Screams Rent Air in Nairobi Fedha After Man Plans To Sacrifice his 2 Children and Wife for Ksh 5 Million Exposed

You will be rich, this are the wordsthe man claims to have been told after being offered a token of Ksh 5M as an appreciation fee for agreeing to murder his family members as new details emerge.

They would drink blood samples and even engage in cozy. Omondi, now a transformed plumbing contractor, says he even sacrificed his two sons and their mother-his wife as he had been promised relatively good cash only for things to go amiss.

He later regretted the move after unknown illness struck his family. They were no longer at peace. For a month, Omondi says his life was no longer the same, having betrayed his family for money. Unknown creatures would sack.....CONTINUE READING

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