Murmurs are all over Western Kenya after a Video Featuring a Prominent Governor was Leaked Online

Murmurs are all over Western Kenya after a video featuring a prominent governor was leaked online.

The video features the politician in his birthday suit near a man alleged to be a seer. According to preliminary investigations, the video was shot in 2021 when the politician visited the seer ahead of the 2022 general election.

Who is the governor in the video?

Though the identity of the politician is still under wraps due to cyberbullying laws, your guess could be right.
However, what we currently know is that Kakamega governor has sued a man in court for swindling him of over 200 million shillings and causing him what court papers described as menace.
According to the prosecution, it is alleged that on diverse dates between December 2023 and March 18, 2024, at an unknown place within the Republic of Kenya, jointly with others not before court, with menace, a man called Elijah, demanded a total sum of KSh 240,000,000 from the Kakamega county boss.
He denied the charges and was freed on a bond of KSh 2 million with a surety of the same amount.

How to avoid getting swindled by rogue seers

This story has saddened Mugwenu Doctors of +254740637248, who are revered herbalists in Kenya and who have helped dozens of politicians successfully secure different seats, among them MPs, senators, and even governors.

Mugwenu Doctors said the publishing of sensitive client material was unprofessional and only proved that the unidentified governor in the trending photo was dealing with a rogue seer or a fake who was only interested in extortion.

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