The Mpango wa Kando Told My Husband,”Aki Uko mtamu ,Waao,Waao,Finyilia Ndani Babe”.This I What I Did Next, she Can’t Forget!!!

My name is Stella from Kajiado.I want to reveal what happened to me in June 2017 that almost made me commit suicide. I wish also Mpango Wa Kando to learn from what I did.

I got married in 2007 through a church wedding. My husband works as an accountant with a government institution while I work as a teacher in Kajiado.After the wedding, we went to settle in Nairobi. At that time, I wasn’t working yet but my husband was working in Nairobi CBD.From 2007 to 2014 we were blessed with three children, two boys and one girl. It’s in 2015 when I applied for a TSC vacancy and I was posted in a public school in Kajiado.I was forced to relocate to the area.

Following the developments, my husband was forced to adjust his schedule. He started visiting me every Friday…he would come on Friday and return to Nairobi on Sunday. The routine continued until 2016 April when he was transferred to Mombasa.

Due to the distance from Kajiado to Mombasa, my husband couldn’t manage to visit me every weekend; he was forced to come at most once a month. For four consecutive months, he didn’t miss to come once, especially end month. But it reached a point he stopped coming. He stayed for 3 good months before he visited. But the night he came, I noticed he had changed.Initially,he used to leave his phone with me without getting worried, but this time he had placed a password on it.

That morning, I asked him why he has placed a password on his phone. He replied,”kwani unanichunga chunga,si ufurahi at least nimekuja kukuona?!!”I didn’t ask him anything-I just continued with my own work.

After spending the weekend, he returned to Nairobi.But when he was boarding,he left me with Ksh 500….normally, he used to give me Ksh 2,000.I realized there was something terribly wrong.

After one month, my husband didn’t come. I called him to confirm why he has changed and he told me it’s because he has a lot of work.I waited until the second month was halfway and embarked on a journey to Mombasa.I didn’t tell him I was visiting.

At around 10 pm I arrived where he lives, I knew the place because I escorted him when he was relocating to Mombasa.Before I could knock the door,I heard this: ki Uko mtamu ,Waao,Waao,Finyilia Ndani Babe”.I thought I was in the wrong house.I went straight to the window to peep inside.I confirmed something was happening inside.Out of anger,I pushed the door hard and called in loud voice,”James,how can you do this to me?”.When he heard my voice,he roared,”who invited you here,you woman,return to Kajiado until I call you!”.I shouted again,”fungua ama nipige nduru”.That’s when he opened the door.

As I entered I found a brown woman sitted on the bed wearing a towel.We started engaging in a fight which forced my husband to intervene.But he told me something I can’t forget,that you are shapeless,upende usipende nitamwoa.

That night,I was forced to sleep in the couch as my husband slept in the bedroom.the woman disappeared to where I don’t know.

The following morning, my husband removed his wedding ring and gave me, he also gave everything that belongs to me.He told me, “bye,don’t come again unless you are ready to die” and he closed the door.

Since I didn’t want more drama, I went to town and boarded TSS bus.

After about 2 months, I heard my husband had married the lady.He had also cut communication. He did not even bother to come to visit my children. Whenever I tried to call him, he hanged on me.I suffered a lot as I paid rent,school fees and everything my family needed.I knew I have lost my husband to another woman but I didn’t want him to go like that.I figured out how to bring him back,I tried to pray in church but nothing good came out of it.It’s at this point I Googled on how to bring back a husband who has been taken by a Mpango wa Kando.I found this number +254740637248 which I called.That time I was desperate,I didn’t mind what could happen to the mpango wa kando as long as I got help.I looked at True Caller and discovered the number belongs to Dr Mugwenu ,a traditional herbalist.

After I called, he told me to visit his office in Nairobi.I did as he told me.But he also gave me this email to write him anything I feel should be done

Two weeks into visiting the doctor, my husband called me that his thing has failed to perform.He was also feeling pain and was worried that he might die.His Mpango wa Kando had left him and they were not talking anymore. He begged me to pray for him as he waits to die.He knew I am a prayerful person.

It’s after what I did that my husband returned to me.We are now living happily as husband and wife.