"Nimekupanulia Miguu, Gonga Hiyo Kitu Bwana," Kasarani AP Bitterly Narrates How He Caught His Church-Wedded Wife Cheating

Living in Kasarani as an Administration Police (AP) officer, my life was relatively routine until that fateful day when everything turned upside down. My name is Paul Mwaka, and I recently experienced the devastating blow of discovering my church-wedded wife cheating on me with a local mutura vendor. It was a moment that shattered my world and left me reeling with a mix of anger, betrayal, and confusion.

For weeks, I had suspected something was amiss. My wife’s behavior had changed, and there were signs that I couldn’t ignore. Desperate for the truth, I decided to seek help from Mugwenu Doctors, renowned traditional healers known for their ability to address various personal and social issues, including infidelity. Little did I know... Continue Reading

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