Woman Narrates How She Managed to Get Her Daughter Out of Lesbiansm "Ata Mapastors Walishindwa"

My name is Lydia Chepkorir 47 years of age and a mother of one. My daughter Shila who is my one and only child and was studing at Egerton University in Nakuru. Shila 23 years of age has been giving me vibes of an ethical young lady who's focused with achieving her life goals and dreams. I was convinced that my daughter was the only one who could drive poverty out my life since she has always never been involved with any bad company and neither did she roam around with boys. Her presence in my life was a blessing in disguise.

Two years ago, I was at home when she called and told me that she didn't have any shopping at her house and she had run out of the up keeps and told me to send her something small. I decided that since I had plans to pay her tuition fee on the following week, considering... Continue Reading

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