"This is Pure Witchcraft!!! How did He Win That Case??" Shock in Milimani Law Courts as Politician Accused of Doctoring Documents Walks Scot Free as New Details Emerge

A case involving a politician sparked quite the debate last week in Bura Galole,Tana River county after he won a court battle in controversial ways. Ahmed Bashora had been accused of using fake Certificates to capture the most recent MP seat. Despite his rival’s best efforts, he won the case in Spectacular fashion, as the judge acquitted him of all charges and even went as far as praising him in court for being tall, dark and handsome.

This led to rumors surfacing that Ahmed has solicited witchcraft to not only clinch the coveted seat but also win the case. When those accusations were labeled against him, he admitted to have sought the services of a traditional herbalist called....CONTINUE READING

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