What I heard a village girl who came to stay with me for some days say while having sex with my husband "I love You, Ingiza Yote"

Last month, a certain lady from the village called me and said she wanted to come and stay in my house for some few weeks since she had gotten a job in a company in Nairobi. I was happy to help since her mother was my mother's best friend, and my mother also pleaded with me to take her in. She was to stay at my house for two months and move to her own place after getting her first salary.
My husband did not have a problem, and she came to stay with us. She was good at first; she would leave the house after cleaning and even cooking, and she really behaved well in my house that I had even started loving her.
Into the third week of being in my house, I started noticing that the girl was flirting a lot... Continue Reading