Uuuuui! Uuuuui! Uuuuui! Church Service in Kisii Ends Prematurely, Attendees Storm Out Running

Uuuuui! Uuuuuui! Uuuuui! The air was filled with a chorus of shock and disbelief as a church service in Kisii took an unexpected turn. On a seemingly ordinary Sunday, the congregation of the local church witnessed something they never thought they would see - their beloved Pastor caught red-handed with a packet of Viagra dosage. The event unfolded like a dramatic scene from a movie, leaving the churchgoers stunned and the Pastor's reputation hanging in the balance.Boda-Bodas - the enduring menace of Kenya's motorbike taxis - BBC News

Pastor Benjamin, a well-respected figure in the community, was leading the service as usual when one of his congregants spotted... Continue Reading