Real Life Terminator Moment in Donholm As Man Gunned Down Days Before By Police Spotted At Bar, Body Goes Missing From Morgue As More Details Emerge "The Search For The Deceased Person Continues" Police Say

A shocking, inexplicable incident in Donholm has left residents scratching their heads, after a report of a dead man walking reached them. The police maintain that Joshua Makori is dead, after a shooting incident during which two men were gunned down. They are sure that one of those men is Joshua. They saw him drop dead, picked him and took his lifeless body to the morgue awaiting a postmortem and a quick burial.

For months, Joshua had been on the police radar, dealing mostly in kidnappings and ransom collection. For months, they had failed to locate him. An insider within his gang gave him away, his location and potential route. The police arrived with one mission only; take him in, dead or.....CONTINUE READING

Shockingly though, exactly three....CONTINUE READING