"My Wife Can't Give Me Peace! She Keeps Attacking Me In My Dreams Just Because I Married Another Woman After She Passed Away!!" Kisii Man Cries Out

According to my knowledge what I understand is that a marriage is only valid when both couples are alive. If one dies then the marriage is over and the remaining person should never be restricted whenever he or she decides to find love and happiness.im sure this applies and should apply to any other religion.

Ever since the death of my first wife I have never found peace of mind. She attacks me in my dreams and strangles me urging me to die and join her since we loved each other while she was alive. At first I thought it was hallucinations but later in found out that it was real and she even developed a habit of making her presence felt by either uncovering me while a sleep or dropping something whenever I was at the kitchen.

She threatened that if I don't die....CONTINUE READING

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