Shocking Story as a Woman in Pain Reveals How She Revenged on a Woman Who Stole Her Husband

My husband of 15 years almost divorced me for a woman who lives in Mlolongo.It started when the woman relocated to Mlolongo in an estate where my husband works as a care taker.At first I didn’t suspect anything since my husband pretended to be a committed Christian.We lived happily until he started losing interest in me.He could come at night,at around 10 pm,go straight to the bed without asking for food.In the bed,he would sleep as if I am not sleeping next to me…he completely forgot me.

I started sensing that there was something wrong in his life.I had been used to a man who the first thing he asks for is food, the first thing he asks for in bed is to sleep with me.Then here is a completely changed man.The red sign made me to start investigating... Continue Reading

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