University Student Wins KSh 7.9 Million After Betting With KSh 90: "I Froze in Disbelief"

Daniel Muthiani, a student at Machakos University and an orphan, has won an astonishing KSh 7.9 million from a KSh 90 bet on the popular betting platform, Betika. The young man, who has faced many hardships throughout his life, turned to Mugwenu Doctors for a money spell that he credits with his newfound fortune.


Daniel's story began in the small village of Mlolonmgo, where he was raised by his grandmother after his parents passed away when he was just a child. Despite the challenges of growing up without his parents, Daniel was determined to succeed in life. He excelled in his studies and was awarded a scholarship to attend Machakos University, where he is currently pursuing a degree in Economics.


However, the financial burden of university life weighed heavily on Daniel, and he often struggled to make ends meet. With his scholarship covering only tuition fees, he had to find a way to support himself and pay for his living expenses. It was during this time that he turned to sports betting as a way to earn some extra money.

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"I had been betting for a couple of years, but I never won anything substantial," Daniel said. "I was just trying to make enough to get by, but it never seemed to work out."


It was then that Daniel decided to try something different. He had heard about Mugwenu Doctors, a group of traditional healers known for their powerful spells and herbal remedies. Desperate for a change in his fortune, he sought out their help.


"I met with Mugwenu Doctors and explained my situation," Daniel recalled. "They listened to me and gave me a money spell that they said would help me win big."


With nothing to lose, Daniel placed a KSh 90 bet on Betika, using the numbers given to him by Mugwenu Doctors. To his amazement, he won the jackpot, earning a staggering KSh 7.9 million.