.  My name is Tom from Thika and was left with my lovely wife some few month ago when I remained in complete loneliness. I almost went into depression after she had left. However, it was a few weeks ago when my friend brought someone […]

a Lady Reveals How Her Relationship Almost Ended After What Her Husband Did One Night

The bad day my man Returned in the evening, slapped me and demanded a Divorce. My name is Maggy and I was married to my hubby for 14-years where we had two children. Our marriage was doing great and I was happy because my hubby was a very mature man who treated me with respect […]

How to get a Well Paying Job In Minutes

My name is Hesbon from Thika and since completing my University studies, I never had luck with employment despite the many applications I made to various companies in and outside the country. If I am not very wrong, I had applied for over 25 jobs vacancies without much success where as my colleagues with whom […]

Details Emerge of a New Solution in Town to Help Fight Poverty and Bad Omen

Have you ever wondered why your former schoolmates are already working and stabilized in life when you are still lonely and languishing in abject poverty? This was my true story when I completed my Civil Engineering training with a degree but still no firm was willing to employ me. I continued putting my hands on […]

what to do when your househelp snatches your husband

Sylvia Anyango a 36 year old woman from Kisumu County was shocked to discover her husband of 8 years and father of her two children was sleeping with their house help. Sylvia said she rummaged through her hubby’s phone only to find a pile of messages to their house help. “I was so furious and […]

Wife Cries Out in Public After Realizing What Her Husband Was Doing

A friend of mine who also happens to be my former colleague has been in constant fights with his wife. Not even a week passes without them quarreling what has kept the neghbours wondering why all these domestic wrangles between ‘beautiful’ lovers. So one evening while we were having a drink at a local joint, […]

What to Do if You Wrongly Sent Money to a Person Via MPESA and He Refuses to Refund

This is what people are doing to get back money send to a wrong M-Pesa It was last December when I accidentally sent money to a wrong number. The sh 80,000 was supposed to be used for settling my sisters hospital bill. In fact the worst part was when the man who had received the […]

“Nimechoka Kudanganywa” Woman Speaks Over His Lying Husband

Woman threatens to commit suicide over cheating husband See how she got a permanent solution Cheating has made alot of marriages and relationships to break. Best relationships are built on open and candid communications it’s a good thing to work on this in your relationship but you cannot blame yourself if you found that your […]

A horny pastor caresses a newly married lady and orders her to kiss him while praying privately in a church room. CCTV camera shows!

In Makueni, a randy pastor has caused a stir after he was captured caressing a lady in church and ordered her to kiss him during a private prayer between the two.  A video clip shows. As part of a miracle service that was dedicated to all mothers who wanted their husbands to change their behaviours, […]

Why you Should Consider Traditional Medicine for your Health

We are living in a very competitive world. Knowledge is growing and experts are finding solutions to problems that were considered impossible to solve. One such field is the field of traditional medicine and traditional healing. Traditional healers come in many forms but one notable and reliable healing is that one coming in a structured […]

Emotional Story: Man Narrates How his Younger sister almost went to the Grave

There is a time my younger sister was almost dead after we had taken her to as many health facilities as possible without much success. We struggled with paying bills every year until we were drained dry before a woman by the name Sarah came home with one important advice. She directed us to an […]

Wife Caught Red Handed by Husband Enjoying a Good Time With His Brother On His Bed

My name is Richard Tanui from Kimumu Eldoret but now living in Kitui town where I work as a credit manager with a reputable international NGO. I have a story that still pains me anytime I think of it but because I am that kind of a person who would like others to learn from […]

Being Barren is not a Joke, Woman Narrates her Worst Experience

Do not laugh at me. I was Barren until I Took this step The desire to have own child has driven many to do unthinkable thinks. However, you can do very little to change your status. I am narrating this story not because I am not alive to the fact that in Africa it is […]

When you trust a Friend too much, Worrying details emerges

When my Trusted Boyfriend infected me with Gonorrhea. I have undergone untold suffering that no one can ever wish for any lady. In the name of seeking for love I have been hurt a lot until I said enough is enough. First, my name is Sylvia and I am 27 years old. Something happened in […]

Mother-in-Law Crash with Son’s Wife, Chasing Her Out of Her Mansion

The day mother in ln-law bundled me out of my own House and did this. I never knew getting a child especially when you are in marriage is a very important thing until it happened to me. I am Annett from Uasin Gishu having had a rough time maintaining my marriage which has been characterized […]

Wife and Nephew Caught in the Act as New Details Emerge

My own Wife and my Nephew have messed up my marriage. I have a 27 year old cousin who is a very hardworking person but has never found anything to keep him busy. Last month (November), he approached me asking for an accommodation so that he could look for something to do in Eldoret town. […]

How my husband and her secretary couldn’t wait to get to the hotel room! Randy workmates filmed having Sex in a double cab car. “Hii ni mbuzi au nini?”

My name is Susan from Makongeni, Nairobi. I have been living with a randy man for years now. He has been sleeping around with any woman who passes by. I have preserved for long just because I already have three kids with him. It was hard for me to move away as I always wanted […]

My thirsty wife from Kakamega always tells me “Fanya Haraka Umwage” only to find her having hot raw lungula with a neighbor. My ended my year so bad!

It is not a good story to tell to the public but I have decided to just leak it out myself since it disturbs me always. My wife has always been quick to tell me to finish up…like, “mwaga haraka” anytime we are having sex. As I speak we are blessed with three children and […]

Ladies don’t kill yourself. Just read what I had to do to my husband and his young side dish after busting them naked in a mall washroom

A married woman who revealed one of her names as Carol has narrated how she dealt with her cheating husband like a ‘gentle lady’ after she busted him with a side-dish in a mall. Instead of causing drama, she first went and greeted them and even asked for their bills to square which she paid. […]

He was busted on top banging her in a car without protection during the End year party. Colleagues filmed it raw!

After suspecting her for a long time since last year. Jackson finally managed to use other means to catch his cheating wife red-handed. This happened during the usual end year party celebrations when their organisation had a bash at a posh restaurant in along Thika Road, Nairobi. Reports indicated that after the staff had their […]

Jilted woman goes mad and destroys husband’s expensive ride in Nguma Estate Nairobi after busting husband with a ‘clande’

There was drama at Ngumba estate in Nairobi in December after a jilted woman unleashed terror on her husband’s car. Reports indicated that the jilted lover did the bizarre after she reportedly busted him (the husband) cheating in a lodging with a clande. “Kuna party ya December kwa hii club na huyu bwana aliingia hapa […]

Walishikwa wakinyanduana kwa nyumba! Drama as a driver is caught red-handed in the act with boss’s wife. Everything was filmed on Christmas Day

A man from Shauri Moyo Estate in Nairobi finally found his wife cheating with a driver in their own home. The proverbial forty days of a sexually starved driver who was having a secret affair with his boss’ wife reached after the boss laid a successful trap for them following reports from close friends that […]

A pastor almost stoned to death after an adventure with business man’s wife

A popular pastor was on a Monday of February 2016 stoned by an angry mob in Embu town after he was caught in a compromising situation with another man’s wife. Witnesses recounted the morning incident in which the wife followed the pastor’s car and watched it park outside a restaurant in which the two stayed for hours. […]

Raging Wife caught cheating husband with another girl. Tape goes viral

There was a peculiar moment in a restaurant where a woman walked in and started slapping a man who was having a good time with a beautiful dark lady. According to PhilNews which was first to report on this, the video footage of a raging wife caught her randy husband together with another girl went […]

A Nairobi man left reeling in shock after bailing out a cheating wife who was caught having explosive sex in a car

A man has narrated how a close friend went through a painful heartbreaking moment after he found out that his wife who was arrested by cops in Nairobi was having sex in a car with another man. Apparently, the lady called her husband crying and requested him to come to the station and bail her […]

Church choir lady caught pants down with a rogue pastor having a steamy lungula on church benches

As we all know, Christmas celebrations come with so many other church activities and this time my wife who likes singing choir did something very bad to me. Though, I have been suspecting her for sometime now, I did not envisage such ugly thing that she would mess with our own pastor. Someone had told […]

My husband and his Mpango chased me away from my own home like a dog but I revenged because I couldn’t let go

This festive period comes with so many challenges, and this time in particular, it was not quite good for one lady by the name Muthoni. Muthoini’s husband who works in the city came to their rural home with a woman whom he alleged was his cousin. For sure, love is sweet, but when 3 people […]

I caught my husband on top of our maid. I am still writhing in pain. Don’t laugh at me please!

I am Arriette, married and a masters Student with a local University in Nairobi but I just have to be sincere now – I was once heartbroken by my husband whom I caught pants down cheating with another woman. This is not the first time I am talking about this, I narrated in one of […]

Shock after police find disturbing paraphernalia in a personal car. Occupants flee

Police along Kenya-Uganda border during December Celebrations, flagged down a car after noticing something suspicious with it and instead of the occupants complying with the orders, they all jumped out and fled away. And when the police searched in the car, they found machetes, cutters, ropes and other crude weapons, an indication that the occupants […]

Call-WhatsApp Dr Mugwenu now for help