Screams Rent Air After Villagers Finds Out Shocking Truth Behind the Popular Brew in Embu County Where Untouchable Woman Uses Human Bones to Attract Customers

KIRITIRI, Kenya — Police officers from Kiritiri Town in Mbeere South in Embu County were shocked and disgusted when they raided a home where illicit brew was being cooked and found human bones dipped in a tank of the concoction.

The officers, who were on a routine patrol on Thursday, had received a tip-off from a local resident about the illegal activity at the home of Joyce Karimi, a notorious brewer in the area. They expected to find the usual suspects: drums of fermented sorghum, jerrycans of water, and sacks of sugar. But what they saw when they entered the compound was beyond their imagination.

In a corner of the compound, there was a large metal tank filled with a brown liquid that smelled like alcohol. The officers approached the tank and lifted the lid, only to be greeted by.....CONTINUE READING

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