Wonders Will Never End as 28 Years Old Kenyan Man Share Pictures of His Mother Washing His Underwears, Brags About It

"She’s Washing My Underwears": Kenyan Man Shares Video of Her Mom-in-Law Doing Her Laundry.

Is it okay for a woman to wash the underpants of her son? This is the question many Kenyans are asking themselves following a viral video.
In a video that has now become a subject of discussion on radio, TV and all over social media, a woman was seen washing panties and other clothes belonging to her son.

Many who saw the clip were pissed off; others said it was just kiki (clout), while the rest claimed clothes are just clothes, and anyone can wash anyone’s clothes as long as they are feeling comfortable.
But here is what you don’t know about Mutuku, the man whose clothes were being washed by his mom.

In his account, he had previously married two abusive ladies who misused his wealth despite giving them all.

He had lived in poverty and lacked a job for 2 years despite having a master's degree. All the businesses he had started failed, the latest one being a mitumba stall at Toi Market that went up in flames in the recent fire.

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