“I want you to abort that pregnancy!” This is how I made the MP who impregnated me to pay for sending death threats to me

A woman’s weakness is getting a man who really loves and adores you in spite of your shortcomings. And that caring man came in my way after I bumped to his coffee in Java and I had to apologise and on looking closer he was a renowned politician.

Though I felt bad that I had spilt his coffee, I felt so lucky to have met him since bumping into an MP is no something that happens every day. He smiled at me and said it was no problem and after we exchanged a few words he left me his card and asked me to call him that evening.

I called him at 9pm that evening and we had a good chat where he started flirting with me. I was working with a sales company by then and he asked me to quit saying he would give me a monthly allowance of KSh 200,000 if I agreed to be in a relationship with him. I was hesitant at first but I later agreed since he told me he loved me so much.

One thing led to another and we were already intimate and we would meet in big hotels where we would have sex all night. He was generous with me because he gave me all the money that I needed.

However, three months after we met, I discovered that I was pregnant and since I thought he would be excited as I was, I called him to give him the news. But the moment he heard that I was pregnant, he changed into a beast that I had not seen before.

“I want you to terminate that pregnancy!” he said after I told him I was expectant. He then switched off his and when I tried even going to his office, I was chased away by his security guards. I was so broken. I could not believe that I was stuck with a pregnancy alone.

A week later, he called me and told me that he did not want to ever see me nor the baby since he had gotten a new woman. He further warned that if I tried messing with him, I would die since he was a very influential person. I tried begging him to at least send me child support but he refused.

After that call, I screamt in pain at that betrayal. I did not know human beings could be that heartless until that day. I called my older sister and I told her of what had happened. She had some pretty good advice for me.

“Do not worry my dear, these irresponsible men need some tough lessons from Doctor Mugwenu,” she said. She advised me to see him so that he could teach the MP a good lesson for dumping me when I was carrying his baby and also for humiliating me.

I called Doctor Mugwenu and he indeed confirmed he could handle the situation for me. I met him the next day and he performed spells of plagues to the MP in such a way he would be disturbed and come back asking for mercy.

A day after Doctor Mugwenu performed his spells, the MP called me and started saying he is sorry.

“Please, forgive me for how I treated you. I will take full responsibility for you and the baby. Right now, my body is troubled. My ‘mjulubeng’ is so huge and painful and my skin is peeling off and I am having weird noises,” The MP said.

I honestly wanted to laugh at him but I first asked him to send me money for upkeep and he actually sent me KSh 100,000. I forgave him and few weeks later, we got back to our relationship and we are now parents of a beautiful baby girl, all thanks to Doctor Mugwenu.

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