Woman Goes into Labor Without Being Pregnant, Confesses Her Intentions

You will never steal again after reading this. A woman in Eldama Ravine mysteriously became pregnant and was rushed to the maternity wing, but what she gave birth to has left scientists and doctors scratching their heads.

There was drama at an Eldama Ravine hospital when a woman was wheeled into the delivery room after she mysteriously went into labour.
The woman, with no history of pregnancy, had her belly swollen, as it appears in pregnant women.

Her water had even broken, but what puzzled the doctors was that all their attempts to encourage her to push were futile.
They were forced to use imaging machines to try and see the position of the baby, and that was when they encountered the shock of the century. There was no baby in the womb—it was just a swollen vacuum.

Throughout the ordeal, the woman insisted to the doctors that she had not been pregnant, but they dismissed her, thinking she was delusional and overwhelmed by the birthing process. Her pain was intense, causing chaos in the room.

After about two hours, she requested the doctors to call her pastor, and what she said after the preacher arrived left the delivery room in stunned silence.
“Pastor, please forgive me. I am the one who has brought this upon myself. I organised the break-in that resulted in the music system being stolen. I am sorry. Tomorrow, I will ensure they are returned to the church,” she confessed, leaving the medics in disbelief.

The pastor simply smiled and said:
“You have been forgiven, my daughter. Avoid bad company.”
The preacher revealed that after reporting the theft at the police station, a church elder contacted Mugwenu doctors at +254740637248, who cast a powerful spell for catching thieves.

The spell, according to the herbalists, tormented the woman and even made her experience painful labour. After her confession, her pain subsided, and her belly slowly returned to normal.
The incident has left doctors puzzled at how the mysterious powers of ancient healers, Mugwenu Doctors, can defy the laws of science. Mugwenu Doctors are renowned for catching thieves using bees and other methods, as well as unleashing powerful spells that compel confessions.
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