Shocking Confession Of a Man Who Used to Abduct Men and Women In Broad Daylight To Feed Demons Their Blood In Kakamega

"I had to bring them someone fresh every day to feed from. It was either that or they drink from my veins. I had to come up with a creative way to ensure they don't starve, as I secretly tried to find a way to rescue myself from their deadly grasp" Sospeter Wekesa recounts his encounter with blood-thirsty blood-sucking Demons in Kakamega.

Sospeter recounts that he went into a cave near the river, which meandered near his father's land. Inadvertently, he collapsed moments later, only to wake up the next day, dizzy and feeling rather awkward. Since then, the demons got a taste of blood and thus, wanted more.
Every day, he had to go to town, lure unsuspecting people on a motorbike, mostly children, with... Continue Reading

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