Nairobi Church Explodes After Man Testifies Divorcing His Wife After Infecting Her With HIV/AIDs

“Nunuu imepanuka saana, iko Kubwa after bibi kuzaa, that is why nacheat…But they gave me a special ointment which I used on my nunuu. Sahii iko tight kama kifuniko ya gas vile mzee anataka. Iko tamu saana.”

Gloria, a mother of two from Nakuru, has narrated how her husband Njuguna infected her with STIs and later dumped her for another woman.
She described her husband as a narcissist who would sleep around with women, and whenever she confronted him, he would beg for forgiveness and promise to change.
Njuguna would change for a while and treat her well, but he would later go back to his old ways.

During that time, she would treat infections which would re-occur now and then.

"I lived knowing my husband would bring home HIV, huyo Mwanamme si alikuwa anahanya! Kama ni Kaswende alinipa mara nyingi, being a housewife and an orphan I had nowhere to go or even money to start my own life, it was painful."
Her husband later abandoned her with their two children and moved in with another woman.

"Aliniacha Kwa ploti na watoto wawili. He claimed I was nolonger sweet after nimezaa. In his words, he said ‘Nunuu imepanuka saana, iko kubwa after bibi kuzaa, that is why nacheat’.This was the most painful moment of my life. Life became difficult. My children would beg neighbours for food."
A neighbour who sympathised with her connected her with herbalists Mugwenu Doctors.

"Mama flani Kwa ploti alinionea huruma so she connected me with native doctor Mugwenu Doctors. Alisema Mugwenu Doctors amesaidia watu wengi in such like conditions and true to her words Mugwenu Doctors offered to help me after listening to my sad story. She gave me incense to burn in the house, calling my husband's name, and other love paraphernalia to apply in the house."
Gloria was shocked that just within two days, her husband came back begging for forgiveness. Mugwenu Doctors have since fixed his high appetite for other women, and he no longer cheats.

" Mugwenu Doctors waliokoa ndoa yangu, Njuguna si amebadilika, we are happy and for the first time I am enjoying my marriage. Mugwenu Doctors also gave me a special ointment which I used on my nunuu, sahii iko tight kama kifuniko ya gas vile mzee anataka."

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