Screams Rent Air After Vocal MCA from Coast is Found Stuck in a room With a Dark Skinned University Girl

A married randy Member of County Assembly MCA form Coast region was found stuck in a lady he was munching in a hotel room.

The county lawmaker had come with the young beautiful woman in the hotel on the fateful day ready to test her fresh fruit. Those who know him say he is fond of paying young school girls for sex escapades at the hotel. The MP had been cheating on his wife with young women for more than a year; that is according to his neighbours. In fact, some sources claimed he has been cheating with other women now for the third year after he landed the assembly job.

He was not a lucky man on that day however, for in the middle of the act, he could not pull out of the lady. The more he tried to free himself, the painful it...CONTINUE READING

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