"Watoto wangu walikuwa wakishtuka kila usiku huku wakilia kwa vishindo nisijue cha kufanya" A Kakamega mother reveals what she did to her kids by the help of a powerful herbalist to end the situation

Sometimes people suffers not because suffering is for everyone but because some people make them to suffer. Wivu, chuki na uhasama umewaingia wanadamu to an extend nobody no longer cares about others. "It happened to my kids for several nights," says Juliana a 34-year-old woman.

According to Juliana, her three kids used to be crying at night and whenever she woke up she found her kids sweating and calm.

"It only happened at the same time for all of them. They were screaming loudly crying for help from me and their dad. I could hear them saying that, mum tunakufa....CONTINUE READING

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