[VIDEO] Two Men Screams Out For Help After Being Caught Stuck While Making Love Together In an Expensive Hotel in Nairobi

Shocking details have emerged in Nairobi after two men have been caught stuck together in a hotel while making love as new details emerge.

At the scene, the eye witnesses have been shocked wondering why that could have happened and who in particular could have been cheating.

Speaking, one of the victims while hiding his face not to be seen by public has said that,

"I have severally been warned by my wife not to engage in the gayism act for a living and work like other men but her advice has fallen into deaf ears. These are the results," the victim has said.

Adding "My wife has been against this for long but I have not been doing this deliberately, but because of the poverty situation in our family. I have been suffering in search of a Job and opted to get quick money by practising gayism. I am sorry Jessicca."

The statements by the victim has left the witnesses shocked with some asking him "Had your wife told you the action she was to take to stop you from gayism?"

The victim has not hesitated to say "She told me that should I fail to stop, she was going to teach me a life lesson and that it was evil money."

On arrival at the scene Janet Mukami the wife to the victim has said that, "I had warned him after knowing that he was pushing with a rich man from Lavington area, Nairobi and I opted to seek the help of Dr Mugwenu via his number 0740637248 to stop him. This are the results."

"Sitawatenganisha hadi wanilipe Ksh 650,000," Janet has maintained.

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