"My Dead Sister Haunts Me Every Night" Man Shares Details of a Murder Scheme that left Him Staring at Death in the Eye in Kisii

Momanyi still remembers how the tragedy leading up to her sister's untimely death happened. She had gone to fetch water with him. He was 16 then, energetic and mischievous. He knew her sister was a good swimmer. He pushed her into the river, knowing that she could easily swim back out. He had done it before, no harm intended. Only this time, she couldn't. She did try, but got carried away by the tides. He jumped in too, in a bid to rescue her but was overwhelmed by the fast flowing water. He barely made it out.

Her sister was gone!! He screamed for help but by the time older guys came, it was too late. Her lifeless body was found three days later floating. He was so devastated he left for Nyamira to live with an uncle.

Things went smoothly until last year when he started.....CONTINUE READING

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