6 Kenyans Die After Stealing 3000 bags of Fertilizer Hidden in Eastleigh as New Details Emerge

6 Kenyans who had robbed 3000 bags of fertilizer from one of the wholesale agrovets owned by one of the Kiambu tycoon has committed suicide with detectives able to storm to the place where the bags had been hidden.

On Thursday morning drama has been witnessed in Eastleigh where residents have been shocked by the sad news of the death of 6 robbers while in store where they had hidden the fertilizers they had stolen as new details emerge.

Speaking, the residents who were at the scene have informed that it so unclear on what led to the death of the 6 seeing that it was less than 3 weeks since they rented the go down.

It alleged that the fertilizer had gone missing from one of the Kiambu tycoons stores whose name remain a secret with residents informing that,

"The tycoon had made it clear that he had the protection spells from Dr Mugwenu and had warned that should his fertilizer fail a return, then dire consequences would follow. 2 weeks ago," one of the residents has said a move that has left many wondering how powerful is Dr Mugwenu and his spells.

The owner on hearing the news, he has arrived with detectives who have confirmed that the fertilizer are his since they have the serial number in each bag and happy thanking God and Dr Mugwenu saying,

"Kenyans need to learn how to protect themselves from Thieves through obtaining property protection spells by calling 0740637248 and get helped."