I Swear Hii Familia Ina Laana. Wasichana Kazi Ni Kuzalishwa Wakirudi Nyumbani Kulea Watoto, Wenye Wamesoma Hawana Kazi na Mwenye Ako na Kazi, Mmoja tu, Ako na Madeni. Ugomvi Left Right and Centre. Dadangu Ameshinda Akizaa Vilema, Shida Tupu"

My best friend Lavender is convinced that her entire family is cursed. Initially, I disagreed with her but after looking at the evidence she provided, she does have a point. I hadn't taken a hard investigative look at her family until that moment, but all around, literally everyone seems to be under some sort of punishment.

Lavender's parents divorced three years ago, aren't on speaking terms. Her older brother Marcus, a teacher by profession, is living life in a loop. He gets his salary.... Continue Reading