Parents in Tears and Fear After Those Youths Who Stole In Nairobi Start Dying One After Another

A section of youths who robbed a young lady by the Name Regina Koome his handbag which had carried Ksh 300K among her personal items have themselves to blame as shocking details emerge.

Regina Koome didn't expect that she was one day going to be a victim of the infamous grabbing in Nairobi. She was in the middle of the street after all. No one is mad enough to do it here, she thought. I'm safe, right?? Wrong!! In a flash, a man emerged from behind and as she turned to look, he grabbed her handbag and almost took her to the ground with the sheer force that he pulled and took off!!

By the time she could let out a deafening scream, he was bending in a far....CONTINUE READING

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