"Nitakubomoa Proper, Stupid Idiot" Limuru Woman Threatens Mother-in-law After Bitter Fall Out After She Discovered A Plot To Replace Her With Another Woman

Shirleen Waithera went into a frenzy, anger getting the best of her. This was after she overheard her mother-in-law, who had come to visit for a few days, on the phone, urging a lady to pack her things and come over to help her drive Shirleen out of the house. She was hatching a plan to replace her with another woman right under her nose!! She smelled the foul play and decided to put a stop to her wicked plan

Silly' things some Nakuru women fight over

"You have lost all the respect I once had for you. Usicheze na mimi, nitakubomoa proper urudi kwako. Nimekukosea nini ndio upange kuniletea mwanamke mwingine??" she asked her bitterly. Shirleen knew that her mother-in-law was harboring reservations about... Continue Reading

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