"Najua Hatawahi Rudia Tena" Woman Shocks Kenyans as She Reveals What Happened to Her Cousin After Sleeping With Her Husband

My name is Leila and I was very excited after my boyfriend proposed to me a month ago and told me he wanted me to be his wife. It was a very magical moment for me and I could not wait to be his wife and start raising children together. My family heard that he heard proposed to me and asked me to take him home so that they could meet him.Viral This Week: Woman Behind Viral Mansion Speaks, Masaai Lady Rejects to  Sleep With Hubby's Friend - Tuko.co.ke

I was nervous that my family would not like him but the introduction went very well. My parents, siblings and even my cousins instantly loved my boyfriend and this gave us the courage to start... Continue Reading