Screams and Commotion Witnessed in a Church as Chronic Thief Frogmarched to Church After Stealing Bishop's Underwears in Kariobangi

"Mwizi Mwizi!!! Shika huyo!! Kamata yeye!!" Shouts could be heard urging anyone to catch Muchiri before he gets too far. He surprised many, for despite a load carefully placed on his shoulders, he was running so fast nobody could get to him. In a flash, he was gone!! He had the audacity to enter the Pentecostal Church in Kariobangi and steal from the Bishop's house!! To make matters worse, he didn't just steal the previous day's tithe offerings, he stole some Underwear too.

This shocked many, for they didn't expect him to be that daring. Muchiri had peeped through a small hole Sunday morning, only to witness the Bishop stuffing money under a pillow to be deposited at a local bank the next day. He took that as his one opportunity to kick hunger and poverty in the balls and walk away with thousands.

Disturbing details have been found after it has emerged that....CONTINUE READING.

Imagine the Church Bishop Trying to...CONTINUE READING