“I Make Them Squirt”: Nairobi Sponsor, 65, Calls On Live Radio And Reveals Why Young Women Like Him

“Maina, dawa ya mwanamke ni chuma ya nguvu kitandani. She will be yours, hata asikie you are planning to bring a second, third or fourth woman, she will just sta na hawezi kukusumbua bora unalima yeye vizuri.”

Nairobi – A wealthy man owning a chain of pharmaceutical stores in Nairobi has made a stunning confession on live radio.
During one of the popular morning shows, the man revealed that despite his age, he was still enjoying pleasurable moments with young women who followed him because of his money and tender car.

The elderly man called in to contribute on a topic where a woman had dumped a man because he bought her a Vitz, yet he was expecting a Benz.

Old man - Maina, dawa ya mwanamke ni pesa na chuma ya nguvu kitandani. She will be yours, hata asikie you are planning to bring a second, third or fourth woman, she will just stay na hawezi kukusumbua bora unalima yeye vizuri na unampea pesa.

Maina – How old are you?
Old Man – I will be 66 in December Maina but bado na kunywa maziwa. I have about four young women whom I take care of. I pay their rent and everything, and in return, they take care of me. I make them drip every day.

Maina – How do you manage?
Old man - I am a widower. I am in good health thanks to the herbal medicine that I get from Mugwenu Doctors called Omugalula. It had cured my arthritis and body joint pain, which had kicked in when I turned 59. Sahii I am 66 but I feel like a youth,nachapa iyo kitu hadi wanasquirt. And they like it that way.
Maina – My God.. At 65 and you are still in the game. King’ang’i, we need to look for this Omugalula.
Old man - That one is for arthritis. You can, however, use another supplement called Omushalazi. It makes you last long and unleashes the beast in you.

Maina: Thank you, bwana…have a nice day.

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