Ruai Man Who Was Carried By Floods From South C to JKIA Reveals What She Caught Wife Doing Yesterday

n a shocking turn of events, James Mwangi, a resident of Ruai, has come forward with a harrowing tale of betrayal and misfortune. After being swept away by the torrential floods that ravaged South C, Mwangi found himself miraculously deposited at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA). However, his troubles were far from over. In a candid interview, Mwangi revealed the disturbing events that unfolded the day after he sought the help of Mugwenu Doctors to catch his wife cheating on him.
Mwangi, who had been suspicious of his wife's infidelity for some time, decided to consult the mystical Mugwenu Doctors in an attempt to confirm his suspicions. Little did he know that the consequences of this action would lead him on a journey that would change his life... Continue Reading