"Alinizalisha Kisha Akasema Mtoto Si Wake" University Lady Screams Outside Parliament, Finally Happy

An MP has found himself in trouble after denying impregnating a woman who had taken him in court for failure to support his baby as new details emerge.

Drama has ensued near the Parliament building ahead of the evening session after a lady identified as Benta Njoki has taught a life lesson an MP who had failed to take care of her boy child despite siring a child with her as new details emerge.

Witnesses who have seen what has happeend to the MP whose name have been hidden for the senstivity of the matter has said that they only saw the MP scream in which they thought he was going mad only to later realize he had been attacked by a swarm of bees.

The MP’s Personal Assistant has however opened up on the matter informing that “This boss of mine has been in an antagonistic relationship with his Mpango wa Kando adding that ” herr refusal to cater for all the needs of the side lady is what has brought him all this embarrassment.”

Attempt by the media to trace the Lady, Benta Njoki, she has said that all what has happened was a life lesson to the unresponsible MP and that she will not let her escape his role as a father.

Benta has said that he used Mugwenu Doctors and Services to teach the MP a life lesson who has finally agreed to call her for talks.
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