I felt a tongue in my mouth when I was asleep then she said, “Please make me feel like a woman”

I was just falling asleep when I felt a tongue inside my mouth, I opened my eyes, and her breath was heavy and warm, and she said, “I want you. Please make me feel like a woman.”

My name is Obed. Love had been elusive to me for long. No woman seemed to like me. Some that I dated claimed that I was a clean freak, some claimed I was too religious, while others told me I was not a fun person, but an amulet portion changed all this.

So, I gave up with love and became a joker in the office. I am known for firing rib-cracking jokes that always spread joy in the office, especially on dull days.
But then, there was this lady in the office. Her name was Kemunto, she seemed to pay close attention to my jokes and even moved her desk close to mine.

She was six years older than me. I used to call her mom. It was a form of respect for her. But sometimes my jokes would get dirty, and she still liked them.
Her boyfriend was known to me as he would sometimes come to pick her up from the office. I, however, did not like him since he was abusive.

Kemunto could tell me how he could mistreat her sometimes and I hated him because of that. That is why I always wanted to make her happy every day.
“I am even planning to dump him. I will go for another man I like so much, and he is funny,” she told me one day.

Dirty jokes

Some of the nasty jokes I would tell her were inspired by how I felt about her. She was older but very hot. She has this figure 8; her bum is curvy and always pops whenever she is trousers.

One day, she even got in an altercation with the HR who claimed she was after taking people’s husbands in the office.
She is taller than me. But I like her.
I would tell her how I would do things to her if I found myself with her in a private room.

“You will not walk… after I am done. You will beg me not to stop but also beg me to stop because you can no longer take the wood,” I would tell her, and all she did was smile.

One day in February 2023, we were selected to represent the company in an event that was going on in Kakamega. We booked the bus and we travelled together. We booked separate rooms for the three-day event.

During the last day of the event, as we were having dinner and making her laugh with my childish jokes, she asked me If indeed, I was serious when I told her what I would do to her nasty things if I ever found her in a private room.
She looked at me with piercing eyes, and at some moment, she bit her lips, indicating she was in the mood.
But how could I? I was calling her mom at work. I respected her; I was afraid of her age.

“I feel lonely in that room of mine; it is scary. I am coming with you today. I will sleep on the couch in your room, don’t worry,” she said.
That night, we talked a lot; the next day, we were to travel back, so we had the whole night to chat. At some point, we cuddled a little and tickled each other, and all the jokes I would tell her would send her into blasting laughter.
We turned off the lights and said good night.

Please come sleep with me
She started sleeping on the seat, but I later told her to come sleep with me. I was feeling her but still kept it professional. She was warm. I dozed off.
We slept in a cuddling position.
During the night, I felt a tongue inside my mouth; I knew I was not dreaming; it was real. She had kissed me.
Her breath was warm and heavy. Just what I wanted. Just what I was fantasising about all the years I knew her.
Then she said:
“I want you; please make me feel like a woman.”

I am so easy; I was all aroused, I held her backside, and the night was lit. She immediately knew that I was a virgin, but I did not disappoint. She took charge several times, and she hit cloud nine two times.

“How lucky am I,” I asked myself.
We travelled back the following morning, and she came to my place. For a whole week, she operated from my place, and that is how we fell in love, and we are now a couple.

I got a job elsewhere just to avoid some oddity that would have played at work.
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