"My Life is In Danger, My KDF Ex-Boyfriend Is Hunting Me Down Like An Antelope in The Wild, Wants To Kill Me" Kitui Lady Recounts Horrific Encounter With A Man Who Won't Let Her Go

After more than eight months of fear and emotional stress, Melissa Musyoki decided to call it quits with Edward. She breathed a sigh of relief after months of enduring his rude behavior, unapologetic, too controlling and very jealous. According to Edward, a woman is supposed to do everything a man tells them to, bow in his presence and treat him like a King. Melissa thought her troubles were over, and rejoiced at finally confronting him and calling him out for being both unruly and a control freak. Her joy was short-lived, as less than two days later, Edward called her, ordering her to apologize to him for breaking up with him without his permission.

"I don't accept your termination of our relationship. As far as I'm concerned, we are still in a very healthy relationship, one that will one day result in marriage and thirteen kids. You are going nowhere, as we are not done yet. Either we continue or suffer the consequences" he barked at her.

What followed next was.....CONTINUE READING

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