Thieves Who Stole In Meru During Protests Face The Music As 10 AK47 Guns Are Discovered

The incidence happened at a pub in Meru Town around 8pm. It is said that the two men had been ordering a lot of alcohol and at the same time buying for anyone who asked them to do so. The waitress to the pubs counter said that she was so much shocked where the guys had got all that money they had been splashing by buying people drinks. After sometimes, the two started complaining of stomach aches. Things became worse as they rolled on the pubs floor like snakes.

The pub's management hurriedly planned on a way to take them to hospital but within no time, a man came from nowhere and claimed the two had just robbed him ksh 350,000, money he had withdrawn from an Equity agent around that area. He said if.....CONTINUE READING

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