"You Keep Saying That You Understand My Situation But Won't Allow Me To Sleep With Your Brother. How Else Am I Going to Get Pregnant?? You Are Clearly Infertile, Thanks to Your Alcoholism" Malaba Man Confesses Stressful Dilemma That Almost Broke His Marriage

My name is Timothy Wanjala, a 33-year-old married man from Malaba, a businessman dealing with Sugarcane harvesting. First of all, it happened innocently. I didn't know that my alcohol consumption was going to have a rippling effect on my health or my fertility levels.

I used to drink a lot, still do, in Campus. I met Sarah at a bar, which makes sense as she was a drinker too. Somehow, amidst the chaos and bar fights, we fell in love. We got married in 2017 and later, moved to Malaba to pursue self-employment.

Getting Sarah pregnant has been close to impossible. We've tried everything... Continue Reading