Three-Hour Brawl in Malaba Town: Police and Matatu Conductor Clash Over Widow Near Kenya-Uganda Border

In an unprecedented turn of events, chaos erupted in Malaba Town, near the Kenya-Uganda border, as police officers and a matatu conductor engaged in a three-hour-long brawl over a widowed woman. The town was brought to a standstill as the altercation escalated, drawing the attention of bystanders and passersby.

The focal point of the altercation was a woman identified as Wanjiru, who recently lost her husband. However, what initially seemed like a routine dispute quickly spiraled into a full-blown confrontation as it emerged that the widow was the object of desire for both parties involved.

Eyewitnesses reported that tensions flared when Mwaniki, a local police officer, and Kenya Now Administration police clashed with a matatu conductor.... Continue Reading