Tragedy of a Lifetime; How I Lost 12 Relatives And Loved Ones in the Space of 9 Months in Siaya

I hate funerals, especially those without professional mourners. I have attended 12 consecutive funerals this year alone, and I'm convinced am next. People around me have been dropping dead like flies all year round.

First went my mother, then three of her sisters and my aunts in quick succession. As if that was not enough encounter with the angel of death, uncles, nephews and nieces followed, culminating in the mysterious demise of my father less than three weeks ago. I've sent funeral invitations almost every week, printed and made phone calls so frequently two of my best friends don't pick my calls anymore. I understand them completely, because the last seven calls have all been announcements of death.

My name is Isaac Otieno, a resident of Siaya and a father of one. Our once healthy numbers at the compound have been decimated, leaving only....CONTINUE READING

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