Stealing In The Name Of The Lord!! Rogue Pastor Found Red-handed In a Strip Club In Mtwapa Having Fun

Beneath the mask, the fake smiles, the judgy looks and holier-than-thou attitude, there is an animal, begging to be released, be seen, to be understood and wanting to enjoy, be care-free, be wild and be spontaneous. On the outside, we portray innocence, order and a want to be admired. The inside?? A burning sensation to be scandalous, to be the villain, the most wanted of them all.

Pastor Bramwel Mutumba had nowhere to hide, after a video of him in a strip club in Mtwapa, surrounded by at least four naked women, surfaced online. His initial plan backfired badly, as he chose the "Shaggy statement of distancing himself from the crime scene and saying...CONTINUE READING

The move has made many of his followers to....CONTINUE READING