[VIDEO] Wife Painfully Crashes With Her Husband's Sidechick After Her Texts, Promises to Revenge

"Imagine his mistress kuniambia eti Mimi ni mama Mzee Sana nangoja nini kufa and James did nothing. He was there.”

Sonnie, a mother of three, has shared a distressing account of verbal abuse from her husband’s mistress. Married to James, a banker, right after her university graduation, Sonnies enjoyed a prosperous early marriage. As an Actuarial Science graduate, she didn’t seek employment, relying on her husband for provision.

The harmony, however, began to wane after their third child’s birth, as James’s attention wandered to other women. Sonnie learned from a church member that James frequently visited an apartment in Lovington, likely engaging in an affair. Her suspicions were confirmed, and Sonnie confronted James at his mistress’s residence.

The mistress later insulted Sonnie over the phone, calling her “Mama Mzee” (an old mother) and suggesting she was waiting to die, all while James remained silent. The confrontation led to James abandoning their matrimonial home for his mistress.
Sonnies plunged into depression, her world collapsing. A friend, fearing for her life and her children’s future, intervened, promising help.

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