"Niko Na Watoto na Wanakaa Ogolla Wote" Drama in Kisumu Town as Mysterious Woman Claims Wealth of Late Ogolla

In a Dramatic moment in Kisumu, a woman named Damaris Otieno has caused a stir by claiming that she is the mother of Dr. David Ogolla's children and is therefore entitled to a share of the late Ogolla's wealth. The drama unfolded when Ms. Otieno boldly approached the Ogolla family, asserting her rights as the mother of the deceased's offspring.
Damaris Otieno, a 35-year-old resident of Kisumu, made headlines when she publicly declared, "Niko na watoto na wanakaa Ogolla wote." This translates to "I have children and they all bear the Ogolla name." According to her, she had a secret relationship with the late Dr. David Ogolla, a prominent figure in the community, and as a result, she is the rightful mother of his children.

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