Nairobi Man rushing home from watching Man City Match finds wife stuck in bed with neighbour

“Jamaa ameokoka, but anakula bibi za watu kama njugu. She is always very cold with me whenever I come back at night; she never wants me to touch her. Now I know, kumbe anakuwanga ameshapewa vitu na mtu wa keyboard anasikia tuu poa.”

Nairobi - Residents near City Cabanas, along Mombasa Road, were treated to a free scene after one man, identified as Stevo, was caught red-handed under the sheets with a neighbour's wife.

Stanley, the man of the house, had gone out to watch the UEFA Champions League Man City vs Copenhagen, which ended in a 3-1.

He, however, decided to return home early before the match even ended, and when he entered his house, he heard strange noises coming from the bedroom.

He stealthily checked in and found his wife on top of a man. He, however, decided to go outside to call his neighbours since the two had not learned of his presence.

His wife was expecting him at around 1am, which has always been his usual time of arriving home whenever he went out to watch soccer with his boys.

Together with the neighbours, they stormed the bedroom only to find the two completely naked, but more disturbing was the fact that it was Stevo, their immediate neighbour and praise and worship leader in a nearby CITAM church. It was a shame.

The two were in pain and stuck. Yes, they were glued together and unable to separate.

“The husband is a football fanatic; he goes to watch football with his friends and arrives home late. He arrived home early today since he had an early
morning engagement only to discover Stevo, their immediate neighbour, has been the one enjoying the warmth of his wife,” said Mose, another neighbour.

When questioned about why he remain calm despite catching his wife in the act, the man said he suspected she was cheating and set a trap for her but he did not expect it would be Steve his good friend.

He added that he was also baffled that it happened in their own house.

“Jamaa ameokoka, but anakula bibi za watu kama njugu. She is always very cold with me whenever I come back at night, she never wants me to touch her. Now I know, kumbe anakuwanga ameshapewa vitu na mtu wa keyboard anasikia tuu poa,” the man said.

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