Nilisikia Bibi Akilia,”Aki Umeweka na vile iko kubwa ,Nasikia Uchungu woye”,I Opened the Door And Saw This

I have not told anyone what I did last month after I found my boss sleeping with my wife.I always like keeping secrets but this one was too much.

I work with a clinic in Nairobi as a nurse. I have been working here since 2015 and I have known it as my home. However, something strange happened to me last month until I decided to revenge.

I remember it was a Friday evening and we had an emergency case in our other hospital in Thika.But that day my wife was to come in our clinic for a medical checkup…she always come for a medical check up.I told my senior that my wife is coming and requested him to attend to her. Since I have been working with the doctor, I trusted him. I called my wife and....CONTINUE READING

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