High Traffic Jam Along Thika Road after a Thief Jumps Out of a Moving Car After Attack By a Swarm of Bees

A bizarre incident unfolded in Thika town, Kenya, where a car thief was reportedly apprehended by a swarm of bees after attempting to steal a vehicle. The dramatic turn of events left residents astonished and bewildered as the thief, identified as Francis, found himself in a peculiar predicament.

According to witnesses in Thika, Francis was seen in distress as he arrived at the town's police station, clutching car keys. Some onlookers even claimed to have observed a colony of bees accompanying the thief, stinging him along the way. The unusual sight of bees seemingly "arresting" a criminal quickly garnered attention and speculation within the community.

The story took an even stranger twist when....CONTINUE READING

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