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  • Location: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda | Working Hours: Mon - Fri (From 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM) | Consultation Fee: $30 or Ksh 3000
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  • Location: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda | Working Hours: Mon - Fri (From 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM) | Consultation Fee: $30 or Ksh 3,000
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An attempt by Thieves to Rob a Hotel Near Gatundu Golf Centre Flops After What Has Happened

An attempt by thieves to rob one of the popular restaurants located at Gatundu near, Gatundu Golf Club has hit a snag after what happened on Sunday evening. Speaking the residents of Gatundu has reported that 8 thieves have been caught red-handed while attempting to break into the cashier’s office at the popular restaurant after […]

Kenyans React After Recently Sacked Cabinet Secretary’s Daughter Flaunts The Millions She Has In Her Bank and at Home Days After Dad Was Sacked

It was both a good and a sad story. Sad to those who thought Cindy was going to rot in hell and die of hunger and poverty in campus. It was good to those who knew her and wanted a slice of the large cake she had. Just when rumors had started circulating that she […]

Dramatic Incident in Nyeri After Two Couples Who Having S£x in a Lodging are Stuck Then This Happens

A cheating husband in Nyeri town found himself in a literal and figurative bind when he became stuck while engaging in intimate activities with someone else’s wife. The unusual situation unfolded in a dramatic fashion, with the two lovebirds unable to separate from each other, prompting the intervention of the much-discussed Mugwenu Doctors. The Mugwenu […]

How a Fearless Entrepreneur Brought a Corrupt Politician to His Knees!

### Damaris Njeri’s Tale: How I Got Justice Against a Politician Who Threatened My Life My name is Damaris Njeri, and I am from Nanyuki. I am a small business owner, and like many Kenyans, I work hard to make an honest living. Today, I want to share a story about how I fought back […]

Local Kiosk Owner Wins Heart of Stunning Woman, Defying All Odds and Leaves Police Boss Shocked

My name is Mark Odongo, and I’m from Onjiko, a small village in Kisumu. I’m a form four leaver who runs a modest kiosk in Kisumu Town. Today, I want to share an extraordinary story about how I escaped singlehood and found love with the help of Mugwenu Doctors. This is a story of how […]

Renown Businesswoman Uses Traditional Means to Punish Police Officer Who Stole TV During Demos in Mukuru Kwa Njenga

My name is Aisha Mohamed, and I am a businesswoman from Mukuru Kwa Njenga, a bustling settlement in Nairobi. For over ten years, I have built my business from the ground up, and today, I own three buses that ply the routes along Thika Road, Kiambu Road, and Jogoo Road from Nairobi CBD. My success […]

Bro Hata Hauna Kitu! Dramatic Scene in Embu Town After Slayqueen Slaps & Humiliated a Mubaba After Lodging Session

My name is Peter Murangiri, and I’m a businessman from Embu Town, Kenya. Today, I want to share an unusual but ultimately enlightening experience that profoundly impacted my life and marriage. It’s a story of betrayal, humiliation, and, surprisingly, reconciliation, thanks to the unconventional intervention of Mugwenu Doctors. A few months ago, I found myself […]

Betrayed and Avenged: How I Made a Conwoman Eat Grass and Return My Money

My name is Chinedu, and I am a spare parts dealer originally from Nigeria but currently based in Meru County, Kenya. I want to share my story of how I was cunningly swindled out of Kshs 300,000 by a woman named Faith Odhiambo, and how I managed to turn the tables on her with the […]

Kenyans Left Shock As Kiambu Police Officer Opens Up About a Planned Murder Spree After Noticing Her Lover Has 15 Boyfriends

Constable Oscar Kiplimo wanted to go on a murder spree. He secretly hacked his girlfriend’s phone and found out that he was no. 8 in her team of 16 guys, with his role being providing her with adequate security and money. His plan was simple: ask for a 14-day leave, purchase a gun from an […]

Amekufa Ama, Kware Residents Screams Out as Troubled Catholic Priest is Rushed In Hospital As Her Secret Lover Escapes Death as New Details Emerge

A pastor in Kware, Nairobi is still recovering from shock after finding his wife having sex with their priest in the church van. The wife had told the husband that she has gone to church to pray and she promised her husband that she would be back soon. However, after two hours, the wife had […]



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“He Had a Matchette and a Panga” Githurai Lady Recounts What She Saw on the Night of Protests, Drops Down in Tears

A woman identified as Dolphins from Githurai Nairobi has shared an emotional story on how she had been living in an abusive marriage. She said for the last six years she had been in marriage, she was being abused by her husband something that have her sleepless nights. She says she had nowhere to run […]


MP Shocked After His Female Lover Escapes With Ksh 10Million Loan He Took From a Government Bank, Fresh Details Emerge

As of the start of year 2024 life was going on well. Immediately after being elected I had taken a loan of Ksh 10 million to build my mother a house in Bungoma and buy a small car to take me to work. I went to my bank and processed the loan without the knowledge […]


How to Have a Conversation with the Dead

Communicating with the dead is a desire that has been shared by people for centuries. There are many different ways to try to communicate with the dead, but there is no one-size-fits-all approach. The best method for you will depend on your own beliefs and comfort level. Here are a few tips on how to […]


Father Causes Drama After Daughter Reveals to Her Mother “Dad Talks to a Secret Lover Everyday on Phone”

We had been living with my wife for the second year now. She was a loving person until she started listening to what people said about me as her husband. Things turned to be toxic in our marriage as she most of the time relied on rogue neighbors who gave her wrong and awful information […]


I Was Losing All Bets Until I Met This Professional

In the unpredictable world of gambling, where fortunes are won and lost with the roll of the dice or the spin of a wheel, a mysterious figure named Doctor Mugwenu is making waves with his purported “Win Bets Jackpots Spells.” For those who have faced continuous losses and shattered hopes, the narrative takes a turn […]


This is the reason why education alone may not help you. You will be shocked!

Some years back, education was perceived to be the only sure way of succeeding in life. Having a degree was highly valued but very few people had a chance of reaching University level contrary to the current situations. Currently, the country has many graduates who are unemployed and are still struggling to make some ends […]



How I saved my son who got addicted to drugs and other bad behaviors after joining campus

My son, Alex, joined campus some few months ago and as you know, it is the excitement of every parent to see their child succeed and soar to higher levels and this was a very exciting moment for me. However, three months into joining campus, I started getting calls from my son’s friends that he […]


How I won 5 million from sports bet.

A man by the name Humphrey is not believing what just happened to him the other day after he won a whopping sh 5 Million in sports betting something he had never done before. A jovial Humphrey mentioned that he had predicted an over 2.5 goals for all the eleven matches in his bet slip. […]


Disabled Woman Who Was Harassed by Nairobi County Askaris Finally Bags Kshs 5 Million Tender

Jennifer Munyiva, a disabled woman who was harassed and dragged by Nairobi County askaris in 2023, has finally bagged a Kshs 5 million tender to supply goods and services to the Nairobi County Government. Munyiva’s win is a major victory for people with disabilities and a reminder that anything is possible if you never give […]


Kenyans Conned Ksh 60Million In a Laptop Scam Have a Reason To Smile After Thieves Start Killing Themselves One By One

My name is Alex and three weeks ago, I decided to use all the savings I had to buy some two computers since I wanted to set up a cyber business. While scrolling on Facebook, I came across a seller who was sending very nice computers for a very fair price and I thus decided […]


My husband would bang me for five seconds, and slumber off.

I am Philice from Murang’a County. I have had a wonderful dating life with a handsome mature boy for three consecutive years and our sex life was always explosive that left me craving for more. My boy all along knew how well to handle a woman in bed and he gave me everything I wanted […]


How to Cast Marriage Spells That Really Work in 2023

Marriage is a sacred bond that unites two souls in love and harmony. However, not everyone is lucky enough to find their true soulmate or to keep their marriage happy and lasting. Sometimes, you may face challenges, conflicts, or doubts in your relationship that can make you feel hopeless or frustrated. If you are looking […]


How I got my husband to concentrate on our marriage after he became so obsessed with work

My name is Mary and I was married to my husband for 10 years where we had two children. At one point in our marriage, I realized my husband had become so absent in our marriage and even my kids started questioning where their dad was. He would leave early in the morning and come […]


Woman with four kids thanks the man who agreed to finally marry her.

Isn’t it amazing to be accepted the way you are? Well, this man Aggrey accepted to marry his wife Dinah despite the woman having four kids with another man. Immediately he took Dinah home, his family disowned him together with his wife and children. They refused to accept the move their son had made to […]

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    Here is what happened to this Kenyan man after he was caught on top of his maid by his wife

    I wish I could burst but before I sink into depression. Let me share with you what happened to me last month and how I managed to trap this silly husband. We had exams at my college, I am a Masters student. My husband was fully aware that when I would have exams I do […]

    Nilisikia Bibi Akilia, ”Aki Umeweka na vile iko kubwa, Nasikia Uchungu woye”, I Opened the Door And Saw This..

    I have not told anyone what I did last month after I found my boss sleeping with my wife.I always like keeping secrets but this one was too much. I work with a clinic in Nairobi as a nurse. I have been working here since 2015 and I have known it as my home. However, […]

    “My husband would send her mistress huge amounts of money leaving us at stake” Woman highlights

    Dealing with a cheating partner cannot be easy since most of those who cheat do it very careful and sometimes far away in places they will never be caught. My name is Fridah, a 26 year old lady working with an NGO in Nairobi but since Coronavirus heat the country, I have not been able […]


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