3 Robbers Gets Stuck at a Mhindi Shop in Eastleigh After Breaking Into the Shop to Steal Clothes Worth 7Million

Another set of thieves have found themselves to blame in their attempt to steal from one of the big shops in Eastleigh as new details emerge.

On the wake of Monday Morning 3 thieves have been caught rend handed while busy trying to steal away clothes from one of the shops in the area owned by a rich indian.

Speaking at the scene, witnesses and who are workers in the boutique have informed that they were on their daily routine of opening the shop where they were shocked to see 3 people stranded inside without a trace of how they found their way into the shop.

The thieves could neither run nor move and everyone held the amount of new clothes he had tried to steal wrapped in a big gunia.

In what has shocked the residents, the owner Mr Ramji has arrived at the scene where he has opened up warning the thieves that "your 40 days have reached."

The owner has called the police who have swing into action, going further to perform some rituals to help release the thieves where they were stuck.

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